31 May, 2008

Additional Bloggers Revenue-Social Sparks

Social networks over the internet are becoming increasingly popular as a marketing tool for advertisers.While in Kenya internet advertising is slowly gaining prominence among the corporates,for the developed countries the trend is robust!Its only recently that i read that a deal is in the offing between Google Kenya and the local direct and digital advertising arm of Ayton,Young & Rubicam dubbed Wunderman (K) Ltd.Unlike the other advertising giants in the region AY&R have its vision set and their early lead will exploit online advertising medium in the near future especially after the region realizes a connection to the international submarine fibre optic connection.The net effect will be ease in communication, increase of bandwith and cheaper internet connectivity resulting in increased access and use of the internet.The East African Marine System(TEAMS) is set to be completed within the next two years hence the strategic investor would take this early opportunity to oise themselves to harness the opportunities that increased connectivity will create.A good place to start looking is the online social networks-Social Sparks is one such place!

So What is Socials Sparks?
SocialSpark is a Social Marketing Network that links advertisers and bloggers through an online advertising marketplace. Advertisers are able to target blogs based on conversational topics and make cash sponsorship offers to the bloggers who publish them. Bloggers can make money by either placing display advertisements on their blog or by writing sponsored content. The sponsorships offered through the SocialSpark marketplace allow advertisers to build buzz, generate traffic and maximize social media exposure.

Personally I have decided to sign up to SocialSpark under the user name that is the title of my blog-"A Nairobian Perspective!"( My Profile Link) basically because this is the next big thing set to take over PayPer Post and founded by the originator's of PayperPost.However unlike payperpost, bloggers can get to unite, share tips, conversate etc.It is indeed hoped that Social sparks will take over payperpost in the long run!So if you are a blogger or a vlogger join up and reap the benefits !And if indeed you join up please link up to my profile and leave a comment!Will truly appreciate it !Interestingly you also have the opportunity to vote up or down this blog and that will definately affect my opportunities so be kind please!


27 May, 2008

To Have or Not To Have A Disclosure Policy

I have just gone across a number of websites with a Disclosure Policy!Being the ardent blogger i am i decided to incorporate one in my About section of the blog only to immediately notice vide my Firefox Custom Google Toolbar -page rank check up badge that my pagerank had declined to zero,I immediately decided to remove the Disclosure Policy badge and after sometime my page rank resumed to 2!

My page rank had recently declined from four to three to zero and now two again due to my being misinformed adding links from banned directories etc.But i have become wise now.I really dont want to lose my page ranking because i am a quality blogger and i want more and more people to avail themselves this rich source of information.At the same time i,ve taken it upon myself to advice ,tip and share information with other notable African Bloggers.As it stands i,ve googled Disclosure Policy and the websites with a Disclosure policy especially from the website www.disclosurepolicy.org are not ranking well!Could it be because of Google's adsense program or just that the google bots tend to dislike that kind of content ,on the other hand what could be the reason?I stand to be corrected and invite you to do a search on Disclosure Policy then check the ranking of the pages, if you have a Google Tool bar just add the page rank badge and each site you open the page rank will be automatically displayed!For now the argument remains should you or should you not have a disclosure policy if you are a blogger?

Talk Show-Latest Media Craze In Kenya

Citizen Tv is blazing the trail when it comes to local content and talk shows in Kenya but the other media houses are no being left behind,the buzz is that Kenya Television Network are set to exploit the upcoming talk show market with a mid morning talk show dubbed Mid Morning with Jacquelin Mary Thom featuring the 1985 miss Kenya and miss world contestant and now Drum Magazine Editor in Chief.

