31 October, 2008

Terror Alert-Somali Insurgents & Mandera Military Incursions!

Todays Nairobi Star features a headline indicating that Somali insurgents are planning a terror attack in Kenya and that consequently the security forces have been put on high vigilance.Such calls remind us that our Country is not safe and reminds many Kenyans of the many turmoils ,heartache,Death and loss the Country has experienced since the August 7th terrorist attack on the American Embassy in Nairobi in the year 1998.Fear is slowly gripping back to the County and for a certainty our security forces are ill equipped and adequately apprised to cope with these kinds of human caused disasters.Peace continues to be elusive.For the most part our security machinery is reactive(often coming after the fact) than preventive! I stand to be corrected.

On the other hand as this cloud of gloom faces us especially considering that a suspect was apprehended yesterday ferrying over 600 bomb detonators from Eastleigh on a bus bound for Wajir-there is definately cause for alarm(Ogopa Eastleigh).
But what makes it worse is the fact that we have a military regime ,officers and personnel who still employ stone age tactics to respond to modern day crime! Its like that jua kali mechanic who has different sizes of nyundo's(hammers) and even when your car has an overflow insists on pounding the engine in order for the car to start! When defeated the mechanic always implores a bigger hammer trying to pound away the problem until he has no further strength.
My former lecturer and kinsfolk Professor P.L.O Lumumba would state"you do not respond to a mosquito bite with the pound of a hammer".Unfortunately our military commanders believe in brute force and are out there in Mandera maiming, injuring,brutally abusing men ,raping women and children under the guise of dealing with the long outstanding problem of inter clan(Murule and Garre clans) cattle rustling in North Eastern Province of Kenya.Shame on them we are now in the 21st Century! The Human Rights abuses being carried out in Mandera & Garrisa as we speak is chilling and appalling!

I believe there is need for more brain than brawn at the Department of Defence (DOD)of the Kenyan Military .Even the USA with all its military might and nuclear weapons learnt that for them to be effective and minimise losses in Iraq there was need for them to work along with the Indigenous communities alongside with the Community of Likeminded States.For our military the approach is beat everything in sight including farm and wild animals.I believe that is a cowards move. Useless fellas....the North Eastern problem is not the same as that of the Sabaot Land Defence force or Mungiki Menace.The personalities and phsyches involved are different.The present action by the military will cause more insecurity than security after all no Govermnent that fights its own Citizens has ever succeded.The students who have seen their teachers, chiefs,Imams being clobbered are now fertile minds for Al qaeda and other fanatical groups to recruit just from accross the borders and just like a snake they are bound to retreat into a hole and strike back with precision and venomous attack in due time.... Major General Kianga please tell your boys & girls to think, think and think some more!Create allies not enemies. Intelligence is not a weakness it is a strength and as long as all humans continue to bleed and die...your officers are no safer or better! Peace always prevails over war, friendship over enmity and measured responses over fanatism !

By the way how come the Human Right organizations,Newsprint, Politicians and other Kenyans are mum over the abuses happening to Kenyan Citizens by the military...are they not also humans or perhaps they are second class Citizens only to be remembered come elections?

29 October, 2008

Obama,Mc Cain,Bush-Do the Pictures Tell It All !

Exciting times are ahead as America goes to the polls Next week November 4 on Tuesday all eyes will be glued on the official election results sites to get the latest updates on the 2008 American Presidential Elections and who garners the most of the Electoral College votes especially in the swing States!Politically i always stay neutral and i am not endorsing either of the candidates ,as it is nothing much ever changes...however somebody sent me an interesting e -mail with the following photos and an interesting caption "Babies faces tell it all" Is it true?....your comments .(Oh and i'd love to see Sarah Palin's photos with kids)

22 October, 2008

Top African Female Bloggers 2008

Afrigator has just put up a list on the top 45 African Female bloggers based on their site monitoring algorithm and the list is as follows :

