29 May, 2009

Collins Injera & Humphrey Kayange Make IRB player of Year Award List

This is great news for the Kenya Rugby Team "Virgin Boys"and Kenya as a whole. Our rugby team has a had a series of startling and awesome perfomances over the past five years and for the first time in Rugby histry two Kenyans have been shortlisted for the International Rugby Boards Player of the Year shortlist.

The IRB Sevens Player of the Year will be announced at a function in Murrayfield Stadium at the conclusion of the Emirates Airline Edinburgh Sevens on 31 May, the final event of the 2008/09 IRB Sevens World Series.

This weekend(30 &31 May, 2009) the Kenyan rugby team will be playing in the Scotland Sevens Edinburgh tournament where im certain they will prevail in a major way. In just ten years i have seen rugby move to heights un inmaginable 10 years back.By the way i am a huge rugby fan !Kenyans lets give a shout out to the boys! Kudos guys!15% off perfume

TwtAd Changes Name to RevTwt !

TwtAd a popular Twitter based Advertising and marketing portal just recently changed its name to RevTwt. Unfortunately many people in Kenya have not embraced Twitter and even if they do; for lack of knowledge of how to use it and failure of getting many followers-many end up abandoning the social network.

However with advertisement portals such as RevTwt and by getting more followers one actually make money online from their tweets! I have done some previous posts on how you can get more twitter followers and you will probably see them in my related posts . So take advantage join RevTwt ,Get more followers, write interesting twits and make money online on autopilot, its that easy!Its working for me and can be the same for you.To follow me on twitter please go to @collinsom92

28 May, 2009

Echo the Elephant-Glorified in Death!

On 3rd May, 2009 the life of perhaps one the Worlds most famous elephants and matriarchs -Echo the elephant came to an end. Echo-the Elephant had been made famous by virtue of having been featured in a 1993 BBC Natural History Unit Division film dubbed"Echo of the Elephants" and its sequels narrated by world renowned elephant researcher Cynthia Moss and BBC camera man Martin Colbert!

Her death was featured by various international TV channels and received prominent attention over the Internet with myriads of condolences being sent to the staff at Amboseli National Park. Her remains have been left in open air surrounded by electric fences to enable scavenger birds feed on her flesh but preserve her skeletal frame for future display in her remembrance.Echo was a female African Bush Elephant of Loxodonta Africana species and died at the ripe old age of 64 years.She started siring offspring in 1969 and her family as at the time of her death was a heard of over 40 elephants. Watching the NTV piece on her death was simply moving and to find out that she was indeed a celebrity and a much treasured resource prompted me to think of how many of us locals give little or no attention to our wildlife resource and conservation efforts.

For now the Nairobi National Park will soon be extinct save for a concrete jungle as houses mushroom up in Kitengela, South c ,Mombasa road, Ongata rongai, Athi River, Kajiado etc exactly on the migratory routes and habitats of these wild animals. We need to be more responsible Kenyans...Don't you think so?

(there are some interesting photos on the Wildlife Direct blog ElephantVoices)

Here's a Youtube feature on her:

27 May, 2009

Guide to Buying Women Swimwear

Many women fear venturing into pools or going down to the beach not because they don't know how to swim or they don't love to swim ,but because of fear of being invited to swim when they hardly have appropriate swim wear. And this happens often notwithstanding the size ,shape or morphology of the lady!

I have just landed on a women swimsuits buying guide up at shop wiki and the information it contains would put most women at rest.The site has advice on what each woman should consider:
  • before buying swim wear
  • by prints(i.e the style patterns)
  • by style(tankinis, bikinis ...etc)
  • by body type( i.e large waist,small chest,large chest,large hips,short torso etc)
  • by material (i.e cotton ,spandex, nylon etc)
The tips are particularly useful.But SHOPWIKI.CO.UK has more than swim wear it also has a guide on women spring style clothing,summer style clothing(very impressive top picks for 2009)
winter style guide, autumn style guides etc.The site is the ultimate shopping forum for the latest fashion trend for women.With more than 30,000 stores you hardly can be disappointed .Hence ,kindly give the site a visit for great shopping deals this summer!

Hotel Review: Athi Holiday Resort !