The choice of host is not ill placed as Jacque has had enormous media exposure having acted in the Kenyan sitcom"Better Days".She was further a pioneer broadcaster in Kenya 's first privately owned TV station KTN.This latest stint by KTN closely follows the success of ,Citizen TV(owned by Royal Media Group Kenya) early morning "Power Breakfast show" featuring among others media veteran Jimmi Gathu , NTV's"daytime the womans show" and K-24 Jeff Koinange's Capital talk which is now vastly becoming Kenya's premier late night talk show! Well we the public are bound to benefit as more and more talk show addressing the pertinent issues affecting the common mwanachi hit the airwaves, especially more so when the hosts are of such caliber!

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24 May, 2008

Shopping Effectively By Shopping Rite!

To shop effectively and in style requires one to plan in advance and reap the benefits thereof which include saving money and time.This especially so during the high shopping season-by high shopping season i mean late November and December especially after the Thanksgiving holiday in the American Market!Immediately thereafter the christmas shopping hype catches up!

I have just come across a website with an interesting concept about shopping over the December Holidays .The concept is about the black friday sale that by definition means shopping on the day after Thanksgiving when major retailers around the country discount products to help kick off the Christmas shopping season. This Black Friday ads are usually kept secret until you receive the circulars in your Thanksgiving Day newspapers.the site www.black-friday.net however saves you the waiting period and money by revealing all the black Friday discount offers long before anyone else does.And to add value to your shopping the website avails to you online links whereby you can shop online on the discounted products without necessarily having to go to the stores where there are long cues.And to add to it all the site also offers you email alerts on when new black Friday alerts have been posted.For year 2008 this is must visit website!The product range includes Tommy Hilfiger,Acer Hadware,Gamestop products etc.

Well i must say i wonder how that day got the name "black" Friday.I hope its not to with anything about the shopping habits of black Americans but for now come December shopping Euphoria if you are in Europe or America please visit the website, shop nicely and shop rite-you will save money and time too.

Disclosure Policy:This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation.

The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post may not always be identified as paid or sponsored content.

23 May, 2008

Mnet Africa-Pop Star Idols Finale!

Mnet Africa is now down to the final 24,the Judges Angela Angwenyi(Kenyan Radio Dj),Thato Matlhaibaphiri(a.k.a Scar-Hip Hop STAR from Botswana)and Trevor 'TK'Siyandi(Zambian music producer) have done their work now its up to the audiences to vote for the winners.Not to forget that Ugandan Mentor Judge accomplished international musician Kawesa Richard who has to continue giving the the contestants tutelage on styling,music choice,voice range, versatility and vocal strength

among other attributes essential for a successful music career!

I must say that the performances and song choice are quite thrilling.The presenter 26 year old talented Zimbabwean Lebogang Mzwimbi oozes of professionalism and always sets both the contestants and viewers at ease!You Go Lebo!the East African Talent search Tusker Project Fame dwarfs in comparison.Quite possibly due to the judging, the set up and limited song choice that the contestants have to go through.I hope the producers will take a cue and learn a lesson from the latest season of Idols Africa!Last week i was especially thrilled by the performances of Eric Moyo & Nicolette Kiiga of Zimbabwe, Chibwe & Debra Chansa of Zambia and Cynthia Kuto & Christine Adda of Kenya ,Faycal of Uganda and Samantha T.You can really see stars in the making.The Contestants were drawn from Seven Countries,Seven Cities i.e from Botswana, Kenya,Malawi, Tanzania,Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.The profile gallery can be found at http://www.mnetafrica.com/idols/contestant.aspx

Africa is definately watching to see who emerges as the winner of Idols 2008 and gets the lucrative Sony MBG BOPA recording contract.Now thats Game!

We are now down to the Final two Eric Moyo and Nicolette Kiige-who will win Idols 2008 this week-Africa it is your vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you ve liked what you read please Digg this post at: http://digg.com/television/Mnet_Africa_Pop_Star_Idols_Finale

22 May, 2008

Get More Blog Traffic-Entre Card Giveouts!

