31 January, 2008

Another ODM M.P. Shot!

Newly elected ODM Member of parliament for Ainamoi Constituency in the Northen Rift of Kenya Mr.David Kimutai Too has been shot dead in circumstances pointing to a domestic dispute.Honourable Too was shot by a traffic Policeman for allegedly having an illicit affair with the policeman's girlfriend!This deals a huge blow to the Orange Democratic Movement.Police are investigating the incident and have arrested the traffic Policeman.

Meanwhile tension remains high in Kisumu and Kericho with many shops and businesses shutting down!With the situation in the country being volatile,this incident is sure to raise eyebrow even though they be misplaced!

Positive Things Happening in Kenya!

A lot of sad things happening in Kenya have been featured in this blog since December, 27th 2007.In a turn of events seeing that Kenya has featured negtively in the international media(i.e.CNN,SKY News,Al Jazeera,BBC, NBC,Deutsche Welle,China Central Television...etc), i hereby wish to highlight alot of Positive developments:
  1. Both Honourable Raila Odinga and Mwai Kibaki have submitted themselves to the mediation dialogue under the oversight of Koffi Annan former U.N secretary General.
  2. Both wanted the Peresidency not for dictatorship purposes but to enhance Kenya's development and this can only be sustained in a peaceful environment.
  3. There are millions of Kenyans from Kikuyu,Kalnjin,Luo,Lughya,Maasai and other backgrounds who do not seek war but peaceful co-existence and have gone to great lengths to protect and preserve not only the lives of their neighbors from different ethnic groups but also their property as is the case of one village in Kisumu where luos hve been protecting Kikuyu's and in Mathare where a Kikuyu landlord has been protecting luo ,lughya,coasterian and other communities from murderous gangs.
  4. Honourable members of parliament including:Cyrus Jirongo,Sally Kosgey,Joseph Nkaiserry,George Thuo,Uhuru Kenyatta,Franklin Bett, George Khaniri,Peter Kenneth ...etc have basically gone back to their communities,going door to door urging their constituents to embrace Peace.
  5. Nairobi City Centre is peaceful and many people are working normally as they used to before the polls.

Please lemme know of other positive things to highlight here!

29 January, 2008

A Deeply Troubled Nation!

Kenyans have woken up to deeply troubling news following the post election violence that ODM's newly elected Member of Parliament for Embakasi Hon Mugabe Were has been murdered!From where i am at the office tension is rife.Just 15 minutes ago i heard several gunshots and women wailing.It may be police dispersing persons demonstrating against the killing of Were who was gunned down by uknown assailants yesterday evening as he was driving to his compound.The Kenya police are treating the incident as murder according to the official statement read by Mr Eric Kiraithe.

The senseless killing that has been witnessed around the Country has now mutated to involve political killing , now the fear of reprisals is hanging around the air in Nairobi.All ODM MP,s are currently holed up in a meeting at Orange house before proceeding to the late Were's home in woodley.In the meantime marauding youths have taken control of Ngong Road and are engaged in running battles with the police thereby bringing that section of Nairobi to a standstill. The streets in the city centre have few persons.

We are sinking into a hole as a nation that we will all live to regret due to our actions and inactions and more so due to failure of religious clergy to educate and spiritually nourish its adherents leading to anarchy!The state of anarchy trigered by the elections have a deep lesson to teach us Kenyans and need quiet reflection !Kenyans need to ask themselves the question are we willing to learn from our mistakes for the sake of posterity?May Peace and serenity prevail !

28 January, 2008

Blogging for Peace!

It is nice to see that quite a number of Kenyan Bloggers out there are appreciating the gravity of the problem before us and rather than forment hatred they are crying out for peace.Your efforts are to be applauded!Thi noble endeavour has caught the attention of the international media e.g The Daily Telegraph but the question remains ,what about us Kenyans ,are we heeding the call to maintain and seek Peace? With fresh violence erupting in Naivasha,Kisumu,Nakuru etc ,I hardly think so.The challenge for Kenyan bloggers is to write posts advocating for Peace ,their contribution may go along way in healing the nation that is now very polarised!

