11 June, 2009

Kenya Budget Speech 2009/10 Update

After much anticipation the Country can now analyse the Budget speech for financial year 2009/2010 read by the Minister for Finance Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta! Among the salient features of his speech include:
  • The gainers are ICT ,Education Health ministry's
  • Increase of CDF kitty to 12 billion up from 10 billion
  • a financial development stimulus to channeled through cdf mechanisms
  • Entertainment industry to benefit as Tv Camera's Digital Camera,s ,Camcorders etc to be Zero Rated. Film production services
  • Zero rate locally produced cotton goods
  • Excise duty on alcohol changed to ad valorem
  • Over 1.3 billion allocated to rail development
  • 4 billion allocated to rural roads development
  • 1 billion each to free primary and secondary
  • zero rate VAT on Power Generators
  • Import Duty on imported wheat raised
  • Zero rate Import Duty on refrigerated trucks
  • Import Duty on Second Hand Clothes "Mitumba" reduced.
  • Duty on bottled water 10% to 5% on carbonated Juices from10% to 7%
  • Excise duty on alcohol to reduce
  • Monthly pension of 25,000 and below exempt from Tax
  • Pyramid Schemes outlawed

(this is a preliminary analysis more in depth information as it streams in)
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  1. They should have also zero rated every gadget and accesory that has anything to do with computing to make internet access a reality to more people after the seacom fiberoptic project is up and running


  2. they should have zero rated any gadget that has anything to do with computing so that internet access becomes a reality to more kenyans after the seacom fiberoptic project is up and running. It dont make sense that internet is dirt cheap but computers and accesories are expensive. But this is just my opinion


  3. this budget is a recipe for corruption. those constituency allocations and hiring - who is going to build the markets,hire the teachers build the schools,the fishponds @ the constituency and where are the structure in place for that.

    There is alot of political mischief going on PNU is secretly trying to rewrite the political map and implementing there own version off devolution.

    this budget continues in the path of trampling upon the principle of separation of powers - our MPs are effectively becoming administrators.

    Instead of strengthening local government and building capacity there the govt is instead shifting power to the center so instead of real devolution we are getting centralised devolution after all all this instruction are coming from the top.




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