1.So Close
South Africa Rank: 9
Overall Rank: 10

2.Urban Sprout
South Africa Rank: 10
Overall Rank: 11

3.Black Looks
Nigeria Rank: 1
Overall Rank: 14

4.Kenyan Pundit
Kenya Rank: 2
Overall Rank: 17

5.Cape Town Daily Photo
South Africa Rank: 19
Overall Rank: 23

6.Angel’s mind
South Africa Rank: 27
Overall Rank: 34

South Africa Rank: 30
Overall Rank: 38

South Africa Rank: 31
Overall Rank: 40

9.Bosom Buddies
South Africa Rank: 39
Overall Rank: 48

10.Scarlett Lion
Uganda Rank: 1
Overall Rank: 57

11.Hottest Gossip
South Africa Rank: 48
Overall Rank: 60

12.Mother City Living
South Africa Rank: 51
Overall Rank: 65

South Africa Rank: 54
Overall Rank: 71

14.Melissa Attree
South Africa Rank: 60
Overall Rank: 78

15.Entertainment Blog
South Africa Rank: 63
Overall Rank: 85

16.Sugar. Spice. And all things nice!
General Rank: 3
Overall Rank: 96

Uganda Rank: 3
Overall Rank: 98

18.Africa Expat Wives Club
Kenya Rank: 8
Overall Rank: 108

19.Anja Merret
South Africa Rank: 74
Overall Rank: 109

20.Glad to be a Girl
South Africa Rank: 78
Overall Rank: 114

South Africa Rank: 81
Overall Rank: 117

22.Inside Candy
South Africa Rank: 82
Overall Rank: 118

South Africa Rank: 87
Overall Rank: 124

24.Through My Own Eyes
South Africa Rank: 88
Overall Rank: 125

South Africa Rank: 94
Overall Rank: 132

26.Ore’s Notes
Nigeria Rank: 7
Overall Rank: 153

South Africa Rank: 106
Overall Rank: 155

28.Onder die maan en sterre
South Africa Rank: 115
Overall Rank: 165

29.The Vegan Diet
South Africa Rank: 120
Overall Rank: 174

30.What An African Woman Thinks
General Rank: 7
Overall Rank: 181

31.The Adventures of Miss M
South Africa Rank: 153
Overall Rank: 223

32.Photography by Jeanette
South Africa Rank: 154
Overall Rank: 224

South Africa Rank: 160
Overall Rank: 234

34.Vampira’s Life
South Africa Rank: 163
Overall Rank: 239

35.Michelle Clarke
South Africa Rank: 183
Overall Rank: 269

36.An Ordinary Life
South Africa Rank: 189
Overall Rank: 278

37.Hunter of Genius
South Africa Rank: 191
Overall Rank: 281

38.Deshanta’s World
South Africa Rank: 200
Overall Rank: 292

39.Helen Zille
South Africa Rank: 202
Overall Rank: 294

Kenya Rank: 21
Overall Rank: 307

41.Memories, Sentiments, Rants and Raves
Kenya Rank: 22
Overall Rank: 314

42.Wandering the World
Eqypt Rank: 15
Overall Rank: 323

43.Mama Etiopia
Ethiopia Rank: 2
Overall Rank: 338

South Africa Rank: 238
Overall Rank: 355

45.My Whorl
South Africa Rank: 239
Overall Rank: 357

This kind of ranking is important as it will spur African bloggers to better their content and webpage layout in order to meet such lists.From this point i would like to congratulate Kenyan Pundit, African Expat Wives Club, Afromusing and Memories,Sentiments,Rant & Raves for doing Kenya proud!

21 October, 2008

The Pursuit of Happyness

The long weekend (Including Kenyatta day on 20 October) gave me an opportunity to catch up on movies that i hardly get time to see.I must say of all Will Smith's movies none has captured my attention and emotions such as Will Smith's 2006 movie entitled "The Pursuit of Happyness"(I haven't misspelled the title!).
The movie is inspired by the life story of Chris Gardner(Gardner Rich & Co.Stock Brokers)...a real person and self made millionaire,entrepreneur,motivational speaker and Philanthropist who struggled against all odds to set up his own brokerage firm.(Chris Gardner)

His life mirrors that of many of us in third world countries who face uneven odds against them and have to tirelessly work out sometimes taking up jobs that are not worth our education or potential just to make ends meet!