Notable among these bloggers is Harry Karanja who has set up a blog entitled ,amanikenya calling out to Kenyans to now try peace,while indeed a majority of the bloggers are pressing for Justice so that peace prevail, it is noteworthy that the hostilities must cease to pave way for investigations that may give room for justice.The events in Nakuru and Naivasha are depressing and worrisome.We have deviated from normalcy and morality and are now resorting to primitive violence to try solve problems that cannot be solved by arms!

I verily invite more bloggers to unite in voicing a unanimous call for Peace !The friends of Kenya Organization have a post inviting all Kenyan bloggers to list their posts calling for peace at friendsofkenya.org .That is a noble venture.I hope all Kenyan bloggers will take up this venture.Infact i propose that a Kenya Peace Blog carnival be immediately commenced to attract us to the very things that unite us rather than those that divide us!There is no need to ruin the Country famed for the saying "HAKUNA MATATA"(espoused in he Lion King Movies) meaning there is no problem!

What is further aggravating the problem is the denial by those in resonsibility about the extent and magnitude of the strife that is being experienced in Kenya.The Police are giving far lower figures for the death toll than the civil society and the media.Well its not in Kenya's interest to argue about the number of dead ,what's more important is to recognise that lives are being lost by the minute and that the leaders must seek a solution- fast before the violence reaches uncontrolable level !No matter which tribe or nationality ,each life lost is an indictment to us all! May we shun tribalism and all its proponents and embrace peace for the posterity of us and our future generations!

26 January, 2008

How Chinese Take Photos!

I,ve just come accross an interesting and humorous foward that has raised many questions in my mind!How do chinese take photos?anyone has an idea why they prefer this unique and weird photo stances and poses?Questions for research indeed!With the 2008 olympics to be held in Beijing later this year,we shall certainly see exciting posses!Have a fabulous weekend or weekday!

Yap its not just the males but the females too(source best blogs China)

23 January, 2008

Kenyan Protesters Burn Government Building!

Breaking news!I,ve just come across a chilling article here,on international press stating that the funeral mass for post election violence victims at Nairobi's Ligi Ndogo grounds near Kibera called for by the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)has turned violent following protesters clashing with the Police! The victim this time is an office building of the Government owned telecommunication parastatal. Fortunately i am informed that the fire brigade has contained the fire!

We are being set back decades of years after all the development!I will update this post as more news trickles in...

Holding Our Breath !

Many politicians and members of public seem to downplay and /or are outrightly ignoring the effects and underlying causes of the violence that has gripped the Country and is bound to recurr with greater tenacity if not addressed! As mediation efforts being led by former UN Secretary General Koffi Annan kick start today,most Kenyans are holding their breath with good cause!

With the hard line stands being adopted by both parties.The abuses, ignorance and arrogance of the leaders,we can only but pity ourselves as a Nation!A long lasting solution may hardly be arrived at ! Our leaders have such little foresight,moral authority and humility so as to forego personal ambition for the sake of Peace and Unity! The human engineered , systematic and massive irregularities witnessed during the elections from both antagonistic camps demonstrates just how low the leaders have sunk morallyand spiritually in their ambition to retain or acquire power.And non has the courtesy to admit to these irregularities.

Their hypocrisy is further revealed by their claim to be christian against the backdrop of what Jesus said in John 13:34 & 35 I am giving YOU a new commandment, that YOU love one another; just as I have loved YOU, that YOU also love one another. By this all will know that YOU are my disciples, if YOU have love among yourselves." What a stinging indictment your honours! Such love would be so endearing that true christians would be willing to sacrifice their lives for each other like Jesus did for his disciples.But of course we now know that since they are killing each other(through emisaries of course) they do not qualify under the authority of this scripture to be even linked with Christianity.That is straight talk,lies,etc can never be truth no matter what argument,self deceit or viewpoint one takes! Christendom(the mass of self proclaimed christian churches) on the otherhand do no good for these leaders and their adherents.True you may appear right before men, but are you right before God?Should these same bloodguilty persons receive the prominent seats and be even allowed to lead the masses in surmon when very clearly they countermand and abuse the teachings of Jesus ! Hardly-that is the hypocrisy of the church.Indeed despite Hitlers atrocities he still held a special place within the Church in Germany.The symbolic pharises and Sadducees(weeds among the wheat) who courted Pilate and Herod as described in the Gospels and letters of the apostles,continue to subsist till today awaiting divine Judgement !

