17 December, 2009

The Biggest 'Loser' Reality Tv Show

If there is a reality tv series show that i view beneficial and worth watching with a clean conscience then that show is " The Biggest Loser Show" .The UK version of the reality tv series is normally screened locally(Kenya) on Sunday at around 6 :00 p.m on the new South African based  E-TV network .The Biggest Loser Reality Tv Show has seen several editions aired in at least 15 countries.

The plot around the Biggest Loser Reality TV show is that 12 overweight contestants sequestered in a private mansion compete to see who is going to loose the most weight through dieting and rigorous exercises  .The contestants are divided into two or more teams and each week the teams are weighed in. The team that has lost the least amount of weight has to nominate one member for eviction from the house.

Interestingly the Biggest Looser show first aired in America in NBC year 2004  and is currently in its 8th Season with Season 9 scheduled to premier on January 5, 2010.The show has featured couples, families and individuals and  without doubt proved interesting.

In Africa the show first aired in South Africa on January 7, 2008 to April 14, 2008 and featured local participants .For now i cant wait for the next episode of the program !

End Year 2009 Hiatus !

This post is definately not about the Mayan calendar themed  2012 the movie(the trailer is much more interesting than the movie) but just a sincere reminder to the fans of this blog that i will hardly be writing any posts from tomorrow 18th December 2009 as i will be closing for the year.I do not celebrate Christmas so i am not caught up in the hype but i appreciate the time that the holiday season creates for family,friends and an opportunity to tour around. Mombasa is in my mind though i have not made a firm decision .To all my readers who have made this blog a success in 2009 , i wish you all the best and all success.Take care and enjoy yourself.

10 December, 2009

Kenya Public Vehicles "Matatu" Strike!

Yesterday's boycott by public transport operators(matatus) perhaps should signal to the Kenyan Government the  urgent need for them to develop a public transport policy and network that should be independent from private operators and serve as an alternative to the thousands of workers in various sectors of the economy who mainly depend on public transport to reach their designated work places.The man hours , economic opportunity costs and losses experienced yesterday  should not occur in a Country that is seriously determined to become developed by 2030.

I have always proposed that we build subways and metro stations inoder to use speed trains to ensure that we have less cars on the road .The more cars we have the more we shall experience environmental degradation and emmision of green house destructive gases. It is also more costlier.

Instead of just building more roads we should invest in the railway infrastructure to ensure Kenyans travel with much ease, comfort and certainty. Mobility of labour is a good economic investment. The matatus have a reason to strike seeing that they are often cash cows for the money hungry traffic police. Less traffic on the road will effectively mean less corruption but again among the Kenyan ruling elite...who wants that. Its just so sad we take for granted certain things.At the same time Kenya's workforce should not be held hostage to private entrepreneurs without the option of an alternative. Capitalism has its gross failures as illustrated in yesterdays Kenyan Matatu's strike!

28 November, 2009

Keep On The Watch International Convention of Jehovahs Witnesses Nairobi Kenya

Thousands of Jehovah's Witnesses and interested persons from over 40 different Countries will be converging at the Moi International Sports Centre,Kasarani starting from Thursday 3rd December, 2009 to Sunday 6th December 2009 in a religious convention with the theme " Keep On The Watch International Convention" .The event is the last in a series of assemblies that have been held in several cities in different countries.Local Witnesses of Jehovah have taken upon a campaign of inviting the public to attend the four day event by issuing pamphlets on a door to door campaign.

The Conventions have received favorable media coverage in several countries due to the level of organization ,modicum and grooming of the participants as indicated in this youtube video of a convention held in Qualcomm Stadium,San Diego-USA .The events offer members of the public an opportunity to experience a first hand enriching experience of the  groups belief's  ,manner of worship and interaction .All are invited!

This you tube video indicates a media report of a convention held in San Diego held earlier in the year.Kenya will host a similar event on the fore said dates!

24 November, 2009

Oprahs Winfrey's Next Plan: OWN

Talk show enthusiasts who were shocked with Oprah Winfrey's announcement earlier this week that her daily one hour show would be soon ending in 2011 are in for a further suprise!

SO WHAT IS HER NEXT PLAN? She is launching a 24/7 cable network fully dedicated to self-discovery,connecting fans to their best self and to the world. The Oprah Winfrey Network is a milestone in her over 23 years talk show career .

She has  this morning mailed her fans the following announcement:

To go to the press release/OWN website please visit: WHAT IS OWN

Nollywood's Nkem Owoh Kidnapped !