On Monday, 1st June 2009 is Madaraka Day and im certain most Nairobians are looking for something to do or somewhere to go during the long weekend !Apart from the usual Ole Polo's , Naivasha's craters inn, Fishermans camp, Crayfish tented camps or if you are thoroughly baked Maasai Mara,Coast... etc; Athi Holiday Resort may just be the new- in thing place for you! The travelling costs will be kept at a minimum and you will feel no travelling lag thereafter as the place is less than one and a half hour's drive from the city centre(from Athi River you drive up a place called Kinanie for around 20 minutes to the resort) !

What i perhaps find simply amazing is the bar around the fish pool, the place is really scenic and relaxing -a modern utopia! The rates are reasonable, accomodation is available and you can catch up on the latest sports and news via DSTV.A further selling point is that they are actually organic friendly in that whatever you are being cooked for is produced and prepared from the Athi Resort Firm, cool aint it. For more info visit the blog or contact their sales department at :
Sales and marketing Department

Athi Holiday Resort
P.O Box 4713-00506
Tel : 0722805399, 0714350016

Webhosting Articles & Rating Website

Each time i do an article on webhosting i receive wonderful responses indicating that many people out there are looking for credible web hosting providers.This will be especially true for Kenya in the coming few months as SEACOM and TEAMS sub marine fibre optic connections reach Kenya. The cost of Internet access will tremendously dwindle enabling more businesses and entrepreneurs to consider setting up websites for their business marketing.

I have come across a further webhosting and rating resource that may prove particularly helpful in this regards at the site@ webhostingrating.com.What is perhaps telling about the credibility of the reviews on the site is that even google gives the page a good ranking and nothing can beat such an endorsement! Furthermore the reviews on the site are based on actual user reviews and customer satisfaction. The site boasts to be the largest " search able web hosting directory featuring complete information on all web hosting providers, their web hosting plans, promotional and discount coupons, and unedited reviews by real customers".If you are in need of a dynamic website that will require feature rich and interactive options ,then you may preview some articles on scripting and programming languages on the websites blog & Article resource

Webhosting rating .com is just that site that makes any user feel as comfortable as a geek despite limited knowledge hence please give it a visit!300x100

26 May, 2009

North Korea Nuclear Missile Tests Threaten World Security

In this day and age i find any Country or Leader irresponsible if they go testing long range ballistic weapons capable of carrying Nuclear warheads when there is no real threat of war.In that respect today's test firing of two short range missiles capable of carrying nuclear payloads of the East Coast of North Korea and underground testing of a nuclear weapon is particularly reprehensible!

It is being alleged that "North Korean leader, Kim Jong-li, hopes to use the test to shore up support from the military amid speculation that he is about to name one of his three sons as his successor".Its sad that this guy threatens world security and is taking chances with peace and stability in the region bent upon his own personal or family affairs.The world is never short of mad men!Consider what the KNCA news agency, the regime's official mouthpiece stated with regards to the test "We have successfully conducted another nuclear test on 25 May as part of the republic's measures to strengthen its nuclear deterrent."the agency said the test had been "safely conducted on a new higher level in terms of its explosive power and technology of its control".

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25 May, 2009

Worlds Oldest Blogger Maria Amelia Lopez Dies.

At 97 Spanish grandmother Maria Amelia Lopez was until Saturday May23, 2009 the Worlds Oldest Blogger until her death.Maria Amelia Lopez used to blog at amis95.blogspot.com where she wrote on various issues.Up till her death her blog had garnered more than 1.5 million visits from visitors from over 5 continents.Her determination to blog at that age illustrates the determination that she had as a person to remain technologically relevant and also the power of blogging to empower and better the lives of people despite age or other backgrounds.Yes !Blogging is serious business.

Maria Amelia Lopez story is simply inspiring and motivating, now we await to see who will be the current reigning Worlds most oldest blogger, how about gifting your grandmother /grandfather a blog?