Chritianity aside it is important to note that the inaction or action of the political class has opened an abyss that the populace is slowly sinking into.Some of the comments on various social sites frequented by kenyans such as kenyaimagine, Mashada,Kenya.rcbowen" are exhibiting such deep,intense , invidious ethnic hatred,prejudices and polarisation as has never been witnessed before! That is a worrying trend!

On the other hand we have positive bloggers such as Kenyan Pundit, Afromusing, ,mentalacrobatics, Ushahidi, who are doing a great job fostering unity accross the divide!While it is true that the leaders may or may not reach a solution or may downplay the attrocities and sufferings experienced by thousands of innocent Kenyans .The truth is that we are all accountable for what we do and somehow along the way we will bear individual responsibility for our actions or omisions before the Almighty and with him there is no hypocrisy, favouritism, ethnicity or untruth !

21 January, 2008

The Kenyan Stand Off !

Kenya is at a cross road with two portent forces tearing in different directions. On one hand we have the duly sworn in President of the Republic Hon. Mwai Kibaki and on the other side the Leader of the Orange Democratic Movement Hon. Raila Odinga who believes they won the 2007 Presidential election. The truth is that the power they each hold to unite or divide the country cannot be under estimated!

Honorable Mwai Kibaki is the head of Government and currently bestowed with the instruments of state and command of the Police and Military Forces which he is using to his advantage. Mr. Raila Odinga on the other hand commands a majority following of citizenry from 6 out of the 8 provinces and has almost fanatic adherents from the bulk of the Country which consists of the foresaid provinces. He has aptly proclaimed himself "the Peoples President!" Furthermore the ODM party has the majority numbers in the Kenyan parliament as currently constituted. Hence obviously he is a force to reckon with.

This scenario puts the dialogue that is to be steered by renowned former UN Secretary General Koffi Annan, and other eminent African Personalities including Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa and Graca Machel in a quandary! For one, whatever solution that must be arrived in will have to soothe the bulk of the Country in the hands of Raila Odinga or else a crisis of greater magnitude will erupt in the future. That is the reality! The power of populist revolution cannot be underscored. The recent TV footage shows that ODM followers from the 6 Provinces after their skirmishes with the Police are now used to death and the sound of gunfire! Many believe those downed by Police bullets are martyrs thus their cause is slowly evolving to a violent long term affair! This is a dangerous position. Nothing can match a person who has a belief so strong that he believes he has nothing to loose even if he gives up his own life in the cause! It may be that their beliefs are based on a false premise but it is now a portent belief, so powerful, so strong, so destructive that many are assuming a cause of martyrdom! The police can shoot,will shoot until they run out of ammunition as it happened in Kibera.But the people will still keep on coming.The reality is that the ODM movement has a bevy of people by the millions ready to put their own life’s in harms way at the command of their leaders and that is dangerous! Real dangerous!

Kenyans love to brush significant problems under the carpet but this is one that won’t just go if an amicable solution is not sought. The perception may be among the communities that their election was stolen and their kinsfolk murdered under Police brutality! This perception may not necessarily be true but again it is a perception an idea that has formed and resulted in destruction of lives, property, and displacement of persons which seems not to be going away!

The Kenyan middle class and rich are in self denial as the staggering facts continue to unveil themselves. Many state that the politicians have let us down and it stops at that! They urge us to get back to work and soldier on as a period of relative peace /"normalcy" is being experienced at least in the well to do areas! Once again this is self deceptive! There is no normalcy, except for us who are afraid to loose what we have! Out there are people who can tell tales straight out of the instruction manuals of the Rwandan genocide! How do we expect them to deal with the transigent injustices! How can the mother who has lost her 10 year old to a police bullet, or the 80 year old grandmother who has lost his sons, daughters, and farmland just move on! Forget…!!! Assume a sense of normalcy? What has transpired is cess pit and breakdown of morality and spirituality! It will not evaporate to the horizon unless a higher form of justice is achieved! Divine justice that exalts the righteous and condemns the wicked whatever political divide, religious or ethnic affiliations the persons concerned hail from. The reality is that seems to be beyond us humans due to our limited foresight and insight on what has transpired and is transpiring before our very own eyes (1 Tim 3:1-7)

On the other hand the solution must also recognize that the incumbent President who has control of the instruments of the Country will not simply hand over power, basically to save face and also in order to continue to command respect and loyalty from his peers, kinsfolk, loyalties etc. He honestly believes that he won the elections at least in Public he exudes that conviction! At the same time power is sweet though it hardly lasts ask Hitler, Mussolini, George Bush, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Tony Blair, Stalin, Mobutu, Moi etc...The list of leaders continues. Striving to get or retain power remains a striving after the wind and it’s so sad to see that the humans tend to forget certain basic facts so fast! Today you are on top tomorrow you are on the bottom. No matter who is President, the problems of all Kenyans will not be solved, not now, never! The poor seldom remain poor, the rich get richer still and that’s where the problem of Justice stems!

