06 June, 2009

Kung Fu Star David Carradine Dead!

The popular star in the Tv series 'Kung Fu the Legend' David Carradine was found dead in a Bangkok Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel room.Mr Carradine played the character 'Kwai Chang Caine ' in the Kungfu tv series.At the time of his death Mr David Carradine was aged 72 having married five times, divorced 4 times with 6 children .

Mr. Carradine was found with a rope round his neck on Thursday June 4 2009 by a hotel attendant.This circumstances suggest" suicide "which is ironical for the character he played as a shaolin master who had control of his inner and outer self , emotions,energy and strengths.Frequently in the role he fought evil only to succumb to evil in real life.Quite tragic indeed.What perhaps used to amaze me is the way he used to"mysteriously" put off fire or candles ,that were 10 metres away in the popular tv show.He was an amazing character that entertained a generation now consisting of young executives and ceo's among them including the founders of Google. I wonder what was your favourite David Carradine moment if you had a chance to watch his movies while growing up?

Its amazing what sort of news the web churns out despite the tragedy of an event. For example this All voices News piece seems to suggest the rope thing was all part and parcel at a masturbation attempt .Could it be that behind all the glamour and showy display of life our celebrities live empty ,disastrous lives...?That aside ...he will be solely missed by many fans.Heatwave Celebrity Cruise

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  1. tragic loss; his show was a standard for Kung Fu cinema



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