13 June, 2009

Will Jada Pinkett Smith Play the Role Of Michelle Obama?

A Barrack Obama Movie -the question is not will it happen- but when? And who will play the role of Michelle Obama.Well people have already started talking but the question is can the phenomenal woman Jada Pinkett Smith play the role ? She says she cant because of the height issue but at least as you can see from the photo she fits the style, fashion, elegance and bill! She also must remember such a movie would be a grand privilege that would go straight into the reputable annals of history!

Holding on to that thought; Kenya's Finance Minister Hon.Uhuru Kenyatta's recent Budget speech 2009/2010 announced some tax free incentives for the movie industry, film makers both local and international.It seems to suggest that he is seeing these developments and packaging Kenya well in advance to attract such a shoot in Barrack's father home yard-Kogelo! Son of Kenyatta is a think tank, dont under estimate!

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1 comment:

  1. She fits the bill perfectly. Her height should not be an issue because after all we all know she's an actress and not the Mrs. herself. Cant wait to see an Obama movie.



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