31 March, 2010

World Cup Soccer T Shirts (2010)

Soccer.comThe 2010 World Cup soccer/football craze is now on , a search on where to purchase the World Cup Soccer T-Shirts on Google yields over 2.9 million pages/hits.A similar search for World Cup 2010 football T- Shirts yields around 1.8 million web pages.Unfortunately most of the sites selling the World Cup shirts are foreign whereas the event is this time being held in Africa and one would presume that we would have more African companies taking the opportunity to brand their products and make killer sales by virtue that South Africa is hosting the event.

Reality is that many of the fans that will be traveling to Africa to witness the event would rather experience and or buy authentic and genuine African memorabilia(including Shirts, Jerseys, Key-rings, Bags..etc) .It is not too late to cash in on the tremendous E-Commerce opportunities available due to hosting the World Cup event.
That having been said if you are shopping for the various favourite national  football team Jerseys(T shirts) such as Brazil ,France,Argentina, England, Italy, Nigeria,Cameroon, Ghana, ...then Soccer.Com is your site with massive discounts,shop now by clicking on the adverts on this post;

30 March, 2010

Removing Rust From Camping Gear

Its the holiday season again and schools are on vacation, It may just be time to get out those rusting camping gears off the store rooms and get them in tip top condition.Let me share some tips on four excellent ways of removing rust from an electric camp burner in order to ensure your Camping Gear lasts longer.

Here are ways of removing rust from the steel base part of your electric camp burner: use oxalic acid cleaner, use scouring powder and potato, employ a soft carbon steel wire brush, and apply an alkaline process in cleaning.

Portable Butane Gas Camp Stove Camping Burner RangeCamping stove is an equipment that is prone to rusting since it is constantly in contact to all kinds of temperature and stains. Constant cleaning will keep the equipment away from rust. In cases that rust formation has already build up on your electric camping burner the following tips is effective in removing them:

Use oxalic acid cleaner

Oxalic acid is a strong component that could effectively remove rust. For deep cleaning of electric camp burners that have thick layers of rust, use cleaning products that contain high oxalic acid concentration. Look for cleaning powders that have an oxalic acid component in any local home improvement stores and hardware. Any cloth or brush could be use to apply oxalic acid in scrubbing thick rust layers in your electric camping burner. Since acid could easily contaminate dishes and other utensils, store it properly. Immediately dispose the cloth or brush that is use in applying oxalic acid to prevent ingestion.

Use scouring powder and potato

The best way to remove rust particles from any cast-iron parts of your electric camping stove is by using potato and scouring powder. This old-fashioned yet effective way of removing rust from your stove equipment is done by having a slice of raw potato. Sprinkle any brand of scouring powder found in any local grocery stores to the potato. Scrub the rusted area with the sprinkled potato. Continue scrubbing until the surface of the potato turns into grayish or blackish color. Do the same process of preparing a fresh potato with the scouring powder to slowly scrub off the remaining rust. After scrubbing wipe the steel parts with water and dry thoroughly. Once the rust is remove you could wipe the camping stove with a thin layer of vegetable oil to prevent the clean metal parts to rust again. You could also remove thin layers of rust build-up using a very fine sandpaper.

Employ a soft carbon steel wire brush

Thoroughly wipe the different parts of your electric grill to free from any dirt and stains. To remove soft rust stains, it is advisable to use metal cleaner abrasives. Do not just use any kind of abrasive as this could leave scratches and might damage your equipment. There are metal cleaners that have a fine abrasive such as carbon steel bristles. These steel wire brushes will remove the rust with some good scrubbing. It is most effective in cleaning flat, soft, and ferrous metal surfaces.

Apply an alkaline process in cleaning

Another way of removing rust from electric camp burner is by chemically reducing the chemical components of the hydrated iron. This chemical reaction can be initiated by following the alkaline process. This process is done by making a lye and water solution. The ratio is measured by having an amount of water that boils at approximately 132.2 degrees Celsius. Dissolve any zinc oxide to the lye and water solution. Dismantle the metal parts of your electric camping burner. Place the rusted metal part to the prepared solution and bring to boil. Rinse them well with a cold running water and grease them with up. Dry the parts by heating them on a tin can lid to ensure the oil to rise on the surface and the water to dry up. Once the metal part of your electric burner is dry and cool, brush away the gray residue. This is the most effective way of removing rust from any metal steel.