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Guardian Online Story

22 May, 2009

Otto-The BloodBath Horror Movie

By banning the Jitu Films production Movie entitled "Otto -The Bloodbath" horror movie the Kenya Film and Censorship Board effectively made it a best seller.Many people are searching online to purchase the movie that is set to premier at Oxford University next week and later at the Rwanda Film Festival! What is perhaps fascinating is that the foreign market is readily embracing a movie that has been banned locally for allegedly being "too horrific even for an adult "& "having too much blood scenes", further the movie was said to feature too much "dead human characters"(see Daily Nation Article)

Now that's the Kenyan Censorship board for you.....but whats the Kenyan public take on it?I am much interested to read the opinion of the public on a movie that was set to be Kenya's first horror movie!Is the Kenyan Censorship Board accurate on its appraisal of the Joseph Kinyua movie?

The plot of the movie is about a family torn between selling off their fathers land against the patriarch’s wishes.The children of the man's first wife refuse to obey his wish and decide to bury him at the Langata Cemetery in Nairobi so that they can kick the second wife and her mute son out and enjoy the proceeds. That s when the horror begins....(for a sneak preview of the video here is a facebooklink)

21 May, 2009

Lucy Gordon (British Actress) Commits Suicide!

British actress Lucy Gordon who featured in Spider man 3 under the character 'Jennifer Dugan' has been found dead in a Paris appartment after apparently commiting suicide. The reason for her commiting suicide is yet uknown but the death brings to nought her young film industry career to a finish at the tender age of 28 years. Sometimes such occurences seem to remind us behind the glitter and glamour of celebrity lifestyle perhaps there is not much gold in it!My sincere condolences to her fans and family at this tragic moment.

The sar also featured in the movie Serendipity alongside John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale.Its definately so sad to see Lucy Gordon end her life under a noose.

Interior Decor Tips & Resources!

There are actually a few online resources for home decoration and upgrades in Kenya. That is really sad seeing how the world has embraced online advertisement and marketing of products.I was recently well pleased when i learnt that the Government is considering factoring in money for purchasing computers to be supplied in schools in order for Kenyans to generate more local content.

However lemme not digress from the topic before me. I have just perused today's Eastandard pullout "Home and Away Magazine" and there is an article written by Pocyline Karani entitled "Create a cosy bathroom" .The bathtubs therein are simply mind blowing.Now there's some cosy home decor advice. So i endeavoured to search on local interior designing/home decor resources. I ended up disappointed perhaps its the search engine i used.

Most of the resources i landed upon are simply foreign!But one site proved to catch my interest ,perhaps since I'm consulting for someone on his kitchen improvement.The site is SinksUSA which features wide range of high quality kitchen sinks, under mount stainless steel sinks at wholesale prices to the public.So if you are seeking for plumbing solutions and sink designs that's the site for you.

For a local interior designing website i found funzifurniture.com a more legit site but we sincerely need more online resources. If you know of a local credible home improvement website point it out and i will list it here!

19 May, 2009

Safaricom Live Mobile Download Service Launched !

The 3G enabled information access,download and information exchange portal Safaricom Live is now operational !According to the Safaricom live website the service is "a content download platform for digital media such as applications and games, ring tones, music and video clips, wallpapers, images and text (news, sports updates,jokes and so much more.)."

The service requires users to register using their Safaricom phone numbers whereupon they will be able to access myriads of products including downloading music at 3G speeds wherever they may be in Kenya .While indeed the service is not a first within the region the thing is that with its muscle power , more and more people will be able to make efficient use of their Internet enabled phones at a considerable cost! I am not saying affordable as Internet costs in Kenya are still way up for the common ordinary citizen( mwananchi) to make meaningful use. For now im yet to find out the access cost for the service but will keep you updated!I can see from the portal that access may be charged on downloading on per item basis -for now they have clips of Tahidi High a popular Kenyan television program aired on Citizen Tv at Kenya Shillings 10 per clip .The cost seems reasonable but that more or less depends on the length of the clip.However as a technology enthusiast i welcome the Safaricom Live service!

18 May, 2009

Gladiatus Hero Of Rome Game in Swahili

There's a wonderful google advert running on my site today entitled Gladiatus Hero of Rome Game inviting my site visitors to join up at the site: http://www.gladiatus.co.ke. What is interesting about it is that if you click up on the advert you will be directed to the role playing game site and all the instructions on how to play the game will be written in swahili. The fact im writting about is that this is a first for me to click on a google advert that will lead you to a local domain name for a game site whose language of instruction is swahili.The Gladiatus Hero of Rome role playing game seems to be interesting and is about going through the Judean wilderness.

