02 June, 2009

Microsoft New Website Bing Goes Live!

Microsoft has launched a new search engine website called Bing to counter Google's dominance of the search engine market.To advertise the site Microsoft has a 80 to 100 million $ war chest.The international firm James Walter Thompson(JWT) won the lucrative marketing and advertisement deal . Perhaps what i find pleasant about the new search engine Bing is its graphic layout.It is so pleasant cannot be compared to Google or Yahoo. It is certain that due to this feature many users will sign up and use the Bing search engine as a favourite home page.

New Features:
The BING website was launched over the weekend .The site is expected to come up with algorithms that will ensure that the search results are relevant and more user friendly. But that is an enigmatic task since the internet is a vast pool of information that is readily dynamic and with search engine optimization techniques being refined ,getting 100% relevant results becomes difficult.But the Bing team promises to be up to the task and have set three guiding goals:

  1. To Deliver best results
  2. Organize the search experience
  3. Simplify common tasks and help inform decisions

For an in depth discussion on the new features and what distinguishes Bing from other search engines ,you can read at the Bing Community Blog!Another distinguishing factor is the Bing travel portal complete with a facebook fan page...Google would better wake up especially with it's gmail portal which has not improved an iota bit or changed in the last three years.Credible competition is now here!
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  1. I'm impressed with Bing and thankful it isn't like Cuil, the failed search engine that launched in 2008. Though it is early to give a complete assessment, Bing holds promise as a decent alternative to Google search.

  2. i like the look of Microsoft's search page, always have, just not so sure about the back-end functionality



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