The Kenyan blogosphere has immense potential and there are a number of good blogs out there,the evidence is there if you visit www.kenyaunlimited.com a local blog aggregator.However few bloggers seem to realize the benefits that can be theirs if they join other international aggregators or social community websites out there in order to get more traffic.

Technorati are monitoring thousands of blogs being churned out there on a daily basis!It therefore stands to reason no matter the quality of a blog without sufficient traffic the posts may just be buried under.For myself i rely on linkrefferal and Entrecard to get the almost assured number (actually over 100)of daily unique visits!

I do invite my fellow bloggers to consider signing up with Entre card and they will be pleasantly suprised at the online presence of their blogs.To aptly inform their users on signing up Entrecard is offering a free online E book at the following link free E PDF book. Further they have put up a new interface that enables one to "add a new blog" to their account in their newly revamped website.For good cause join Entrecard and get more internet web traffic.

And while you are at it please join me at del.icio.us

20 May, 2008

Ongea Tarrif-Safaricoms Latest Brainchild!

Am I so rife with excitement!Safaricom Kenya's leading mobile phone service provider has just launched Ongea Tariff which is set to rival Celtel Tariffs which offer much lower rates but with a call set up charge!The new pre paid tariff will cost a flat fee of 10 bob a minute all day all night with n other hidden charges.The offer includes one free migration from another tariff within the safaricom regime!All one needs to do is dial *212*1# to change to Ongea Tariff.

While Celtel may have cheaper tariff's Safaricom has more subscribers and it is expected that an avalanche of Safaricom's Subscribers will migrate to the new tariff and that more and more Kenyans will be able to make phone calls through out the day unlike it was previously most had to wait for off-peak rates.The prices are set to drop significantly after the permanent secretary in ministry of Information recently announced that the Government is considering lowering the taxes on used airtime from around 24 % to 10 % which will mean a drastic drop in mobile prices!Now thats the development that Kenyans eagerly look foward to-easy communication!

17 May, 2008

Kenya's Latest Talk Show-The Woman's Show

Absolutely quality content is the least one can ascribe to Kenya's new and upcoming popular talk/chat show being hosted by the music maestro Eric Wainaina's wife Sheba Hirst.The daytime chat show is a must watch and quite educative produced by Medeva /Media Development for Africa( a local Kenyan NGO dedicated to the development of talent and media productions in Kenya,one of its most successful production is the incisive political analysis programme "Agenda Kenya")Sheba does absolutely well in capturing the facts,emotions and the story lines behind some of the issues that specifically plague African women .From marital abuse, coping with rape, female genital mutilation, how to cope with the post election violence etc.

The title though might mislead you that the content is only fit for the female audience but the truth is that the issues covered are also informative and apply to the male population also.While this is not the first time that Kenyans have delved into the world of talk shows but it is becoming obviously clear that this may just be the first talk show to hit it big and become a success.Sheba comes with a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry first and foremost because of being a director of Sarakasi Trust .She alongside her husband run the rainmaker http://www.rainmaker.co.ke company which manages her husbands musical career and organizes musical events.

For a certainty with its current trend the show is set to win awards in the Media industry and may just propel Sheba to the fame and class of (albeit in a limited sense for now)Oprah Winfrey, Rachel Ray, Tyra Banks or Ellen De Generes show which address various issues especially pertinent to women.On this weeks show Sheba is set to interview local celebrities Karen Lucas(KAZ), Eunice Kamau(KAMA) and Neema Ntalel on scandals that have rocked their lives in public domain and exposed them to public ridicule.It is hoped that the candid interviews will help infuse professionalism and duty of care to the celebrity industry especially on issues relating on image projection.Here at a Nairobian perspective we look foward to the success of homegrown products that showcase local content relevant to our own experience!

16 May, 2008

Bloggerwave-Alternative to Payperpost

If you have recently joined Payperpost you may be reaping some benefits from it but that may hardly be so especially if you have a google page rank of 4 and below.I have just joined up
bloggerwave in my bid to capitalize on different revenue streams in an effort to profitably monetize my blog!

