26 June, 2009

Michael Jackson is Dead!

The curtain has finally come down on the legendary pop singer Michael Jackson who died yesterday night (at 10:42 p.m Kenyan time) of cardiac arrest in a Los Angeles Hospital . The news has been met with a lot of grief worldwide since all the singers songs were basically hits that shapped the lifestyle,dressing,talk,fashion, entertainment of atleast three generations the World over!Fans have met the news with disbelief with many of them wiling and grieving in groups at times square in New York and Harlem.

Unfortunately the grave is the home of all mankind and the"Thriller" star has just preceeded many of us. But we certainly appreciate the music he churned.But in his death care must be taken not to idolize him nor worship him as he was not a god but just a man who entertained well!The media is now full of the news, playing his songs,reliving his memories... etc and it is understandably so because he was a hit!Attention will now turn to his death and funeral arrangements.

African Bloggers have picked up the news with the following comments:

Imod.co.za states"What terrible news. Despite the on going stabs at MJ, he really was exceptionally talented and produced songs, which we’ll never forget. Don’t even get me started on his dancing!"

Socialyz States"The King is Dead, long live the King!!Villified and ridiculed in later life, the end has come, my life would never have been the same without him.Michael Jackson is dead.Long LIVE the KING."

Two Kenyan Bloggers Tamaku and Simon Kitururu
have posted photos and videos of the Legend MJ.

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