29 June, 2009

Alertpay Africa's E-commerce Alternative for Paypal

Use of Paypal as an e-commerce payment,trading and money transfer solution by many developed/Western Countries severely hampers the capacity of many Africans to trade profitably over the internet.For the most part Paypal allows African users to only send but not receive money.

I previously wrote a post on the limited services that Paypal offers for African Users and its non effectiveness ;unfortunately much has not changed since then.The Paypal website now states that you can actually send money to over 190 Countries including Kenya ,Somalia etc But a question still remains how is the person going to receive the funds since as per the Paypal Account setup for Kenya you can only send money ,there is no tab for receiving or cashing money but just for depositing funds to your Paypal account. This status quo has left many confused but fortunately enough there is a solution on the horizon which allows you to receive funds and or send funds unhindered.The Service is": AlertPay

Alertpay allows you the opportunity to send and or receive funds electronically through the use of an email address.As an Alertpay user you can open a Business or Personal Account which will allow you to do any of the following:
  1. Deposit Money
  2. Withdraw funds
  3. Shop Securely Online
  4. Receive Funds
  5. Use your credit card online securely
  6. Receive money in over 22 currencies(including South African Rand)
I believe rather than wait for Paypal who have been previously lobbied to expand their services to Africa, is better if African online Business users to subscribe to Alertpay as many overseas businesses are now switching to this e-commerce solution/alternative for Paypal.

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  1. HI
    i really appreciate for sharing with us about that. i have been left in the same dillema but now am happy i will sign for it and see how it will be of great help. once agin keep up the good work

  2. Hi Friend,
    Congratulations for this nice looking blog. In this post everything about Web Development. I am also interested in latest news, sometimes i posted on Customized application development

  3. But most users in the West don't like other payment gateways apart from PayPal. It makes people in Africa lose a lot of business. I have experienced it before...

  4. Here is a way of starting an online business and getting paid through PayPal.

  5. hi thanks for this great artical, I loved it, it will be agreat solution to try out. Even though western clients like paypal they are open to trying ather methods as long as you prove that you are an honest business person. I will definatly refrence it in my blog soon.

  6. can i buy wordpress credits with alertpay? i need to redirect my domain to another site but the only option in wordpress is the paypal thing and that does not work in africa.

  7. Nice blog for transfer money online. it's facilitate commercial foreign exchange fast money transfer to france services to overseas.



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