So are you an owner of a blog and want to join this lucrative bandwagon and make some extra money? Then bloggerwave gives you the opportunity. Bloggerwave is aiming to be Europe's biggest advertising media on blogs and you can help them grow so more and more jobs will come.Seeing that it is a recent startup you are bound to grow big with it unlike well established schemes!

So dont wait and regret later!make the money ,just click on the icon below to be automatically directed to the site and join in at your own disretion!
(psss... i believe in honesty :bloggerwave is just a startup and a slow moving site,my experience with it at present is not satisfactory,im yet to receive any confirmation as to when i will get paid, aint that queer???)

All Into Looks-Look of the Year Website

I just came across an interesting website that has an interesting offer for all those young,beautiful, vivacious, curvaceous models aspiring for an international well paying career.And its so easy to join! all you need is the photos and to upload then wait for the scouts to see your profile!

The look of the year portal at http://www.lookoftheyear.com is the latest way to get recognized, winning a 10.000 USD price or get spotted by an agency for model career. Look Of The Year are looking for people from all over the world to send in their best pictures so use this chance to be the next model working in Paris, New York or Milan.

If modeling is your forte and you have the looks, the structure and the determination and or are tired of going for all those beauty contests without any major breakthrough -Join Look of the Year today and start your new life together with beautiful people from all over the world.
The site is not limited to Americans, but Kenyans, South Africans etc ...just take the chance!Thats the beauty of the internet and online auditions

Wenchuan/Sichuan Earthquake In China

The Bible encourages us to mourn with those who mourn and to weep with those who weep. For now it is time for us to weep and mourn alongside our brothers In Sichuan province,western China following the Monday afternoon, 12th May,2008 earthquake which registered a magnitude of 7.9 on the Richter scale.

Conservative figures places the confirmed death toll at over 20,000, though the Chinese Government expects the figure may rise to 50,000 people.Over 60,000 people living in remote villages in the mountanious region at present cannot be reached due to huge boulders, trees,cracked roads preventing access from rescuers.The human suffering involved is quite immense.For all we can do let us help them.

My fellow blogger and comrade Aduu has made a post on this at http://aduucnfood.blogspot.com/2008/05/wenzhousichuan-earthquake.html

and i do thank him for the photos!Sad times for the earth indeed!

13 May, 2008

Tusker Project "Fake"

As one watches Tusker Project Fame (II) it slowly but surely becomes apparent that the contestants this time have 'upped' their game!the teachers are strenuously fulfilling their duties..but the judges,my oh my the Judges! are letting us down perhaps the program should be dubbed "Tusker Project -Shame".

There is a glaring inherent weakness in this competition ,for one the composition and qualifications of the Judges :While Tshaka Mayanja and Dan Kiondo are credit worthy producers of long experience i highly doubt the capacity of Ian Mbugua(Hey East African Breweries Ltd must it be him all the time?i thought we have reputable producers and musicians here [Like Eric Wainaina ]with albums to their credit) to effectively Judge on the voice quality and audience appeal of the contestants.Yer its true that he is an accomplished theatre thespian and has directed award winning plays as the Director of Phoenix Players but still this is a totally different field to a great extent.Further the other Judges seem to have come up with a follow the Lead dog syndrome!If Ian says it sucks, the rest tow the line,if they disagree albeit reluctantly as if Ian is the Alpha and the Omega.

Star quality in the entertainment industry is determined by audience reaction and liking after all the audience (cd sales)are the ones who buy the audio cd's leading to stardom for any musician.Last weekend saw Wendy make a performance that can be lauded as the best the academy has ever seen so far since its inception.AND WHAT DID THAT ATTRACT?some ridiculous comment by Ian and his cronies telling her not to be fooled by the standing ovation that the crowd gave her.Poor Ian ,alone- he can only merit one cd-the audience will buy thousands.I verily think the Judges are pushing a personal agenda!Ian almost put Wendy and not Winfrey on probation!Indeed if Ian was to be the ultimate judge of all musicians-Akon would not be where he is now!Sometimes people just love distinct voices and audience appeal is the be it and be all.In fact that's what determines ultimately who is the best in American Idols!!