Taking care of  your electric camp burner means preventing them from having rust. Following these effective tips would not just make your camping stove rust-free but could also make the equipment last longer.

26 March, 2010

Coca Cola's Funfilled Fun Day -World Cup Tickets

         Nairobi Bottlers (Coca-Cola) is celebrating the 2010 World Cup Football Season with a FAMILY football funfair at Nyayo Stadium This Saturday 27 March 2010 that could be your passport to South Africa . There are 10 all-expenses-paid trips to the 2010 FIFA World Cup to be won plus lots of other exciting prizes. The trips to South Africa will be won by Five winners who will get to pick a person of their choice to travel with to the World Cup.
         To win you have to be there: So bring your friends and family for a fun filled football celebration  like never before with ample security and parking; enjoy performances by Jua Cali, Nonini, Daddy Owen, Mejja, Ala Hola, Jimw@t,  Cutta C, Kendi, Linet, Raudy and the MOB DJs; meet Joe Kadenge and other football greats! Come play human fooseball, 5 aside football, blind penalty shootout, pepeta and much more to win instant prizes. Dance at the cornerflag Roger-Miller-style with the isukuti dancers and win! 

       What do you need to get there…..
         What do you need to win? All you need to do is buy a Coke or Fanta or Sprite for 40 bob at the gates of the stadium. Then you get a passport into the stadium. That passport allows you to go into the lucky draw for a chance to win the Trip for Two to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa as well as Flatscreen TVs, DStvs with 3 months subscription, DMtv phones, Footballs, Vuvuzelas and many more exciting prizes on Saturday! 
Venue  :
         This Sato, 27 March 2010, its Ice-Cold Coke, Music, Fun & Games and Prizes Kibao! At Nyayo Stadium!(sponsored post)

FIFA World Cup 2010 Kick Off Ceremony Performers

An epic star studded performance with an uniquely African appeal is what guests to the Fifa 2010 world cup kick off celebration concert to be held a day before the World Cup 2010 opening Ceremony  in South Africa expect to get. The Fifa World Cup kick off ceremony slotted for 10 June 2010 at the Orlando Stadium in soweto/Johannesburg .

The opening ceremony however for the main event" the World Cup 201" being held for the first time in Africa will take place at the renovated Soccer city  Stadium(venue)the next day.

The Kick off concert at  the historic Orlando Stadium in the vicinity of Soweto suburbs-Johannesburg is expected to feature the following guest artistes:
  • Amadou & Mariam, 
  •  Vieux Farka Touré from West Africa and Vusi Mahlasela
  • Angélique Kidjo,
  • Black Eyed Peas,Alicia Keys, BLK JKS, John Legend, Juanes, Shakira, The Parlotones, Tinariwen, 

The 2010 Fifa world cup Kick off ceremony tickets  are available online at www.computicket.com

    25 March, 2010

    Just A Band's -Who is Makmende?

    Makmende-a fictitious neighborhood villain/hero made a debut on the web and thanks to Facebook and social media has become  all famous!So who is MAKMENDE ? let the musical group "JUST A BAND" in  their song Ha-He explain this...watch the VIDEO produced by the hilarious  "Nyoyo na Uji Productions"

    Makmende has become a Kenyan internet super-buzz , the name is coined from slang /sheng of a
     "super hero wannabe" .If you are a Kenyan and were born during the era of Shake, Kati ,Kalongo ,Madventure, Safo....makmende or unaji dai mak mende(you feel you are a hero) makes much sense !Makmende is so big that :
    1. It has a Wikepedia stub, undfortunately somebody some where has put the article up for deletion.
    2. The Video is great on YouTube
    3. Global Voices online has picked up on it
    4. An article on it appears on The Daily Nation pg 3 of 25 March 2010 AND Wall Street Journal Blog has covered him.
    5. It is a Twitter Hash # Tag
    6. He has a website where everyone is posting their take on who he is...such as e.g  When Makmende was a mono, the school principle used to wash his clothes, or , Makmende can touch MC Hammer, or ,Only Michael Joseph of Safaricom has the permission to write a Please Call Me to Makmende, Makmende uses viagra in his eyedrops, just to look hard.

