29 November, 2017

Nokia 8 takes its first bite of Oreo™

Nairobi, Kenya 29 November 2017 - HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, is excited to announce that Android 8.0 Oreo is now available for the Nokia 8. If you own a Nokia 8, you can enjoy a truly pure and secure version of Android Oreo, packed with the latest features to make content creation and sharing even more fun. 

Patrick Henchie – Head of Product, Sub-Sahara Africa, said:
“We’re proud to deliver our pure and secure take of Android 8.0 Oreo on the Nokia 8. We always want to give our fans the best possible Android experience. That’s why we’ve taken the time to test, optimize and refine the platform.
“Working together with our fans under our newly setup up Nokia phones beta labs, we’ve created a pure version of this highly anticipated mobile platform, delivering all the exciting new features with none of the unnecessary clutter paired with great performance and even better battery life. Android 8.0 Oreo is packed with new features that make communicating, creating, gaming and exploring even more fun.”
Always pure, secure and up-to-date Android experience
Nokia 8 delivers a pure version of Android 8.0 Oreo with no skins and no changes in the user interface. And with no pre-installed apps you don’t need or hidden processes that eat up battery life, it guarantees a snappy experience every time you pick up your smartphone. Monthly security updates come as standard to keep your smartphone safe, and give you real peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

Super powers that give you the best real-life experiences
Android 8.0 Oreo update on Nokia 8 enables fans to enjoy new features that will enhance their day-to-day experiences with none of the gimmicks:

-          Picture-in-Picture mode gives you the power to multi-task while processing power of Nokia 8 ensures the smooth operation of even the most demanding apps. Watch a YouTube clip while catching up with friends or check your bank balance while ordering from Amazon – the Nokia 8 processor ensures smooth operation.

-          No unnecessary apps come pre-installed on Nokia 8 and with Android Instant Apps, you can de-clutter your software even further. Just go to the supported link on Chrome and you’ll be able to use new apps without having to install them. Google Play Protect works to keep your device and data safe from misbehaving apps by scanning over 50 billion apps per day, even the ones you haven't installed yet.

-          Smart software helps the Nokia 8 power up even faster, letting you create content quicker than ever as moments unfold in front of you. Exclusive to Nokia smartphones, Dual-Sight mode means you can also stream your reaction to events on social media in real time, using both the front and back cameras simultaneously.

-          Android Oreo smart features limit background activity on the apps you use least, maximising battery life so your Nokia 8 will be ready for action when you are.

-          Because Nokia 8 stands for self-expression through content creation, fans can now visualise their emotions better than ever before thanks to the fully redesigned set of emojis on Android 8.0 Oreo – more than 60 of them being brand new!

Your Nokia 8 will automatically update with Android Oreo. You will receive a notification on your smartphone when it becomes available in your country.

Android Oreo will be coming soon to other Nokia smartphones, stay tuned for updates.

19 October, 2017

National Bank bets big on mobile banking services to spur growth

Nairobi, October 19th 2017:- National Bank is revamping its mobile banking services as it seeks to expand its retail banking business, the Bank’s Managing Director Wilfred Musau has said.  
Effectively, the Bank has upgraded its mobile banking capabilities to include new service offerings backed by enhanced safety. 

The app, NatMobile, now allows users to conveniently access an array of services via their mobile phones as it opens new opportunities for the bank to grow new revenue streams by deepening its digital banking offerings.

Our customers want efficient and convenient ways to bank at their fingertips. With this app, we can more easily offer our customers the banking products and services they need to help them reach their financial goals and at the same time offers the Bank the opportunity to grow revenue streams," National Bank Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Wilfred Musau said.

The new mobile banking platform can be accessed through the Bank’s USSD code *625# or the mobile app. All transactions are authenticated by an OTP (One Time Pin) validation through customers’ registered phone numbers.

The services available on the new NatMobile includes account to account & account to mobile transfers, Mvisa, Pesalink, forex rate information, statement requests and applications for cheque books and cards. Other services available are school fees payments, Credit Card statements, NHIF contributions, and Kenya power utility payments.

The bank is also working to expand its mobile banking offering to include the mobile lending service to enable customers’ access financial facilities easily. It also provides additional widgets like Currency converter and loan calculator.

Part of digital transformation

The move to revamp the mobile banking offerings is part of the Bank’s digital transformation agenda which is expected to help the Bank leverage on technology to improve customer experience via self-services, improve efficiency in processing customer transactions, control cost, manage operational and market risk as well as adopt best practices in organizational performance.

“National Bank continues to embrace innovation while driving a digital bank agenda as a way of increasing efficiency in service delivery and driving financial inclusion. Our goal is to become the go-to digital bank and we are therefore excited over our unique mobile banking solutions, which offer versatility to our customers,” he said.

Over half of the Bank’s customers have already registered to use the NatMobile Banking platform and do an average of 6000 transactions per day.

10 October, 2017

Trip to Burg Eltz Castle in Germany !

Burg Eltz Castle Germany

I recently went on a trip to Frankfurt , Germany and first stop was a trip to Burg Eltz Castle more like 2 hours drive from Frankfurt Airport.

We arrived at around 12 o'clock in the morning on Sunday and the place was just opening up in fact ,we were the first guests to arrive but shortly thereafter the place was teeming with tourists and visitors from all around the world! That speaks for it's popularity. There are guided tours in English and German .

The Place is Epic and reminds all humans of the need to conserve your Heritage! Burg Eltz castle is reputed to be over 850 years and yet it is till in good shape thanks to the maintenance of the  castle by the Eltz family through the centuries!
antique tap

 I know i have not written a post for quite a while but this place certainly deserved my hitting the computer Keyboard again. The experience was just memorable and the photo's epic!

The castle is located on a picturesque /scenic hill just after a hike on the woods. I would suggest hiking the  nature trail rather than taking the shuttle. The weather in late August  at around 16 to 20° degrees centigrade, was very accommodating for the hike and the scenery was beautiful !The Castle has an adjacent restaurant and a souvenir store! If you can this place is worth a visit !

Well here i share just some of the  the photos , hope you enjoy a Nairobians trip to Burg Eltz Castle in  Germany!


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