I dont know which school of thought he comes from.Often unfair and undue criticism discourages rather than encourages hard work.This is the 21st century we now know better as to what will motivate.If things continue at the current rate Hemedi(Man...ooop's boy without a voice will win the contest because he is"corkish"{in italics judges own words}.

Well we can rap the Judges all we can but they wont bulge!after all they say theirs is not an easy task and that each week four contestants have to go on probation(quite a lame rationale) but still that does not absolve them of any blunders they make indeed turning Project Fame to Project Fake!For now we plead Objectivity Ian..objectivity same goes for your cronies!

12 May, 2008

Test Drive A PC-Digital Planet & HP Venture

South Africa's Leading E-commerce portal(online retailer) and community based website(for IT professionals)www.digitalplanet.co.za recently launched a programme dubbed"HP experience"in Conjunction with tech giant HP that i can simply describe as genius and absolutely fabulous!

For a long time many consumers hardly know the potential and capabilities of computers,laptops,notebooks ,MP3 Players,digital cameras,Printers,Copiers and other items before they buy them.Most of the time they buy depending on what is hot on the market or based on brand names!HP in conjuction with Digital Planet in South Africa now offer their potential customers an opportunity to test drive their products.The Duo recently set up a shop in Sandton City, Johannesburg where one can go in and "test drive" or try out a product before purchasing the item.The shop features a computer bar where one can be able to expereince the latest HP computer range and share tips with a sales representative/supports agent. Digital planet is South Africa's Leading online digital store and was setup in August 1999,It was voted the best IT store in South Africa in the year 2000 and 2007 The site enjoys over 9,000 unique visits each month and has over 12,000 registered users.The site has partnered with over 150 vendors and often provides the most unbeatable and pocket friendly prices for the South African Market.

By trying out the products the end user has an opportunity to evaluate first hand the performance of a product and this heightens their desire to purchase.It is hoped that this venture will lead to optimum sales and enable the two organizations achieve their objectives.This especially following the success in the sale of the HP Pavilion Entertainment Notebook PC series.According to Neil Watson the MD of Digital Planet during a CNBC interview last weekend ;they will now able to establish an offline presence which has always been their desire!I for one ,would appreciate getting a feel of any gadget i want to buy before i buy it and believe that this types of stores will speedily gain ground all around the world.

10 May, 2008

iGoogle Artist Themes-Africa Represents!

Desré Buirski, the artist best known for designing Madiba's trademark presidential shirts, represented South Africa and by extension Africa at the launch event of the i Google artist themes project in New York last week. Buirski was one of 60 artists from around the world to design her own theme for iGoogle.iGoogle is the name of Googles personalized home page and allows the user to develop his own theme or use customized themes from well known artists,architects, innovators or personalities!

The iGoogle artists project gives Internet users the opportunity to personalize and make their Google homepage as beautiful as possible.The available artist themes include items dedicated to fashion & Sports icons and entertainment artists such as Dolce & Gabbana,Beastie Boys, Coldplay,Lance Armstrong,Fatima Lopez,Kristina Tadjerof House of Dagmar,Akira Isogawa,IVANAhelsinki,Nobuhiko Kitamura,Liselotte Westerlund,Antonio Gamito,Jean- Charles de Castelbajac,Gustavo Rosa,John Maeda among others.Its quite an ambitious program but quite useful more so in meeting peculiar user experience.

