25 March, 2009

EABL Tusker Project Fame 3

Some time in January this year there was a media item on the launch of the talent search reality TV show dubbed" Tusker Project Fame III" poised for March 17 , 2009 .The latest would be the third series in the program edition! However to date nothing has been forthcoming nor is there further official communication. This sad state of affairs is a tale tale sign of trouble for the TV program that was a favourite in East Africa and that has seen the budding of new talent such as Naakaya, Esther Mugizi Nabaasa etc.Typically Swiss Hotels

The official website has a blank screen....leading us to question what really is in the offing ? Will Tusker Project Fame 3 materialize soon or was it a media goof/public relation stunt?East African Breweries Limited (EABL) your comment?300x100

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