    Thats how big Makmende is !

    He comes with a full syllabus book....remember this guys(Primary Mathematics).....

    24 March, 2010

    8 Beautiful Kinds of Flowers to Brighten up Your Sunroom

    8 Beautiful Kinds of Flowers to Brighten up Your Sunroom

    Here are eight beautiful kinds of flowers that will grow well in your sunroom making it attractive and inviting: abutilon, geranium, buddleia, African violet, plumbago, bird of paradise, thunbergia, tropical hibiscus. Because a sunroom is the extension of your home, it is important to know the kinds of flowers that thrive in a sunroom.

    Sunrooms are quite popular these days. They not only make your house attractive but also help you unwind—at the comfort of your own home! You can read, study, think, or do just about anything in your sunroom. It can be an ideal place for relaxation especially if you fill it with flowering plants of various colors and scents.
    Think of your sun rooms as your small garden. You can plant different kinds of flowers for different seasons. So whether it’s summer or winter, you have choices of flowers to decorate your sunroom with, including climbers. Here are some beautiful kinds of flowers that will help make your sunroom attractive and inviting:

    Abutilon thrives in an unheated sunroom. Its red and yellow flowers have a red base with five petals and appear during the summer season. However, it must be tied to a wall for support.

    Geraniums bloom profusely and will make a nice addition to your sunroom. They are inexpensive, propagate easily, and not difficult to care for. They have aromatic leaves, especially the peppermint- and spicy apple-scented varieties, which add fragrance to your sunroom. Flower colors also vary, from white to pink to magenta.

    Buddleia is a strongly scented flower that is ideal for a sunroom with a large space. Each individual flower is tubular. The colors of the flower vary, with white, pink, red, purple, orange, or yellow, depending on the species and cultivars.

    African violet
    African violet is ideal in a moderate temperature and blossoms in an area that is not too exposed to direct sunlight. It tolerates daytime temperatures of up to about eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit. Its flower colors range from pink to blue to purple.

    Plumbago blooms all year round except for the coldest winter months. A white- or blue-flowered variety is available. You can place it in a container that will allow the spilling of flowers over the sides.

    Bird of paradise
    Bird of paradise is called such because its flowers resemble a colorful bird. It’s an eyecatcher not only because of its uniquely shaped flowers but also because of its overall unique features. It produces blue and orange flowers and can be placed in a sunroom whether winter or summer.

    Thunbergia is also called Bengal clock vine, clock vine, or sky flower. It thrives in a sunroom with temperature above fifty degrees at night. Its growth slows or stops in cool temperatures. It has lovely large blue flowers, which makes it an ideal addition to your sunroom garden.

    Tropical hibiscus
    The tropical hibiscus plant needs a lot of light to bloom. Thus, it is ideal to place it in your sunroom, especially during summer. It may still thrive in winter but will likely bloom less and grow less. It produces flowers in a variety of colors—salmon, peach, orange, and yellow.

    A sunroom is the extension of your home, where you can enjoy the warm rays of the sun and the accompanying cool breezes. It is also the place where you can enjoy nature, minus the worries about inclement weather or insects. Thus, it should be decorated in a way that will make you come back to that place often. Planting the kinds of flowers that thrive in a sunroom will greatly help.

    23 March, 2010

    Nairobian Perspective Toolbar

    To all my distinguished guests and site visitors who dignify this blog by their frequent visits, i am very much pleasured in giving you a free toolbar.To keep you updated on new posts on this blog, i am giving away a free customized toolbar that will notify you if my post updates.You can download the free toolbar on the: Download Link

    18 March, 2010

    Nakumatt Chain Store Buys Woolmatt Supermarket

    The recent purchase of Woolmatt supermarkets in downtown Nairobi by Kenya's homegrown retail Chain store giant Nakumatt  Holdings indicates that finally Nakumatt Chain store supermarket  has changed its marketing and sales strategy.