18 January, 2008

Nurturing Violence !

Some of the scenes being witnessed in the media especially in relation to the Police curbing demonstrations are appalling! I verily condemn any killing, maiming, assault or deprivation of property by any person on account of race or political affiliation or any such other kind of reason, but at the same time i condemn in the strongest terms the brutality and execution of Kenyan citizens being carried out in the full glare of Kenyan and International journalist by the Kenya Police. Futhermore Kenya Police response and management of the flaring violence is archaic and ill informed!

I believe that some people, out of political interests and or convenience are supporting the Police for their actions. But that is outright stupidity! The Police are charged with the mandate to protect and serve but not to extra-judiciously kill. It is true that within this mandate they are empowered to use "reasonable force” in apprehending tort feasors but that is not a license to kill anyhowly. One cannot be said to have used reasonable force when he or she shoots dead a 10 year un- armed school boy in Kisumu, a thirteen year old school girl in Kibera! What threat did this young child pose to the security machinery? This wanton destruction of life and use of live bullets must cease!

Unknown to the Police a culture of violence and hatred for all authority is being planted in the minds of the citizenry. The more they are abusing the citizen’s fundamental rights and duties the more they are encouraging the citizenry to take up arms and or to believe in resorting to violence! A story is told of a father who used to physically abuse his child only for the child in his teenage hood to fatally injure the father!

Use of unreasonable force yields the same negative results and 911 brought that reality to the American continent that there can be no impunity! Rather than create enmity with the citizenry the police should foster friendship and partnership. It should be remembered that all who have died in these attrocities either due to the acts of ethnic cleansing or police brutality belong to families who will forever ponder on why it happened and that a dangerous and vengeful society may sprout in the future!As it stands violent management of the current crisis is only serving to foment portent hatred which like a young tree will bring forth unkind fruits on maturity!Kenyans lets make Peace not War!

14 January, 2008

Kenya-A Crisis Unfolding !

Kenya is on the brink of disaster if the current political impasse does not reach a just and equitable conclusion soonest! The crisis being witnessed has a huge impact not only to the Kenyan populace and economy but regionally and universally and sad t say may just get worse!

It is not a secret that terrorism thrives and grows in unstable areas and situations where turmoil is rife! I’m sure terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and the likes would very like to see Kenya descend into chaos for two primary reasons: one, to recruit and two to carry out acts of terrorism under the prevailing insecurity. It therefore stands that international concern must come in immediately and be felt! However the developed Countries are betraying the Kenyan population by insisting that "an African or Kenyan Solution be reached!" the truth is that there is nothing like a Kenyan or African solution when it comes to Justice. The precepts of Justice are universal and immutable. Murder is a crime punishable no matter which jurisdiction there is, same goes for theft, arson, genocide etc. The stand therefore taken by the foreign governments is hypocritical and will not aid the world in becoming a more equitable and just place! There can be no shifting of standards so as to cater for personal and selfish commercial interests! At the same time the Present Government should not shun international efforts to resolve this crisis because if terrorism rears its ugly head, histry has proved that we do not have the capacity to contain or control it. At the same time the violence being witnessed has immense propensity to spiral out of control. It would be hypocritical to seek foreign cooperation at that stage!

With the current insecurity situation, unstable elements within the region from Uganda and elsewhere may just recruit from the slighted local populace thereby spiraling this matter to uncontrollable heights (Infact some of the atrocities are raising eyebrows as to the possibility of outside assistance and/or intervention).It is therefore imperative that the political class does not brush away or scorn at the problem. The future of the Country and populace is indeed at stake and the presence of armed militia such as the Sabaot Land Defence Force further complicates the affair! There is a real and emergent danger that Kenya may go the way of civil strife experienced in some African Countries such as Sierra Leone, DRC etc. That is too high a price to pay due to a flawed electoral process!

