02 June, 2009

Air France Flight AF447 Crash !

24 Hours later after the Air France Flight AF447 left Rio De Janiero for Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris went missing it can now be confirmed that the same has evidently crashed into the Atlantic. The search is now on for the missing wreckage. Unfortunately there seems to be no location signal or beep being emitted by the black box thereby further intricating the search. The Brazillian government has sent two helicopters and three naval ships to an area where the plane is believed to have gone down.The location of the crash has been arrived at after a freight plane pilot who had flown almost on the same flight path reported seeing some orange sports in the water which could have been the burning remains of the plane.

What perhaps is perplexing is the suddenness in the manner of the disappearance of the plane in an abrupt manner which often happens in the case of a bomb explosion. However one can only speculate pending official investigation.

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This kind of incidences always heightens my fear of air travel because the survival rates is often minimal despite the fact that statistically air travel is the safest. Flight AF447 is indeed a sad tale and my condolences go to the affected families especially minding the fact that the crash is an international affair as among the passengers on board as per the passenger list manifesto included members of over 32 nationalities.

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  1. Air France knew about the faulty sensor.




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