15 June, 2009

Madonna to Adopt Chifundo" Mercy" James

There are very different and varied reactions to Malawi's Highest Court ruling that granted pop star Madonna permission to adopt a second Malawian Child "Mercy" James Chifundo !Whereas many Malawians greeted the news with jubilation noting that the child may now be granted an opportunity that would normally be beyond her reach and wildest dream! However Human Rights activist are treating the issue as a classic case of Child Trafficking...etc .

Morally and on an economic viewpoint, i believe the girl has a better chance of making a meaning out of her life if adopted by Madonna.Had she been in Kenya she would have been added like 10 more!

The case was heard in a background whereby a certain Mr James Kambewa was claiming paternity of the child and indicating a willingness to take care of the child whereby it became apparent that he was not there during the mothers pregnancy nor did he even attend her funeral.Perhaps he saw an opportunity to cash in, how sad!

Malawian Chief Justice Lovemore Munlo, reading the three-judge appeal court panel's ruling on Friday, said Madonna had demonstrated a histry of genuine concern and in his words she was "intelligent, compassionate, articulate and determined since the early age of 6 when her mother died the Court also noted that Madonna was in Malawi not by chance by intention clearly evinced by the charities she has set up to assist orphaned children.Perhaps the phrase that carried the day was " In this global village a man can have more than one place at which he resides," .Her philanthropic gestures are welcome though i believe in light of her videos, she still wishes she was a teenager.Dressed up all skimpy but now with wrinkles....well that's my two cents on the issue.


  1. The hell is this???!!! Do these pple know Madonna's lifestyle. Here is a woman that does such twisted sexual things in plain view of the whole world and they just go ahead and give her small children to adopt?? A woman who has videotaped herself having sex with animals like dogs and i dont know what else.Written porno books with herself as the main star!! They should try and google her and they'll see the kind of sh!t they come up with. To me, they seem blinded by the fact that she is famous and not forgetting filthy stinking rich(never mind what she has done to get that money). Thats why a poor person will always be controlled by a rich person. They are more or less selling these kids to her. I am sure that by the time this children are 20 they are going to be twisted sex perverts just like mummy. Its a bad world. Thats why i believe that the lack of money is just as bad as the love of money, if its not worse.

  2. am sorry, but i find it very disturbing that they would agree for this girl to be adopted by Madonna. yes, she is going to have a quality life, economically, but at the price of what? cant these people see how Madonna lives her life? just the other day she got a divorce, after adopting David. now i dont know what she plans to do, but what is the chance she is going to marry someone and divorce them again? children need stability. i dont care for her money. infact am very convinced if this girl was adopted by your average and stable western family, she would turn out waaaaay better than what Madonna and her millions could do. she would have quality education, quality and stable upbringing, quality values and a drama free environment to grow up in.



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