22 June, 2009

Kenya Latest News Round Up !

This is a round up of the latest breaking news on Kenya's mainstream medai. Articles i feel need to be highlited.

Well it seems one of the reasons why the Minister for Finance Mr Uhuru Kenyatta increased the Defence budget is the mushrooming cases of threats to national security from some of our neighbouring countries. The Daily Nation online has an article indicating a hint from Prime Minister Raila Odinga that Kenya may be considering a military option in war torn Somalia due to Al Shahbaab's latest militant incursions and push for control of Mogadishu.

On unrelated news , the Standard has a breaking news piece on the Presidents and Prime Minister's(read coalition Government) recent appointment of Top Diplomats including Raila Odinga's sister Dr Wenwa Akinyi being appointed Kenya's consul General in the Kenyan mission in Los Angeles , USA .I think something is just not right here....the appointment raises many questions. The P.M's sister may as well be qualified for the opportunity but is there not conflict of interest, hint of nepotism... etc indicated in such appointment?

Have a nepotism free monday!

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