My heart goes out to the more than 300,000 secondary students who are beginning their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education(KCSE) and of whom only 10,000 will manage to secure places in the public universities .A majority of those who will attend universities will end up doing courses that they did not choose or have no interest in pursuing! A first degree in Kenya in many instances is much more like an identity card serves no purpose except as a basic requirement for consideration of a job vacancy.Many banks hire graduate as clerks or interns notwithstanding the course they have done and often on minimum salary!

In the movie Chris Gardner(played by Will Smith) is inherently a smart guy but ends up being thrown off his house alongside his son Christopher Jnr(played by will Smiths son Jaden Smith....quite an impressive actor!) because of non failure of paying rent thereby becoming homeless but not hopeless.Chris Garner was forced to secure daily shelter at Glide Memorial United Methodist Church Shelter while attending a non paid internship.His big break comes when he is recruited for a non paid internship at Dean Witter Reynolds, a stock brokerage firm where his impressive performance, determination and sale skills earns him his first well paying job!He arrived at the office early and stayed late each day, persistently making calls to prospective clients with his goal being 200 calls/day,he avoided taking office coffee thus spent less time going to the Gents. His perseverance paid off when, in 1982, Gardner passed his licensing exam on the first try and came into the full employ of the firm. What a movie !

The things that some of us have to do in pursuit of happiness are just enthralling.Reminds me of my dad who left his village on the shores of lake Victoria with the knowledge that he was coming to look for work and the only person he knew in Nairobi was a distant cousin.His first night he had to spend outside in the cold and woke up early the next day to go to the labour bureau. Against all odds he got work as Government clerk and worked his way up until he was a Chief Executive Officer at the Kenyan Treasury .His desire to excel saw him attending a number of courses at Harvard and i find that to be quite impressive.At my age he had much more than i have and i am moved to reflect on what i can do to be more than i am ! 'In pursuit of happiness 'im sure most of us have gone through a lot to be where we are and the stories may just be so touching and interesting.....determination and zeal are worthy qualities along that road!

18 October, 2008

What the Readers of this Blog Are Saying !

Today i am letting some of the readers of this blog air their viewpoint on this blog as a sign of appreciation for my loyal readers readership....have a nice weekend!

Our Reviews
"you provided some great information, your site was very clean and straight forward, i like the topics and how they were organized, very good job...."

"I like your blog and your writing. I'm not sure I understand that top graphic, which makes it look like you are an art site or writing a travel blog to Europe. Think about a graphic of someplace in Nairobi, or of yourself, or anything that speaks more to your subject. "

"A really great blog, enjoyed reading through it and the posts on Brittish banks and Large Hadron Collider Beam Controversy were great. Added to favs so I can watch your blog and keep up to date with the bloggers from African nations. well done and good luck."

"Truly a Nairobian's Perspective! Interesting indeed. Keep it up!"

Allahn Joyce
"I love the simplicity of your site. The layout is really relaxing. One of the best I've seen. You have a nice picture at the top that captures readers' attention. How did you get those little tabs at the top? It's very cute!"

Baby Loves Pink
"Thanks. Loved your blog, loved what you are saying about paypal. Your content is good, site navigation is easy and responsive and you fit the category. Keep up the great work, I hope you get paypal soon."

"Hey your blog is pretty good and nice... Keep it up and have a nice time.. visit my blog too...www.monterines.blogspot.com"

"thank you for all this information that you have put together. I have two friends from this part of the world and i have passed your link on to them...i learned some things today...very kewl."

Get your own reviews, free traffic at

16 October, 2008

Google Labs-SMS Channel(India)

Google has launched another incredible service in India that is sure to become useful and catch up like wildfire to the rest of the World :the Google labs India SMS channel that enables one to get updates via 'sms' .It seems the information age is rapidly developing and expanding.The digital divide is being narrowed-having information s the in thing and barriers are being removed!

Data on the Go!

For quite sometime actually since the advent of the internet the computer has been seen as the primary tool for transfer and conveyance of information or data. But the nature of a computer makes it hardly economical to move around with in order to access information.While for a certainty laptops and PDA's have made it easier to access information/data on the go...nothing beats the mobile phone which must be embraced as the gadget and platform for technological advancement for the future!