So if the advert is showing please click through on the Google advert and enjoy the pleasure !

Termite Infestation Control-How To!

Dealing with termite infestation can be a hustle!Choosing the right pesticide that will not harm your young one's makes the whole issue more complicated.This is especially so when you want to fumigate the house but cannot afford moving to a hotel when your house is being fumigated.

I moved house recently only to find out the truthfulness of the Swahili adage "kila kitanda iko na kunguni wake" in English "each bed has its own bug" .All of a sudden termites have cropped up in the house and so i engaged myself today in an online search to find websites that have appropriate information on how to deal with termite infestation.I took this drastic step because dealing with African Termites( known for building the largest termite mounds and nests, ravaging villages... etc) is not an easy thing and the earlier you deal with them the better.

I have come across a site called KillTheTermite.com which specialises on termites ,ants and other domestic pests.The site layout is cool and simple. It has a termite guide section that will help one:

  • Know how to carry out a termite infection inspection
  • Identify the different types of termites
  • Arrive at the different treatment options available
The site is quite a useful resource !If you desire to find out more please visit the site.

15 May, 2009

Twitter Counter Website Count API Down?

Twitter Counter is the ultimate twitter statistics provider website that allows you to display widgets that show the number of Twitter users following you in real time! But their server widget API seems to have been down for the past 48 hours since as you can see from my side widget that it is displaying my Twitter followers count at 398 whereas my current follower status is 433 and increasing by the minute !According to the site my twitter rank globally is at position 66,772.I find that impressive .In Kenya i rank at position 36 and steadily climbing!

Unfortunately that statistic is misleading. Im sure that if someone can come up with another constantly updating widget on the number of twitter followers a use has that person will make a killing as twitter counter is somehow slow or not efficient as it should be. It's not in doubt that many companies have now taken to twitter marketing as the number of twitter followers continue to swell. Kenyan corporates are still on using tradiitional marketing techniques and continue to pity them.But should a company need social media marketing tips and techniques im open for consultations.

Im also pleased to see that more and more Africans and or people interested in Afrian tweets are signing up at the afritwits twibe which is an aggregating portal for geocentric african twits. If you havent signed up please take this opportunity to sign up and or follow me on Twitter @collinsom92

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Sofapaka Football Club Website

There's been much hype about Sofapaka football club in the media of late even an invitation to visit their website.So i engaged myself in the task to find out more about the club, its history ,sponsorship etc. I must say the name sofa paka also attracted my interest but i have been thoroughly disappointed and i blame the webmaster.

Truthfully the site is appealing but lacks an ABOUT page which would provide information about the club, etc. Whatever details on the site including its vision read like a Memorandum and Articles of association of a company incorporated in the early nineties!
Whether the club is sponsored by an organization, belonging to an individual ,or private organization is simply not stated.Its just too mystique and i believe such details should have been given prominence before the public were actually invited to visit the site!

However on a positive note the site is visually appealing, constantly updated and interactive! That's a good thing! On a more positive note the coach Robert Matano has really done good with the boys and this past Kenya Football Federation league winner team is set for impressive heights. Last year the club President Elly Kalekwa(his photos are prominent on the website ) announced a Kshs 20 million budget for this years Kenya Premier League. For local football that was quite an initiative and readily welcome. The team management is certainly behind the teams impressive performance and they have embraced technology (i.e the recent SMS driven public sponsorship promotion dubbed, "SCORE HAO NA SOFAPAKA", and fact that they accept Paypal payments is a good tell tale sign) .This blog wishes the local premier league football team all success ! Go sofapaka and upgrade your site!

14 May, 2009

Samuel L Jackson to Play Andrew Mwangura's Role in Pirate Movie!

Renowned African American movie star Samuel L Jackson has agreed to play the role of Andrew Mwangura (co-ordinator of the East African Sea Fairers Assistance Programe and prominent Kenyan negotiator with Somali pirates especially in the release of the Ukrainian Ship Mv Faina) in a movie set to tell the story of the Somali pirates menace along the horn of Africa.Samuel L. Jackson's movie company"Uppity Films" have joined forces with Andras Hamori’s H20 Motion Pictures to secure life rights of Andrew Mwangura.