Over the past few days I’ve been keenly following the NTV program Voice of Reason hosted by Julie Gichuru and i hope that those charged with responsibility for our welfare are listening. Grandstanding each other is ruining the future not only for ourselves but also our children and future generations. It is only wise that the problem be stemmed at this stage lest the country be scarred irredeemably!

10 January, 2008

Justice-Double Standards?

The 2007 Kenyan Presidential elections have proved to be a sore disappointment not only to Kenyans but also international observers.The human cost as a result of the violence following the Preidential results announcements cannot be quantified atleast not in terms of value or monetary terms.It is an open admission by both sides of the two main opposing political parties that grave anomalies punishable by law were witnessed!

What is perhaps confounding is that despite the very clear electoral laws and flaws within the Country no Electoral Commision of Kenya official save for one poll clerk at Uhuru Gardens- Langata parliamentary ward has been arrested and charged before a competent court of law!The Police commisioner was quick to assert that electoral offendors will be arrested and punished "according to the law" yet his officers are lacksaidical to investigate and arrest all offendors including those instigating violence and those who perpertuated electoral offences including altering statutory documents!

Justice is a word that is now being trumpeted with different opposing views as to what is just.Justice has become relative and dependent on how one looks at it. Apparently, expecting a sense or some form of human justice from humans controlled and influenced by political and other forms of affiliations will definately prove to be elusive!The question remains then if justice is not determined by set standards and precepts will the common citizenry within the republic expect justice and be confident of it in his own suit?Will he willingly subject himself to such a process when the outcome may have some form of relativity as to what is right and just and when it is apparent that the law will be selectively applied to all concerned? hardly! This is what creates despondents!

08 January, 2008

A Swipe at Alfred Mutua-Kenya Government Spokesman!

For the record i am neither an ODM ,ODM-K or PNU affiliate therefore this article is not motivated by bias or political affiliations but purely on a proffesional basis by virtue of being a trained lawyer.The post of Government spokesperson ought by necessity to be given to a lawyer,political scientist or someone with background on international relations or diplomacy!
Each time Alfred Mutua opens his mouth he mirrors forth his incompetency and or lack of knowledge and appreciation of pertinent issues and diplomatic relations.As a trained and accomplished Journalist he seems to be stumbling and setting off too many minefields in his present role.

President John Kuffuor of Ghana is due into the Country today due to the political crisis and prevailing quagmire.Mr Alfred Mutua says "he is here for a cup of cofffee at the invitation of the State and as President Mwai Kibaki's peer" .In essence he is denying the gravity and seriousness of the skirmishes that have plagued this Country in violence resulting in internal displacement of persons and Genocide! To him Kenya is not at war....but is that not the case.I take the liberty of here defining war at least in layman terms hopefuly to his appreciation.The Websters oline dictionary defines war as : (1): a state of usually open and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations (2): a period of such armed conflict (3): State of war b: the art or science of warfare c (1)obsolete : weapons and equipment for war (2)archaic : soldiers armed and equipped for war2 a: a state of hostility, conflict, or antagonism b: a struggle or competition between opposing forces or for a particular end .

It is apparent therefore that the term war is wide enough and sufficient enough to capture and describe the state of armed hostilities that the country has witnessed since the 28th December, 2007 to date due to the flawed elections resulting in more than 450 deaths and 300,000 displaced !Kenyans are actually running to Uganda and Tanzania as refugees but to Mutua that warrants the President having a cup of tea with his Excellency Mr Kuffuor.It is minor incident and the Government is in full control of the state of affairs.What a gross state of denial, acceptance and acknowledgement.Had Mr Mutua stood up for election he would have suffered the fate of the 18 or so former cabinet ministers.Kenyans are too intelligent for mere hogwash. One should note that war is not marked by the severity of the fatalities but by the existing state of affairs.Well i do not expect Mr Mutua to use alarmist statements but i expect him to manourve across diplomatic mine fields in a cultured and learned way to protect the interests of his principal.The wrong words attract extra scrutiny and reveal glaring faults resulting in negative connotations that affect the image of his employer!

That is but one incident ,previously Mr Mutua was having a one on one interview with international media-Al Jazeera in particular and is reportedly heard to have said"Kenya does not need international interference!" in reference to the international concern generated especially in regards with the current conflict.