The Google SMS channel is such a leap in the right direction.While the service has been conceptualized and currently is only available in India .It is only a matter of time before a roll out is adopted to the rest of the world!

SMS Channels

Users of the service in India are allowed (by default)to receive upto 10 update SMS per given day and can actually customize the service as to when they should receive the message!The service has a potential of also hosting paid advertisements which in future may be delivered with the SMS.I'm sure not so many consumers will be pleased by such a venture but again costs for the service must be borne by someone and advertisement on the go may just be it!

Customized Channels

A feature of the Google SMS channel that perhaps impresses me is that users can create their own customized channels and update their subscribers on specific topics such as jokes, financial information, breaking news, job opportunities, search engine optimization,blog updates... etc. And that this information will be readily available to subscribers without necessarily having access to the internet or a deesktop/laptop computers!The potential for Google sms is mind boggling.Im sure Lary Page and Sergey Brin will capitalize on this new bandwagon as at presen worldwide we have more cellphone users and woners than we have persons with access to the traditional desktop/laptop computers.

At present, Google allows publishers to create individual channels and publish content that other users can subscribe to after registering with valid mobile numbers.The service also supports RSS feeds . Google expects non-governmental organizations (NGOs), corporates , schools among others take advantage of this service by creating user groups that can be updated via SMS for communication and regular updates.

The catch

While the service is something to be embraced users will need to be wary of getting unwanted spam messages.Yap there is always a downturn in every technology!

On a light touch, the ingenious local project Ushahidi graced a local newspaper(Tuesday's 24 October 2008 Daily Nation) 10 months after the fact way much later after the website has become prominent and featured on leading international news sites ! how ironical

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15 October, 2008

Contribute to Blog Action Day-Eradicate Poverty

Today is 15 October, 2008 and blog action day is here with us...I am prompted to think of an effective way to contribute to the wellbeing of others especially the less fortunate.My contribution shall not only be verbal or written(i.e via a post) but as the name suggests it will be actual.

Well since i came to know of this call to bloggers to participate in blog action i was prompted to think of what contribution can i make and what will i write about.My mind was so engrossed but i realized that each one of us can do more to alleviate the suffering of the next person round the corner.One effective way is to rid your house of "clutter "or other items that we can so verily do without so i donated my baby's crib to a charity. I also did away with some clothes that i rarely wear and for blog action day i will be donating away a pram! I know that it may not be a basic need for someone right now..but it can be sold and the money may prove pretty useful.

Sometimes for us to be effective we may just be required to touch the lives of the next person or our immediate neighbour.While donating to a reputable charity may be ideal but reality is that in Africa poverty is all around us! We all have an immediate role to play in ensuring that those who are worse off live better lives and what it takes is sacrifice:So if you are an African blogger conscientiously sacrifice something to improve the livelihoods of those near you...and there are innumerable ways to do so..from donating your time, money, resource, clutter attention to this worthy cause.Get rid of your clutter and take your stand against poverty!

13 October, 2008

Kelele-African Bloggers Conference Website

Its nice to see some of the ingenious Kenyan bloggers and web aps developers organize for an Annual African Bloggers Conference that will basically be owned and run by African bloggers.The first African bloggers conference as can be seen from the banner will be held next year August 13 to 16, 2009.Kelele is an initiative being spearheaded by Kenyans(among other African bloggers and Citizen Journalists) but poised to have a wider African appeal as the conference will be hosted by different African cities on an annual basis.

The idea is noble but when it comes to sponsorship .....there is often a big let down from indeginous African Companies.From practice i have witnessed that mainly foreign companies host or sponsor this events with little input from the locals.I hope this time..it will be different! The corpoartes need to embrance the power of the internet as a powerful medium for communicating vital information.

The Kelele website is live and running at http://www.kelele.org .The concept behind Kelele is captured by the following words at the website:
Kelele is the Kiswahili word for noise. We are organising a gathering of African bloggers in the tradition of historical African societies where everyone has a voice. With too many voices marginalised or simply ignored in Africa society today for a variety of reasons we believe that the internet in general and grassroots media tools such as blogs in particular represent the most powerful way in which to give Africans back their voice. We are gathering to make a powerful, positive, inspirational noise that will be heard across the continent and beyond. KELELE!