The Ukrainian Ship with its deadly cargo consisting of armed weapons was released after Andrew Mwangura successfully negotiated a dollar $ 3.2 million ransom .Interestingly Mr Mwangura carries out the negotiating work on a volunteer basis and the movie rights may just be a pay off for his selfless hard work !Details on the title of the movie, the cast and how much he has been paid are still scanty but Hollywood is abound with hype and speculation on the same!

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13 May, 2009

American Idol Contestant Adam Lambert: Hot On Twitter

America is justafixed on this guy, he is the hottest searched for word in twitter and a finalist contestant on the latest series of the American Idol 2009 (season 8).According to the Huffington Post the legendary singer Paula Abdul was short of prematurely calling him the winner of the competition after he seductively crooned the song "Feeling Good," which has been famously sung by Nina Simone and Sammy Davis Jr.For a complete biography of Adam Lambert( born on 29,January, 1982) you may want to read the wikipedia stub

But what is certainly generating hype around the guy apart from his startling and talented perfomances is that "HE IS PRESUMED TO BE GAY " and that is just what may spark a controversy for some peple.The website votefortheworst has certainly picked it up (gross photos)! Among famous people who have arisen from the reality tv competition include Past winners Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks and David Cook who have developed illustrous singing careers.For now the spot light is on Adam Lambert and the media are upon him because of his gay icon status!

12 May, 2009

Thomas(Tom) Cholmondeley Sentence(Update)

Justice Muga apondi has today morning sentenced of Mr Tom Cholmondeley to serve a prison term of 8 moths at Kamiti Maximum Security prison in Nairobi. This is to enable the said convict to "reflect on his life".Tom was only recently found guilty of manslaughter by the Kenyan High Court.The sentence has all the marks of leniency but may have been arrived at taking into consideration that he was in pre Judgement prison remand for 3 years and of course some diplomatic lobbying!
On the other hand i have come across a different perspective of the man Tom Cholmondeley in a support website being run by his friends, relatives ,acquaintances etc. The site mirrors the beauty of friends who are willing to stick by their own through whatever circumstances and difficulties. Its not in doubt that being in Kenyan jails and or prison remand facilities is quite a harrowing experience and his family and friends are out to console and comfort him at the blog entitled: JusticeforTom Website,. If the guy is as gentle and responsible as he is put out to be , then he simply has a problem of thinking after the fact.

Whether or not he inadvertently killed Njoya he is blood guilt and that is something none of us should ever want to be.Human life is precious. In fact i take exception to an article appearing in a United Kingdom press website:Daily Express .It is a gross misrepresentation of Kenya, its Justice system and life in Naivasha and in white owned farms.

Kenya cannot in an iota bit be equated to Zimbabwe or be compared to it in the matter of white farm invasions.In fact foreigners often get preferential treatment as opposed to locals. The first time Tom shot a game warden he would have been murdered by the police were he a local.You simply cannot harm let alone kill a member of the disciplined forces and get away with it,even if they are wrong or have trespassed into your land .

The Daily Express article written by Aidan Hartley a white settler in Kenya in fact calls the common mwananchi who insisted that the Courts uphold Justice as "rascists" who advocated for the lynching and burning of the Delamere farm. I believe the statement to be further than the truth. The article simply wants to misrepresent facts ,distort truths and evoke negative emotions!Hartley in fact seems to state that Tom was attacked by machete wielding thugs whereas evidence before the Court states that Tom actually had time to take a precise aim at Njoya.At same time no such weapons were found on Njoya. He may well have been a passerby through the estate.Tom fired no warning shot, he did not even try to maim or disable the so called attackers , he just took a precise and fatal shot at Njoya and went on to kill the dogs!No distortion, misrepresentation ,propaganda can efface those facts.