I hardly watch Nigerian movies, but upon persuasion from my sister , i recently devoted some time to watch some Nolly-wood movies one day.In particular i watched the comedy DVD" Osuofia in London I & II( the latter being more hilarious) starring Nkem Owoh and from that day his movies have never ceased to amaze me.

Nkem Owoh is a particularly gifted actor ,always entertaining and hardly dissapoints his audience.That being the case, i did not kindly receive the news that Nkem Owoh had been kidnapped at Enugu-Port Harcourt Nigeria via Bella Naija's Blog earlier this month.

The Kidnappers however released Nkem Owoh unharmed after a negotiated ransom of Nigerian Naira One point Four Million was paid.Nkem Owoh has several accolades to his name including the 2008 African Movie Movie Academy Awards Best Actor in A Leading Role in the movie "Stronger Than Pain" .

It is really disappointing to see Africa take up the culture of kidnapping. However for Nigerian Movies , i find Nkem Owoh's movies watchable as compared to some of Nolly wood's stereotype movies featuring Witchcraft(Juju) ,Love Portions,the usual story lines .. etc that leave  much to be desired.Nkem has persuasively managed to convince  and arouse a truly African audience that keenly follows and watch his movies.This coming from a Kenyan blogger just illustrates his success.Congrats Nkem ,may the evil doers not suppress your apparent talent to shine within the continent and globally.

However without doubt Nolly-wood's film industry and cinematography is far much advanced than Kenya's Riverwood productions.

21 November, 2009

World Cup South Africa 2010 Qualified Teams

Call it football ,call it soccer...the drum beats of Africa are now rolling inviting their neighbors to come witness the peak of African hospitality, the diversity and richness of African culture and the resilience of the African continent in next years football World Cup matches to be held in South Africa in 2010 !

In its eighty years history , this will be the first time Africa is hosting the event  since its inception since 1930 making it of much significance to the content. African bloggers,vloggers ,podcasters... etc will take the opportunity to present a different picture of the continent to the World especially since western media always capitalize on the wars, poverty ,diseases conflicts,negative politics that encumber part of the continent.The perception of Africa will be changed to a great extent by the event that will feature 32 world national soccer teams.This blog takes the lead in this venture.Intense preparations are ongoing in South Africa to handle the volume of fans,security risks,accommodation, logistics etc that accompany hosting the event.

The teams that have qualified for next years football world cup include (Source FIFA website) by region are:




North,Central America and Caribbean


South America

 Match tickets for for the 64 matches that will be plaid can be purchased online from the FIFA website.It is important to note that the match tickets for the South Africa football World cup are being sold in phases with he first two phases already finished.The third phase will begin on Saturday December 5 , 2009.The price ranges for the tickets range from US Dollars $ 20(for persons on wheelchair ) to Dollars 2,100 to watch the finals.

All eyes are now turned to the Final draw that will take place on 4th December, 2009 at the Cape Town International Conference Centre(CTICC) 7 P.M South African time which will see the 32 qualifying teams lumped into 8 groups.The event will be beamed live to millions of anticipating viewers worldwide.From then forth fixtures will be known, opponents identified and intense preparations at team levels will begin.

The World Cup trophy which is the ultimate prize for the event  is already within the continent but it's a shame sometimes to see how humans glorify and  idolize the object(i know im hurting many feelings here).Its just a cup although it may elicit intense emotions but it remains just a cup, a lifeless object with no definite power to help those who overly adore or worship it .However without doubt this is one tournament that keeps its exhilarated fans on their feet constantly.The games affect work attendance, families, friendships etc to a near fatal extent sometimes.Notwithstanding the World will be watching South Africa World Cup 2010.The countdown begins.

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19 November, 2009

IZEA Launches InpostlInks Website

The Leading Social Media Marketing Network company  with a global presence and boasting over 250,000 bloggers membership  IZEA inc will launch Inpostlinks website on Friday 20 November, 2009. The move will come with bold new changes in their Payperpost website by merging version 3 of Payperpost and version 4 of the same.

The new Inpostlinks website will not require bloggers to write sponsored reviews or to endorse a product but to simply insert/integrate links on their website or on web post and earn on a Pay Per Click(PPC) basis.The bold new changes in IZEA 's Payperpost and Inpostlinks websites is aimed at optimizing the value and online experiences for both advertisers(Advertise On Blogs ) and bloggers.Inpostlinks will feature link only opportunities.

Why all the changes? according to the press release:

Thousands of bloggers worldwide have had the opportunity to make money online through IZEA inc's websites by simply writing blog posts from home.It is hoped that the new changes will continue to positively contribute to the development of e-commerce and the realization of a truly global economy online.
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