23 June, 2009

Safaricom Lewa Marathon Website

The 2009 Safaricom Lewa Marathon is scheduled for the Saturday the 27th June.The history of the marathon now in its 19th year and the LEWA Black Rhino conservancy is quite alluring and telling. I just had to find much more about it after a buddy stated that LEWA(Swahili word 'lewa' means "drink") was derived from when guys drink non stop for three days, participate in the marathon and then their intoxicating sweat smells of alcohol.But that was just a joke the reality is that the marathon was introduced to generate funds for the conservation of the endangered African Black Rhino species, nowadays its aims include funding of conservation and community projects around Samburu, Isiolo, Laikipia and Meru areas.The marathon history is highlighted in the LEWA Conservancy website which i found to be very impressive, educative and well maintained. Kudos to the webmaster!

Interestingly registration for the full and half marathon is currently closed due to early bookings that just indicates the growing popularity of this Spectacular and gruelling international event that attracts runners from Countries such as America, Britain, Australia,India ,Europe etc.The Lewa marathon is truly 'a run in the wild'!

Heres a screenshot of the website:

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  1. Even i love to participate in a marathon. But there are not so many marathons here in Russia. Can v be friends. If yes please add my bad credit remortgage website. I've added ur website in the list of cool websites in my blog.

  2. I love wildlife so much and thus really appreciate the work being done by Lewa marathon organizers. But I think as a country we are going beyond the acceptable human activities in game reserves. The activities that take place in these areas during preparation and the actual day of the marathon are disturbing to the animal both large and small.
    To make it worse, Our national wildlife custodian, KWS has been infected with this virus which i believe is fatal to our heritage. Now we have soko koto marathon which takes place in Nairobi National Park, Cycling in lake nakuru national park, and the forthcoming Mara Marathon in Maasai mara.
    I think Rhino Charge is the best way ever conservationists have followed to raise funds for conservation.
    Hope You dont find me too mean.

  3. @Pkenya you are SO ON POINT WITH YOUR COMMENTS, SOME OF THESE ACTIVITIES IF OVERDONE WILL IMPACT NEGATIVELY ON OUR WILDLIFE.However the idea behind the Lewa conservancy is actually aimed at just that: conserving our wildlife.



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