30 June, 2009

First Reported Swine Flu Case in Kenya !

It is confirmed and now official that Kenya has at least one confirmed case of swine flu(H1N1 virus) infection:a 20 year old boy who was in the company of 34 British Student's touring the Country. The victim of the dreaded disease and the other students are quarantined at the Duke of Breeze Hospital in Kisumu! Laboratory tests from the CDC-Kemri and the National Influenza Centre (Laboratories ) in Nairobi confirmed that the boy had indeed been infected with the Swine Flu Virus.

Shortly thereafter the minister for Public Health Beth Mugo confirmed the incidence.This comes shortly after a false scare that someone at Sarit Centre AAR Outpatient unit had been diagnosed with the Disease on Saturday leading to a public scare and panic at the shopping mall.The minister later refuted that false claim.

However this should not cause any unnecessary panic as the Disease is treatable and Kenya has enough stock of the required medication to treat the Disease.In that regard Media ought to exercise restraint in not running or airing sensational content! The only foreseeable problem is we lack sufficient medical infrastructure, public knowledge and prevalence of poverty which can catapult the problem into an epidemic.
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