27 June, 2010

Ghana beats USA 2-1

Celebrations have rocked the African continent after Ghana eliminated the American team in a score 2-1 in the World cup round of 16 match!Ghana's scored through Prince and Asamoah Gyan in extra time!Ghana the only African team have now made it to the quarter finals which is their first time.GO AFRICA !GO!

24 June, 2010

Slovakia Nails Italy 3-2

Slovakia in a suprising twist have nailed Italy in the World cup in a 3-2 score !The final 5 minutes being of high adrenaline moments

Kenyan Serial Killer Philip Onyancha :Funny Photos!

The recently arrested, self confessed serial Killer Phillip Onyancha startled Kenyans with his shocking revelations that he had killed 17 victims majority being women,prostitutes and children.He still continues to startle Kenyan's in a ridiculous albeit funny way .Thanks to the internet, photoshop and a witty mind that have conjured the below photo that is doing the rounds around the Internet on Facebook and the blogosphere.

in the manipulated witty photo he is pictured being interviewed as a guest in popular television show hosted by the former CNN anchor Jeff Koinange.Count on Kenyans to make fun out of any situation !

22 June, 2010

Nigeria North Korea scores

Nigeria's football star Uche has opened their third match with a score at the 12th minute-will Nigeria reedem its image 90 minutes will let us know!Lee jong Soo has equalized for North Korea in 37th minute!Kanu Nwanko is playing a fabulous game as a pacemaker but the rest of the team is playing a miserable game as if they are asurred of a win-too sad!To leave Odemwinge and Obafemi Martins in the second half indicates a conspiracy and a lack of technical manouvre as Nigeria concedes a second goal!Nigeria lands a enalty in 67 minute and Yakubu scores the second goal to make a draw!

21 June, 2010

LG -Chocolate BL40 Smart Phone

For a smart phone that has such smart following features, one can but not fail to recommend the LG-Chocolate BL-40! Its tall and thin status makes it absolutely stunning especially for the ladies and for quite a price : range between $500 and $600 US Dollars .

The L.G.chocolate BL-40 has the following features:

4-inch TFT capacitive touchscreen with multitouch support and scratch resistant glass(800 x 345 pixels resolution)
1.1GB internal memory (Expandable memory up to 32GB via micro SD slot)
 5-mega pixel autofocus Camera with Schneider-Kreuznach optics LED flash(2560 x 1920 pixels) Geo-tagging, face, smile and blink detection, image stabilization
Accelerometer for screen auto rotate
Proximity sensor for auto-turn-off
 Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP, 3.5mm audio jack
3G (HSDPA 7.2 Mbps)FM radio with RDS,FM transmitter
DivX/XviD support, Dolby mobile, TV out,
Microsoft office document viewer
VGA quality video recording at 30 fps
Dolby Mobile sound enhancement
Ultra wide display with a 21:9 HD LCD screen
 Weight : 129g

 Quite a pretty phone for those who prefer thin phones i must add !

16 June, 2010

Ohio Church "Touchdown "Jesus Idol Struck By Lightning

The Guardian online is running a story about a six-storey statue of Jesus Christ in Ohio that was struck by lightning and the subsequent fire thereof reduced  the image to a scarred iron shell on Monday Night. The Ohio 'Jesus Statute' story is doing the rounds on different social media outlets .The figure which coincidentally was nicknamed " Touchdown Jesus" (a term borrowed from American football referees gesture of a touchdown) ironically has been the victim of a touchdown lightning bolt.

(image of burning statue courtesy of Guardian Online website!)

The event is raising different viewpoints especially among those opposed to the use of images, figurines or idols as aids to worship.No pun intended and with respect to other peoples opinion and divergent views i find the event hilarious(Link) !

Heres a YouTube Video

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12 June, 2010

Nigeria-Argentina World Cup Match Scores

Argentina has taken an early lead in the World Cup match against Nigeria via a header by Heinze in the 6 m├Čnute! Tevez and Lionel Messi are giving the Nigerian defence a hard time with their classy moves!

11 June, 2010

Siphiwe Tshabalala Score Africa's First World Cup Goal!

