20 June, 2009

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Plane Misshap !

California Governor Arnold Schwarzinegger Plane just had a misshap after smoke started coming of the airplanes cockpit forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing. The plane was forced to land at Van Nuys airport 10 minutes after taking off from Santa Monica Airport, west of Los Angeles. For the former Terminator actor im sure that was a harrowing experience. And guess what he tweeted about the event on his Twitter address@Schwarzenegger .He even has photos up on Twitpic Interestingly CNN has picked upthe story and are running it! Thats how powerful social media has become.

But the public needs not to be worried because fortunately enough governor Arnie (and all the crew)is all safe !

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  1. It's kinda nice that he made it a joke when many celebrities would have seen it as an embarrasement.

    PS: he should have acted in the new terminator salvation....




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