Further insecurity in Kenya affects all and sundry not just white settlers.No matter ones philanthropic activities, it is immoral to kill another especially so in circumstances likely to suggest the same was done for sport . That is a fundamental truth ! Many Kenyans welcomed the decision and if he truly is a responsible lad he will bear up with the responsibility for his actions!
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07 May, 2009

Lord Delamere Kin Tom Cholmondeley Found Guilty Of Manslaughter

The Kenyan High Court has today morning found the wealthy former Lord Delamere Kin Tom Cholmondeley guilty of Manslaughter. Mr Cholmondoley was arrested on May 10, 2006 after he shot Mr Robert Njoya a local resident in Naivasha after the former strayed into the expansive Delamere farms in Naivasha. This was not the first time that Mr Cholmondeley has shot at locals on the allegation that they were poaching and or trespassing on their expansive aristocratic land. His actions caused an uproar within the republic as activists called for his arrest as his actions reeked of extreme racism and callous regard for human life!

He was today ,found guilty after his charge was commuted by Justice Amuga Apondi from Murder to Manslaughter in a Judgement delivered in open Court this morning!The Judge found that Mr Cholmondeley had indeed shown a reasonable duty of care by offering first aid to his victim ,taking him to hospital and offering to bear the hospital fees but this was not enough to lift the burden of his culpability in the crime. Many Kenyans will welcome this decision since justice in the Kenyan Courts has often proved elusive especially when the Defendant is rich and employs a bevy of A-List lawyers as was the case in this suit(he was being represented by British-trained barrister Fred Ojiambo).

Interestingly when Robert Njoya was shot Mr Cholmondeley in the company of former rally driver Carl Tundo (who testified for the prosecution against him, being a friend that tells much)and he had a hunting rifle and which clearly shows he had a mental inclination to hunt prey no matter what form it took and in this instance it was the Deceased.The Lesson money is not everything and human is precious no one should take it for granted !The Judgement is welcome300x100

Miss USA contestant Prejean Carrie's Latest Controversy!

Miss California Beauty pageant winner Prejean Carrie has just stroke up a controversy after her semi nude photos were posted on the internet. Just like many other celebrities she started out on a high moral ground platform critiscizing homosexuality and other vices only to succumb herself to lewdity and the media have picked it up.

On an interview in the blog PerezHilton,Prejean went out against gay marriage striking up a "controversy" among the more permissive American society(in the conservative Kenyan society her outburst would not be an issue) ,

but her latest controversy revolves around topless and semi -nude photos that have made their rounds on the internet!This is just a stark reminder to celebrity personalities that what they do in private will impact on their public life and celebrity lifestyle. The public indeed has a high moral expectation of superstars .....save for african politicians...the public always seems to expect little of them and the recent election of the 4th post apartheid South African President Jacob Zuma just proved that !

06 May, 2009

Searching For a Web Host

I have stumbled upon a sight which i believe is a ready resource for someone looking for credible web hosting providers and solutions.On a daily basis we are bombarded by different service providers claiming they have the best packages but often experience proves us wrong.And we cant blame them because marketing and advertising is the key to sales so many times we are often victim's of the two.

However on a different note Webhosting choice website offers crowdsourced opinions that may guide you in this most important decision. The website enables its users the opportunity not only to view the different price/tariff plans available but also to read user reviews about different webhosting providers.

The un-manipulated user reviews may prove a credible resource to enable a prospective client reach an informed decision as to which site /web host provider they may elect to use!The website lists the top 10 voted for web hosting service providers such as justhost, hostmonster,bluehost,hostgator, yahoo, go daddy etc and is updated on a regular basis !

The site also also features a host Directory and exposes scam sites on the Internet so you are safe with web hosting choice .

StumbleUpon Users In Africa

There are so many good African Blogs & websites out there! But few of the webmasters or blog authors in Africa seem to know how to market or get more visibility or traffic for their content online. That is disheartening as a lot of good stuff from this continent gets buried under in the mass of information that the Internet is churning in this day and age!

If you are new at blogging and or have been at it for sometime and would like to see your more people access and read your site you can try the following user ranked news websites:
  1. StumbleUpon.Com
  2. DIGG
  3. Delicious
  4. Yahoo Buzz
  5. Propeller
  6. Friendfeed
Sites like Stumble Upon and DIGG however require you to network and or have subscribers/friends who share a similar interest with you. I for one use Stumble upon very much and it gives me around 50 to 60 hits each day( i am yet to harness it well enough) .That is little traffic as the site boasts that the number of world wide(current) users as at the end of April to be at approximately 5 million with the system recording around some 5 billion stumbles.