May this noble idea reach ultimate fruitition...thanks to the Kelele team.

09 October, 2008

British Banks Stock Crises: Jitters World Stock Markets

Watching CNBC yesterday i was just amazed at how fragile the world economy is as i witnessed the effects of the British Banks Stock crises and its rippling effect to other world stock markets.Yesterday morning British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Lord Chancellor Alastair Darling announced a $ 88 billion bail out plan to marshal the credit crises that was affecting the British banking sector.

I am not an expert on these things i would rather leave that to my friend Bankelele but what amazed me is how the other world stock markets were being immediately affected due to the financial crunch, for example:
  • The Tokyo Stock exchange closed at 9.38 % down
  • Russia,Indonesia,Ukraine suspended trading on its stock exchange
  • European markets suffered losses of up to eight per cent, including a 5.18 per cent fall on the FTSE, followed quickly by falls on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • In London, the FTSE 100 shed 5.18 per cent to finish at 4,366 while in Paris the CAC 40 fell 6.39 per cent and Frankfurt DAX was down 5.88 per cent. There were declines of 5.51 per cent on the Swiss Market Index, 5.20 per cent in Madrid, 5.71 per cent in Milan, 7.36 per cent in Brussels and 7.68 per cent in Amsterdam.
The State bailout plan is similar to the $700 billion fund to purchase defunct mortgage assets from troubled financial institutions proposed by the U.S. Treasury secretary, Henry Paulson Jr.The American Government had to recently step in and nationalize companies like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and American International Group(AIG), which were on the verge of collapse.

I wonder what the effect is for the Nairobi Stock Exchange....but im sure its not good especially for Companies such as Barclay's Bank of Kenya.Oops just seen Mr. Chris Mwebesa 's Nairobi NSE CEO' s statement indicating that trading at the NSE' s floors was suspended yesterday after the market almost lost 5% of its value.

07 October, 2008

Crazy About Kenya Website; Press Release

I am just so happy to extend this favor to a friend of mine Siobhan Mcgeady for her passionate endeavors to promote the local tourism scene alongside with her team.This a re-print of Crazy About Kenya Press release( 7 October, 2008)...A UK based tourism promotion initiative (between site.

Acacia Adventure Holidays and the Kenya Tourist Board have joined forces to create the new Crazy About Kenya website (http://www.crazyaboutkenya.com) – an online portal that proves there’s more to Africa’s wildlife capital than the Mara.

An ethically charged initiative, Crazy About Kenya features a collective of over 20 indigenous artists and musicians, including world renowned singer/songwriter Eric Wainaina; the talented crew coming together to give would be adventurers an insider perspective on the destination.

A site with a positive vibe, surfers can get to grips with Kenya’s animal kingdom, immerse themselves in the hip and happening culture of Nairobi, chill to the latest tracks from Africa’s wildlife capital, and feast their eyes on some fascinating Kenyan art - in just one click. From virtual inspiration to real life experiences the website also comes packed with destination highlights and new adventure itineraries from Acacia Adventure Holidays, to satisfy the cravings of even the most avid Kenya fan.

Full of exclusive content, Crazy About Kenya will feature regular news updates on album launches from the project’s Kenyan partners and new artists; details on upcoming events and ethical projects in Nairobi; the latest travel deals from the tour operator and a dedicated newsletter entitled the "Whispering Grass of the Maasai Plains". Visitors to the website can also enter Acacia Adventure Holidays “Answer the call of the wild” competition for a chance to win one of ten Rough Guides to Kenya (www.roughguides.com).

A truly responsible guide, armchair adventurers can show their support for ghetto based initiatives and the projects talented partners by uploading the new Crazy About Kenya logo onto their travel blogs, websites, or social networking pages (http://www.crazyaboutkenya.com/downloads.php). Alternatively, they can chat to the artists and musicians online as many of them are featured on Facebook and MySpace.

For those of us who are simply Crazy About Kenya this is one URL that captures the diversity of Africa’s wildlife capital and for travellers who are planning on catching up with the annual migration in 2009 – there will be no need to wait, as Acacia Adventure Holidays even has a Maasai Mara e-safari game due to launch on the site on 31 October.