It is expected that companies will use the customized artists themes to brand themselves and their products over the internet! The life of this new product is best captured by Julian Sonego of Google Australia Blog who states:"As you may know, iGoogle has always provided you with great tools to access and arrange the content you want on your homepage. Just like a person's book or music collection is an extension of their personality, a user's iGoogle page is also a reflection of their loves and interests, both in terms of content, and now, visually,"

iGoogle was officially launched on1st May, 2008 in Manhattan Newyork with the various theme designs being projected accross the Manhattan Skyline.I must state as an African Im proud of Buirski's theme design which looks as follows:

09 May, 2008

Worlds Greatest Success Stories!

Somebody just narrated to me the stories of Mukesh Ambani and Warren Buffet and it became clear to me that somehow out of a purely commercial viewpoint these are some of the worlds greatest start ups success stories!Success comes from a number of various factors foremost among them is the will to try and the dedication to keep on trying despite the circumstances!

In life we all need motivation and appreciation !That will be the theme of various posts on this blog alongside with quotes that can help you meet up with the trying times!With rising fuel costs, frequent natural calamities,cut throat business practices, food scarcity, massive job lay offs and myriads of other problems we all definately need the assurance that we will stay afloat.Perhaps someone else's experience may just be the tip that will keep us afloat.True you may not be come as successful as John Templeton or George Storos or Michael Steinhardt or Oprah Winfrey(rated as the worlds most successful woman mainly due to her riches and remembering she came up from scratch) ,but you can in your own unique way be the greatest,take heart from the posts and excerpts of life stories that will follow and comment your heart out as a show that you are determined to carry out your dreams to fruition!

A Nairobian Perspective-Premier Blog for Reality Tv

As an African Blogger im quite happy with the success of this blog,It takes a lot of effort for one to be a successful blogger,to have good page rank and to have tons and tons of traffic especially here in Africa.

For now im quite pleased that this happens to be the premier blog for many readers in Africa particurlarly for three reality tv series:
  1. Tusker Project Fame -2
  2. Idols East and Central Affrica
  3. The Apprentic Africa(Nigeria)
The traffic is quite impressive and i would like to thank the readers and encourage them to comment and vent out there opinions.Since the post is being read extensively whatever you writee goes out there! Now that is what i call succesful blogging!

How Not To Throw A Party

Lavish,Extravagance,Grandeur ! are but just some of the words that can be used to describe the party set to be hosted for the premier Raila Odinga in Bondo this coming weekend.I'm sure my fellow kinsfolk at Usigu, Got Agulu are busy surfing the Lake Victoria waters at night trying to catch fish to meet the quota that will grace this austere occasion!

Over a hundred heads of cattle will roll, goats in plenty and fish for over a hundred and fifty thousand.I must say that is a lot of fish!Flights into and out of Kisumu for the weekend are overbooked.Raila commands almost a fanatical following in luo nyanza and i must say the Police will have a hard time controlling the crowds who will throng Bondo Teachers College grounds which will be the venue.Its just funny how Luo's behave on certain occasions and this is one occasion that will prove to be a mainstay in Kenyan History,obviously there will be some comical effect out of the occasion!Watch the space!

06 May, 2008

Net Audio Ads-Pay per play

I am always looking out for new ways for my readers especially from Africa to make more money online with less effort.

Recently I came across a new innovation that you need to hear about because it may affect the way you earn with your website in the very near future.

As you may know, major television networks are in trouble because their advertising revenue is dropping. They are losing market share at a dramatic pace.

For the first time in history, website owners are sharing in the ad revenue that was formerly spent with the giant TV networks.

Advertisers like Harley Davidson, HBO & Taco Bell are willing to pay you on 100% of your website traffic to make up for the loss of viewers that the big TV networks are experiencing.

Do your online business or blog a huge favor. Stop what you are doing for just a moment and learn how you can earn revenue on 100% of your website traffic.Yes become a successful and most influential blogger

This is a F*R*E*E opportunity that is taking the advertising community by storm.

This is bigger than radio, television and all other forms of media combined!

Get full details here:
Pay-Per-Play Link


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