    The Supermarkets seems to be now targeting the middle and low income earners after realizing that this segment  of the consumer market is the driving force behind the exponential  growth of Supermarkets such as Ukwala, Tusky's Naivas etc.

    Nakumatt purchased three of Woolmatt's stores in circumstances reminiscent of a hostile takeover in a business sense. The buy out has been placed at approximately 400 million Kenya Shillings($5.21 million).In keeping up to its reputation ,the supermarket sold off Woolmatt's stocks at items at a 25 % discount price indicating that the supermarket is intent in keeping its mantra of providing the best services,the widest variety and quality goods.The stores on Nairobi's  Moi Avenue,Haile Selassie and Mama Ngina Street have been jam packed by frugal Kenyans aiming at maximizing returns on the discounted prices.The three stores will be refurbished to the chains store's standard before the grand opening slotted for latter this year presumably in May 2010.

    I believe the purchase of the chain store by Nakumatt bids good tidings of good things ahead for the middle and low income earners in Kenya who are the vast majority of the populace. Kudos Nakumatt!

    17 March, 2010

    Youth Africamp 2010 At Lukenya Gateway

    The Youth Africamp 2010 social network forum is currently ongoing i.e from 14 to 20 March 2010 at the Lukenya Getaway . The youth forum (barcamp) is being attended by over  two hundred youths from various African countries with intent to  foster youth empowerment and encourage youths to become  more engaged in civic activities in the public sphere and promote open society ideals.Africamp is sponsored by the Open Society Institute Youth Initiative (OSI YOUTH INITIATIVE).

     Without doubt the Africamp participants seem to be enjoying themselves as evidenced in the slide show annexed(Courtesy of  Africamp website)  and Mental acrobatics flickr link.Whereas the event has not received much main stream media publicity , i believe the ideals behind it are worth the attention of many Kenyan youths who unfortunately due to high unemployment and inflation rates are being caught up in negative and risky activities.Africamp 2010 seems to be among one of the few social media events that have proved successful in the Kenyan context in terms of the event being successfully managed and organized.For photos enjoy the slide show...


    08 March, 2010

    Soul Boy the Movie -Premiere

    The much acclaimed Kenyan Independent movie dubbed "Soul Boy" premiered on Saturday 6th of March 2010 in Kenya's sprawling slum 'Kibera'. The movie which recently won an award at the Göteborg International Film Festival in Sweden has received a fair amount of media airplay even featuring on prime time news. Unfortunately the plot features a dalliance with a witchdoctor , a stereotype that often portrays  Africans as being overly mesmerized with the occult. For this i fault the movie.For a comprehensive Soul Boy movie review i find this Daily Nation Article insightful !

    On the other hand without doubt the cinematography is not your usual cup of tea but quite an advancement in the region. Soul Boy was filmed by the Kenyan-Ghanaian Hawa Essuman in collaboration with the German director Tom Tykwer.The main cast in the movie is 14 year old Samson Odhiambo playing the character Abila and his Girlfriend Shiku played by Leila Dayan Opou  . To view the movie locally kindly visit the Silverbird website for the Soul Boy Showtime movie listing.

    01 March, 2010

    Who Owns What In Kenya-A Bold Expose!

    In a bold and rather unprecedented move: Kenya's online ombudsman Mars Group Website has published the names of five prominent Kenyan politicians on allegations of Grand corruption and looting of public resources. 

    The Mars Kenya expose lists in detail who owns what,where, their business covers and associates. Whereas main stream media may not take such a bold step in matters which are largely within public knowledge; seeing that Kenya has outlandish laws both civil and criminal on defamatory matters. Mars group Kenya's gallant efforts are astounding. The expose comes complete with a slide show that is quite eye catchy.I admire the guts of Mwalimu Mati he has dared to go where the men refused to go....!


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