I bluntly do inform Mr. Mutua that his utterances are lay and irresponsible.I honestly believe that sometimes he exceeds his mandate and at times issues personal opinions and rhetoric just to be seen to be working!The world is a global village and a community of States with the G8 Nations playing the big brother role ,those who do not tow the line suffer,the likes of Zimbabwe,Iraq,Iran... etc .We do not want to create negative perceptions to the international community as to the sought of Country we are.What he terms "international interference" in diplomatic terms is "diplomatic concern".His statements may very well affect the recognition of Honorable Mwai Kibaki's Government to the international community thereby affecting diplomatic relations, exchange of Ambassadors ,donor aid,grants,tourism and development, State travel and participation in international affairs amongst myriads of other things. But after all Mutua was just 'talking'.Talk is not cheap it can be quite dear and quite destructive!

The situation is already bad, we need to exercise caution not to make it worse.Insight, dilligence and discernment is crucial for the office of chief Government spokesperson.It is my sincere hope that a competency framework be established for this role and the post advertised as the incumbent civil servant many a times has shot himself and his employer in the foot.With the perks and pay the post attracts i would be most happy and obliged to apply for it !For now thumbs down to Mr Alfred Mutua

07 January, 2008

Kenya Bleeds-A call For Peace!

Kenya bleeds from a wound inflicted by flawed and stolen elections,outright theft,resultant -violence,tribal animosity,rape,skirmishes,ethnic cleansing etc a lethal concoction of negative vices perpetuated by the political crass! who assume that a sense of normalcy now prevails atleast in their self denial and palatial homesteads .May they be warned -vice and violence always have a way of snaking itself to touch those who believe that they are in some form of 'deceitful' comfort.911 proved that!so the violence must be stemmed right now at its root cause!

Shame on them, there can be no normalcy when brother butchers brother, maims, kills,displaces one against the other!It has never been normal to be a refugee in your own Country!The violence that has claimed more than 300 lives and has left hundreds of thousands displaced cannot be wished away!What has transpired in Kenya since the 28 December 2007 are stark signs of deep rooted social problems and if not curtailed and healed at this stage-it is certain that a major earthquake will follow those tremors marked by the violence we have just witnessed and seemingly continue to witness!

Nothing warrants Kikuyu to turn on luo or luo on kikuyu,kalenjin on kikuyu,lughya,iteso vice versa.We are all brothers cut from one stone as it were!Our differences help us appreciate each other not kill each other!Peace must prevail but for peace to prevail we must seek it earnestly in truth and justly!Lies,theft,ignorance & arrogance,pride, ego... only begets more violence and allows it to steam and froth! Futhermore use of police or force will not stem the violence[Ecle 9:18] but hype the stakes,now those protesting may be throwing stones and the Police tear gassing them ,tomorrow we may witness bombs,grenades guns,deadly weapons etc.

Countries that have trodden these paths such as Serbia, Boznia, Chechnya, Rwanda, Burundi, Angola ,Siera Leone bear testimony to this fact.They hadPolice Forces,Nilitary Forces but when there is such kind of apathy these instruments of state become partisan and all manner of evils break loose.Truly as a country we cannot bear to tread this path atleast for the sake of our children,posterity,peace and democracy!Lip service is bleak! Actions inspired by truth,openess,justice must flow otherwise no one is safe!

I make a sincere and passionate call to the political class not to be the hand tools of demons(2nd Tim3:1-5)!The violence that we have seen are reminescent of what transpired in Rwanda and are no doubt a tale tell of heightened demonic activity in the spirit realm within our country. A fruitage of Gods holy spirit is peace[James 3:13 Who is wise and understanding among YOU? Let him show out of his fine conduct his works with a mildness that belongs to wisdom. 14 But if YOU have bitter jealousy and contentiousness in YOUR hearts, do not be bragging and lying against the truth. 15 This is not the wisdom that comes down from above, but is [the] earthly, animal, demonic. 16 For where jealousy and contentiousness are, there disorder and every vile thing are.17 But the wisdom from above is first of all chaste, then peaceable, reasonable, ready to obey, full of mercy and good fruits, not making partial distinctions, not hypocritical. 18 Moreover, the fruit of righteousness has its seed sown under peaceful conditions for those who are making peace.] ;violence on the other hand is demonic, earthly!



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