South African soccer player Siphiwe Tshibalala has scored the first goal in the World Cup 2010 opening match against Mexico elating the African fans-go Bafana bafana go!The second half has been marked by incisive incursions by the South African team.However the young Mexican player Dos Santos, has proved enough trouble for the South African defence.This blog will live blog the African matches.keep it locked!Mexican player Rafael Marquez has leveled the score 1-1 almost 5 minutes to stopage time!The first match in the Fifa World Cup 2010 has ended with a draw. The fifa world cup was declared open by SA PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma.Bafana bafana you go boyz congrats coach pereira

10 June, 2010

Kenya Budget Speech 2010 / 2011

The Kenyan Minister of Finance Honourable Uhuru Kenyatta today has read the Kenya Budget 2010 - 2011 announcing various cross cutting and investment inducing measures including:

  • Stamp Duty on Debenture ,Mortgages and Charges reduced to from 2% to 1% to stimulate the Real Estate and property market .
  • Land Rent late payment penalty reduced from 2% to 1% with waiver period on current outstanding interest up to 30 June 2010
  • New VAT Act by 2011
  •  Increase excise tax for malt beer.
  •  Import Duty on Poultry to be scrapped
  • Pension Benefits to be paid within shorter period i.e 60 days to 30 days
  • Amnesty on taxation for remittances brought in by Kenyans in the Diaspora.
  • Sh5.7bn to maintain roads, improve market access, research and other interventions. 
  • Defense Budget increased by Kshs 2 Billion 
You can now download the speech in [PDF]  format from the Ministry of Finance Website to the following link BUDGET 2010/11 DOWNLOAD

More updates to follow

    09 June, 2010

    World Cup 2010 Match Schedule

    You can now download the official Fifa football World Cup 2010 match Schedule in PDF format  at the following download link, A day to the World Cup in South Africa and emotion are running high, people are surfing the internet to download the opening match schedule in order not to miss a single match and to find out when the games will be played and  what time they need to be glued to their mobile or Television screens.

    For Kenyan fans the time zone between Nairobi, Kenya (UTC/GMT +3 hours)  and Johannesburg, South Africa (UTC/GMT +2)  is an hour.Therefore the opening match will be on Friday 11th June 2010 at 5.P.M,

    Group Stage Match Schedule :

    Friday, June 11 – 5PM – South Africa vs Mexico
    Friday, June 11 – 9:30PM – Uruguay vs France

    Saturday, June 12 – 5:00 P.M – Argentina vs Nigeria
    Saturday, June 12 – 2:30 P.M – South Korea vs Greece
    Saturday, June 12 – 9:30 P.M– England vs USA

    Sunday, June 13 – 2:30 P.M – Algeria vs Slovenia
    Sunday, June 13 –9:30 P.M  – Germany vs Australia
    Sunday, June 13 –5:00 P.M – Serbia vs Ghana

    Monday, June 14 – 2:30 P.M– Netherlands vs Denmark
    Monday, June 14 –5:00 P.M – Japan vs Cameroon
    Monday, June 14 – 9:30 P.M– Italy vs Paraguay

    Tuesday, June 15 –2:30 P.M  – New Zealand vs Slovakia
    Tuesday, June 15 –5:00 P.M  – Ivory Coast(Cote D'ivoire) vs Portugal
    Tuesday, June 15 – 9:30 P.M – Brazil vs North Korea

    Wednesday, June 16 – 2:30 P.M – Honduras vs Chile
    Wednesday, June 16 – 5:00 P.M – Spain vs Switzerland
    Wednesday, June 16 –  9:30 P.M– South Africa vs Uruguay

    Thursday, June 17 –9:30 P.M  – France vs Mexico
    Thursday, June 17 –5.00 P.M – Greece vs Nigeria
    Thursday, June 17 –  2:30 P.M– Argentina vs South Korea

    Friday, June 18 –2:30 P.M – Germany vs Serbia
    Friday, June 18 – 5:00 P.M– Slovenia vs USA
    Friday, June 18 – 9:30 P.M – England vs Algeria

    Saturday, June 19 –5:00 P.M  – Ghana vs Australia
    Saturday, June 19 –2:30 P.M – Netherlands vs Japan
    Saturday, June 19 –9:30 P.M – Cameroon vs Denmark

    Sunday, June 20 – 2:30 P.M – Slovakia vs Paraguay
    Sunday, June 20 – 5:00 P.M  – Italy vs New Zealand
    Sunday, June 20 –9:30 P.M – Brazil vs Ivory Coast

    Monday, June 21 –2:30 P.M  – Portugal vs North Korea
    Monday, June 21 – 5:00 P.M – Chile vs Switzerland
    Monday, June 21 –9:30 P.M – Spain vs Honduras

