22 June, 2009

Amy Africa Qlog Website Review!

Amy Africa and her Eight By Eight team; Infinite Web Marketing Solutions have a website called amyafrica.com that may prove very useful for businesses desirous to improve the E-Commerce experience.The site offers unmatched expert advice,tips and techniques for successful e-commerce trading ,online marketing solutions and communication.

What struck me though is that unlike a traditional blog it is interactive, eliciting questions from users and that is why it is called a Qlog.Among the areas the site provides solutions include :
  • Search Engine Optimization(Seo)
  • Website renovation and critique : whereby the team evaluates your online marketing strategy and points out strengths and weaknesses for your implementation and improvement.
  • Internet Marketing
  • Email Marketing (usability & Conversions)
  • User Involvement
  • Product Presentation
  • Selling Techniques
  • Shopping Experience
I found their page on E mail capture to be quite informative.I often find unsolicited mail(spam) to be bothersome and unfortunately many businesses make the same mistake by sending unwanted emails. The Amy Africa Qlog suggests that before Businesses engage in e-mail marketing they should first adopt an opt in communication strategy.The thing is to try and get permission from the reader otherwise the strategy would be a waste of time.

Without doubt there are some useful tips on the site which is barely a month old and as the site is an open forum it is expected that there will be tons and tons of information at the site on the various topics in the near future.User's to the site are encouraged to submit questions which are answered on the site!

On a thumbs down note the website is full of click through ads on its side bars which i believe can be an eyesore.If Amy Africa can reduce on that they will be on the way to untold success !You can visit the Qlog at http://www.amyafrica.com



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