23 June, 2009

Chris Brown Admits to Assault Charges !

R & B singer Chris Brown today admitted to a charge of felony assault on singer Rihanna in a plea deal that got him a light sentence of 'five years' probation and ordered to do six months of community service.Without doubt the singer is talented but his assault on Rihanna betrayed a heavy ladden problem that he has and due to his celebrity status he has just got away with it by a non custodial sentence. Shame on you Chris Brown laying your hand on a woman like that!

Interestingly the Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg issued a stay-away order banning Chris from coming any less than 50 yards to Rihanna whereas she had not asked for it. But i believe things will be better that way.Celebrities never cease to amaze!


  1. But I thought they had reconciled and got back together? How will that 50 yards exclusion zone be enforced if she is running back to him?

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