However surprisingly there are few African Users which means African Content is RARELY propelled to the fore pages of this websites. However if you are an African on Stumbleupon and desire to get or join more African users here is my STUMBLEUPON ADDRESS , Join up , add me as a friend , subscribe to my updates and together we will see how to best use/harness this online resource in order to push forth an afrocentric agenda!

05 May, 2009

Spotmeonline website!

For quite sometime i have been subscribing to the International Centre of Excellence in Tourism & Hospitality Education (THE ICE) newsletter basically because i have always been interested in pursuing a part time course in cooking (i have a passion for cooking-fine dine especially) and always update myself on the industry news,recipes, information... etc. Today i received an interesting newsletter about their new career website dubbed Spotmeonline.com which i know will be a ready resource for many students eager to pursue a course in the tourism and hospitality sector. More so the website will provide a bridge/nexus between students and potential employers on an international scale. I hereby reprint some of the concepts, ideas and an excerpt from the newsletter indicating the drive behind the new spotmeonline website
As part of their integrated web strategy, THE-ICE has now initiated a new site called SpotMeOnline. The research conducted through the International Student Barometer (ISB) showed that 'getting a career' was by and far the main reason students chose to study tourism, hospitality and events. Yet most institutional websites concentrated on the available programmes of study ..... and not the careers that were available after graduation.

THE-ICE saw that there was an opportunity to develop a 'sister' site that focused more on jobs and careers than on courses - but in order to finance its development we realised that this also needed to be a commercial activity. 'SpotMe' was the concept that has now been launched. It is a site focused on matching job seekers and recruiters, and includes a number of exciting interactive features to appeal to students such as blogs, social networking opportunities, video uploads and the like. We are still in the process of populating the site with information and content, and it will be cross-promoted on THE-ICE website.

If you have the time please visit the site!

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04 May, 2009

African Followers on Twitter(Afritwits Twibe)

Its not in doubt that millions of people are finding twitter as choice medium for communicating(as recently demonstrated by celebrity person Ashton Kutcher in his 1 million followers malaria nets for Africa campaign) ! It is also not in doubt that thousands of Africans from various countries are daily joining up the list of new twitter users.

However to learn how to use twitter and gain followers many need directions.To help out in this regards i have decided to use Twibes(a twitter based website)to aggregate african user tweets and followers.I have formed the Afritwits group at Twibes . The idea is to come up with an afrocentric twitter group where the latest twit on Africa can be accessed.It is also a forum to follow African twitter followers and let your tweets be distinguished in the rapidly growing twittersphere. Hence if you are on twitter and want to join up, get more followers, please do not hesitate :

Click up and join up @ http://www.twibes.com/group/Afritweets

An interesting link on who has the most twitter followers in Africa, statistics can also be found @ TWITTERHOLIC .To follow me on twitter just go to my TWITTER AD/USERNAME

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02 May, 2009

I-See-You.Com( The Movie)

I-See-You. Com the movie is particurlarly hilarious(movie rating-ADULT) .What perhaps the movie highlights is the growing interest by many to view reality tv or unedited happenings of real life affairs. The cast of the movie include Mathew Botuchis (Colby)in the movie playing the role of son of Lydia(Rossana Arquette) and stepson of toilet seller Harvey Bellinger(played by Beau Bridges) .Colby obssesed with eavesdropping on his stepsister Audrey Bellinger( played by Baelyn Neff) implants spy cams in her bedroom and broadcasts the same on the internet! Her raunchy activities generates hits for the website I-SEE.YOU.COM generating income of $17,000 a week whereas the family is experiencing financial difficulties!

To generate more sales Colby decides to put up a webcam in all the rooms thereby leaving the families randy affairs exposed to the whole world.Overnight they become online celebrities.Enventually they come to know about it but are infurriated -however due to the financial enticements they decide to play along!To make it more interesting they hire a sexy looking italian macho man cook named Ciro(Victor Alfieri) who makes both mother and daughter go crazy.All this finally gets to Harvey Bellinger, the dad who cant take it no more....

The movie is 93 minutes long Directed by Eric Steven Stahl and was released on DVD on 16 September, 2008 makes for a good laugh if you can stomach it! (you can buy it on amazon by clicking on the below poster)


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