    Tuesday, June 22 –5:00 P.M – Mexico vs Uruguay
    Tuesday, June 22 –5:00 P.M  – France vs South Africa
    Tuesday, June 22 –9:30 P.M  – Nigeria vs South Korea
    Tuesday, June 22 – 9:30 P.M – Greece vs Argentina

    Wednesday, June 23 –5:00 P.M – Slovenia vs England
    Wednesday, June 23 – 5:00 P.M  – Algeria vs USA
    Wednesday, June 23 – 9:30 P.M– Ghana vs Germany
    Wednesday, June 23 –9:30 P.M – Australia vs Serbia

    Thursday, June 24 – 5:00 P.M – Slovakia vs Italy
    Thursday, June 24 –5:00 P.M – Paraguay vs New Zealand
    Thursday, June 24 –9:30 P.M  – Denmark vs Japan
    Thursday, June 24 –9:30 P.M  – Cameroon vs Netherlands

    Friday, June 25 – 5:00 P.M– North Korea vs Ivory Coast
    Friday, June 25 –5:00 P.M  – Portugal vs Brazil
    Friday, June 25 –9:30 P.M – Switzerland vs Honduras
    Friday, June 25 – 9:30 P.M– Chile vs Spain

    World Cup Match Schedule (Round Of 16)

    Saturday, June 26 –5:00 P.M  –  Uruguay vs  South Korea
    Saturday, June 26 –9:30 P.M –  USA vs Ghana

    Sunday, June 27 – 5:00 P.M  – Germany vs England
    Sunday, June 27 –9:30 P.M –  Argentina  vs Mexico

    Monday, June 28 – 5:00 P.M – Netherlands vs Slovakia
    Monday, June 28 –9:30 P.M –  Brazil vs Chile

    Tuesday, June 29 –5:00 P.M – Paraguay vs Japan

    Tuesday, June 29 –9:30 P.M  – Spain vs Portugal

    I am updating the time slot for your convenience.

    07 June, 2010

    Joe Bidens Visit To Kenya

    American Vice-President Joe Biden has arrived in Kenya on a three day visit that will culminate in a visit to the World Cup opening ceremony in South Africa!The USA V-P Joe Biden is the top most official from President Barack Obama's administration to visit Kenya-Obama's fathers land.Pundits are speculating that his arrival is an indication that the Obama's administration is beginning to recognize and acknowledge the progress in reforms the Country has undertaken following the 2008 disputed election.Bidens visit has been marked with unprecedented heightened security.The fact that Biden did not address a press conference and that on disembarking from the plane and after being received by his local counterpart Kenyan Vice President Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka went straight to his vehicle indicates that his handlers the US Secret service are treating his visit with uttermost caution especially due to Kenya's proximity to Somalia and the threat of Al-Shabaab militia.His visit is expected to cause traffic snarl ups and mobile phone jamming

    04 June, 2010

    World Cup Tips:Safety & Security !

    With less than 6 days and counting to the 2010 Fifa World Cup Kick off match in South Africa it is important to share some little tips with the world at Large.Over a billion eyes will be glued to the Television Screens all around the World to watch the World Cup Football finals .The eyes will watch with intense emotions, feelings ,loyalty, admiration,disdain ,hate and other emotions however my tip is we all need to remember "ITS JUST A GAME " .There will be losers and winners but that's the beauty of it.Its Just a Game.

    Unfortunately while there is relatively calm in many homesteads now since the games have not begun ,much will change in 6 days time.Indeed unfortunately due to misplaced feelings some will die due to small arguments, misunderstandings ..etc all over a game of football.So now the viewers can prepare themselves emotionally and mental after all "the World cup is just a game".Cheer your team but respect the right of others to cheer theirs. Do not brawl or fight,yet you are not even a player and perhaps will never be.Maintain a sense of decorum, enjoy your drinks but remember after all "its just a game".

    There is blog that over the years monitors the bizarre killings and deaths that result due to World Cup and the deaths are reported in each and every continent across various strata of society and social classes.You can read it at the following link  , Its quite unfortunate and quite preventable for these deaths to occur.Hence; a lot of self control and self discipline is required.

    For those who will have traveled to South Africa, remember that the Country's crime rate is exceptionally high and that will not change ,no not even for this event.South Africa's 50 murders a day translate into 38.6 for every 100,000 citizens, compared to 0.88 in Germany, host of the last World Cup.Stay safe in this period do not become a crime statistic.


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