19 February, 2010

Esther Arunga Holds Out Her Own

Popular Television Anchor Esther Arunga formerly of Kenya Television Network yesterday held a press conference together with Music Maestro Joseph Hellon to counter accusations that she was holding herself in seclusion after allegedly joining a sect dubbed "Finger of God Church " headed by the said Mr Hellon. Mrs Arunga an advocate of the High Court of Kenya was visibly angered and promised to sue members of the 4th Estate for allegedly peddling rumors. Though formerly a Prime Time news anchor she has ended up being a Prime Time News item in all the mainstream media.

However her indifference as meted out on her former colleagues indicates that she too has so soon lost touch with reality in that threats of Civil suits has never deterred Journalists from pursuing stories that have much public interest.Being in the public domain is much costly and yes Miss  Esther Arunga  even a break up or a postponed wedding to Wilson Malaba is "juicy news" for the local paparazzi.The press conference will just fan the rumor mills to double speed. It is foolhardy to hold a press conference and latch out at the same merchants of information to peddle her side of the issue.

Her recent actions have left many including her family wondering whether she has come under "undue albeit sinister" influence ,thus the issue of the Church of Finger of God being dubbed "a cult".However on a preliminary it is not possible to conclude that the said church is a cult since no comprehensive investigations have been done at the same time mainstream religion which by themselves follow human edicts and leadership with almost fanatic zeal often dub emerging religions as cult. This often is an under belly tactic and does not hold.The blogosphere is now on to the story!

ESTHER ARUNGA UPDATE 2011....the internet site IzVipi   is carrying a story that Esther Arunga and his Husband Timberlake have openly declared their parting ways with Jazz maestro Joseph Hellon"Finger of God Church".The truthfulness of this revelations however has not yet been officially confirmed,hence the saga continues...!

15 February, 2010

IRB Rugby Sevens -Las Vegas 2010( Kenya's Results)

Kenya bowed out gracefully after loosing to New Zealand in a score of 21-7 in the IRB Rugby  Sevens World series 2010 tournament semi finals played at  Sam Boyd Stadium USA ,Las Vegas.This is indeed without doubt an impressive performance by the national team Shujaa warriors. Kenya had vanquished England in the Quarter finals 26-21 points indicating that they are a feat to reckon with.What is perhaps impressive is that over 1,500 Kenyan supporters graced Las Vegas to support their team in the USA some actually flew from Kenya (the likes of Maina Kageni...) and the international  media got wind of it and were actually impressed.

The final results of the Las Vegas IRB series 201 which saw Samoa clinching the title and emerging winner in a score of 33-12 over New Zealand's Sevens Rugby team are indicated in the IRB website fixtures and results page.Kudos to the Shujaa team ....

11 February, 2010

Fashion Blogs-Kenya ?

Surprisingly Kenyans lack ideas on what to blog about whereas there is so much potential in the various spheres of life. Today i Googled Three terms just in order to gauge what we may be blogging about i.e:
  1. Fashion Blogs Kenya
  2. Fashion Blogs Nigeria
  3. Fashion Blogs Africa
Of the three terms the results coming from Nigeria were impressive. Well for some time i have been acquainted with Bella Naija's fashion blog , so successful was her blogging that she now has a self hosted weblog.Nigeria has a couple of well published and well read fashion blogs, Googling the term yields several credible pages. Popular Nigerian fashion blogs include:
  1.  LadyBrille Nigeria ( the site comes complete with a magazine and glossy images)
  2. Niaja Gal   the site featurs fashion, entertainment and technology
  3. Aramide Blogspot( feauturing authentic west African Chitenge designs and the likes)

The same cannot really be said about Kenya.Perhaps the fashion guru's should take up on the online media and blogging. Without doubt many people read blogs and social media is selling more fashion  than any other media in the developed world.Its time we joined the bandwagon.

The closest i came to a fashion blog with credentials resembling a Kenyan site was a word-press themed blog named KenyaStyle  which apparently was not even being written by a Kenyan and has nothing to do with Kenya.I am yet to see an impressive Kenyan fashion website/blog  with a Women’s Clothing Catalogue such as on  the displayed link.This especially so for the plus size women.Perhaps that's something Kenya's aspiring  fashion bloggers should look up to.But for now our fashion industry's presence on the World Wide Web is scanty,hardly felt and desperately needs to develop.

05 February, 2010

Kenya thrushes US in the Wellington IRB match

The wait is now over as the second leg of the IRB World 7s series and the first 7s tournament of 2010, the New Zealand International 7s in Wellington, starts today. The Kenyan team has already secured a ticket to the quarter finals of the game after thrushing the United States 24-7 this morning with Lavin Asego scoring two trials, Collins Injera and Innocent Simiyu scoring one try each.

Kenya is expected to play England later in the day.The New Zealand International 7s is rated as one of the best in the IRB World 7s Series.Rugby fans around the world will be cheering for their teams today and will be ecstatic to see their sides make it to the Cup quarter-finals, even going on to win the tournament tomorrow evening.

WebHosting to Become Cheap in Kenya

Reading yesterdays Business News on how Kenyan Authorities are bent on forcing the internet service providers to reduce their charges and make increased bandwidth affordable for many, certain made many of us hopeful.I have friend's who are running their own home businesses, selling items and garments that i feel should be marketed online but in sub Sahara internet access and domain hosting (i.e hosting of websites) is beyond the reach of many individuals.Furthermore, many people lack basic knowledge on web hosting. Well i have found the site web hosting geeks featuring webhosting review to be quite informative.

More and more Kenyans and by extension Africans need to join the World Wide Web wagon to market themselves, their produce, ideas...items etc.This can only be possible if affordable bandwidth and hosting opportunities are created in order to make Africa competitive in Electronic Commerce.E-Commerce is not complex as some may tend to think, one needs to be interested and well informed in order to make use of it. With reduced prices and Government intervention in the curtailing of oligopolistic practices by the major internet service providers ,perhaps many more shall take up on e-commerce. Yes you too can have your own website!

01 February, 2010

Britain Denies Kenyan Fotballer MacDonald Mariga Work Permit

Popular Kenyan football stars MacDonald Mariga's dream to join Manchester City from Italian club Parma has been watered down after the British Government failed to grant him a Work Permit.The Article indicating this and appearing in British Website Mail Online has brought alot of dismay and disappointment to MacDonalds fans at home ...... The disappointing news is also being carried by the BBC website. Kenyan fans will definately lodge a protest at the UK Government handling of this case. Mac Donald Mariga would have been the first Kenyan to play for a major League football club in the United Kingdom


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