Angie Sloan, Regional Director of Sales and Marketing for Kenya Tourist Board, comments: " The Kenya Tourist Board is delighted to be working with Acacia Adventure Holidays as part of our autumn campaign, to promote not only the wildlife but culture of Kenya. Acacia Adventure Holidays is a well established expert in selling holidays to Kenya with a wide range of product for visitors to experience Kenya's vast array of charms - from the Indian Ocean beaches to the thrilling experience of a safari."

Acacia Adventure Holidays offers overland tours taking in the world renowned Maasai Mara from £595pp + local payment from £208pp (13-day itinerary). A great time to book, the tour operator is currently running its Winter Sun Specials promotion and discounting all overland departures up to 01 July 2009 by 25%. Bookings should be made by 15 November.

The above price includes tour highlights as listed in the brochure, transport, roads tolls and taxes, camping accommodation and cooking equipment, most meals and services of tour leader and driver (no single supplement). Excludes return international flight, visas, departure taxes, and transfers. Contact Acacia Adventure Holidays direct to take advantage of the discount on 020 7706 4700, email info@acacia-africa.com or visit www.acacia-africa.com for further information. ATOL No. 6499 and ABTA No. W4093 PROTECTED.


For further information please contact Siobhan at tion London on 020 8180 1585 (VoIP) or 020 8180 1614 or email siobhan@tionlondon.co.uk.

Editors' notes:
Crazy About Kenya is also available on Facebook on the following pages: Acacia Adventure Holidays and Crazy About Kenya. The project will appear on MySpace on 15 October.

For further information on the Kenya Tourist Board please telephone Tel: +44 (0) 20 7367 0931, Fax: +44 (0) 20 7407 3810, email Kenya@hillsbalfoursynergy.
com, visit www.magicalkenya.com or contact the Kenya Tourist Board at 3rd Flr. Colechurch House,1 London Bridge Walk, London SE1 2SX.

Kenya is your ideal destination for a holiday retreat!


02 October, 2008

Nokia Kenya- Research Centre's !

Nokia cellphones are just ideal!!!I have been an ardent fan of Nokia phones ever since i owned a mobile phone.If you are like me you probably cherish the 3310(most Kenyans first phone apart from Alcatel...remember those phones?) which were readily famed in the Kenya in the late 1990's.I owned one until thieves decided to raid our house in Ongata Rongai and we had to throw our phones over the window to stave them off.So the news that Nokia was opening Research and Development(R&D)offices in Kenya was great news!

The R& D offices will aid Nokia company to design products and services that are relevant and tailor made for the local users.According to a KBC interview of Jussi Impio "As of April 1, 2007, Nokia had R&D centers in 11 countries and employed 14,500 people in research and development, representing approximately 32% of Nokia's total workforce. The R& D centres expenses totaled EUR 3,9 billion in 2006, representing 9,5% of Nokia's net sales. It is apparently seen that Nokia invests a substantial portion of its resources in research and development activities within its principal business groups; Mobile Phones, Multimedia and Enterprise Solutions, Technology Platforms, and in the Nokia Research Center (NRC).Certainly consumers appreciate receiving such attention and care.

Nokia Pilots:
To buttress this position Nokia has only recently launched its online Nokia Pilots recruitment initiative to enable it gather vital information from its consumers.the Nokia pilots programe enables individuals to have a unique opportunity to get involved in Nokia's creative processes.Nokia Pilots Subcribers also get the rare opportunity to sneak peek the latest trends and a chance to see get some of their feedback and suggestions implemented.In yesterdays news(see YouTube Video)Nokia Kenya launched an initiative to help Kenyan Musicians tap into their potential and identify development opportunities using mobile technology.

We now look foward to the positive contributions that Kenyan R&D centres and Nokia Pilots will bring to Africa where mobile telecommunication is rapidly bridging the development divide!

NB: if you are interested in purchasing the latest mobile phones within Kenyan/East African region including the Nokia E71 see the following links: http://mea.nokia.com/english , OR Kenya's first online shopping mall at http://ke.gadgetsguru.com/index.aspx


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