08 June, 2009

Tusker Project Fame 3(update)

It is now official season 3 of the reality tv talent search programme Tusker Project Fame 3 is set to begin with auditions as from July 4&5 ,2009.The show will be aired on Royal Media's Citizen TV.Tusker project fame 3 has began this time with enough hiccups and media goofs(see this past post) . It almost seemed as if the show would not go through! Even as we speak there is nothing telling on the official Project fame Website.But at least watching the build up show featuring past contestants such as Kaz, David Ogola, Wendy Kimani...etc proved that the show organisers are now serious.

For a certainty the show has bred stars such as Naakaya Sumari( who recently was interviewed on CNN's African Voices program) ,Valerie Kimani etc but i believe of last years contestants Wendy Kimani & David Ogola are set for great heights. The songs they have produced are pretty marvelous,quite entertaining! Further, what is perhaps amazing and ironical is that unlike reality tv series in the USA& Europe, the runners up tend to do better than the winners. I partly attribute this to the Judges and i hope that this time we will have more diversity.

At the same time i hope it will be a truly East African contest and not a Kenyan affair.So far it seems so as the other Countries have been given a single day for auditions unlike Kenya...so where is the equity?All in all may the show prove to be more captivating and better than past shows.Typically Swiss Hotels


  1. Ummm... I love Tusker beer. It's all I drank when I was in Kenya!!!

  2. Is is it a reality Show like Big Brother or something ?

  3. Hey Flo...Karibu Kenya(welcome to Kenya) ! Tusker is an award winnng beer ,i find it better than many other INTERNATIONAL BRANDS!

    @Whisper: thanks for the visit, project fame is like Pop Idols but a talent search academy.

  4. hi Tusker project fame is wonderful y dont u addregional preliminary centers to favour the marginalised talents.

  5. okay guyz am now worried about tusker project fame 3. I managed to get the auditions forms, was not able to print due to a fault wit my printer, today am trying to access the site it requires authentication username and passsword. if i use my username n password for the site its not going through.

  6. @Shugaa , i feel your agony, some companies still think their online activity /websites are of secondary importance!



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