23 December, 2008

Nu Metro Kenya Changes to Silverbird Cinemas

Silverbird group just recently acquired Nu Metro Cinemas in Kenya resulting in change of name for all nu metro cinema/media stores in Kenya. Yesterday during Capital FM,S drive time...silverbird cinema's were out to market their new name new look!The Nu Metro stores were mostly housed within Nakumatt stores and hypermart complexes!The Silverbird group operates in Nigeria & Ghana among other African Countries and aims at becoming Africa's largest entertainment conglomerate!The Nu Metro stores are already doning the new logo in recognition of the rescent change of name and ownership!

Silverbird cinemas is a subsidiary of the Silverbird group an international Company which has vast interests in Africa but mainly in Nigeria and includes a radio station Rhythm 93.7/94.7(Nigeria,Silverbird Television, Silverbird Galleria and Silverbird Entertainment (MBGN & Mr Nigeria).I hope theirs will be truly a unique and wholesome Cinema experience in Kenya.Karibuni Silverbird

22 December, 2008

How To Use Adgitize To Make Money Online !

Making money from blogging is something every blogger at the back of the mind would like to achieve but its not so easy as it seems. Sometime back i didd a post inviting readers/bloggers to join advertise a service that enables bloggers accumulate points that can be converted to cash especially for each article written.

Today i ould like to share excerpts from Adgitize newsletter on how to score points ion their advertising platform:

Many people would like to earn money for their writing. There are many ways to do that on the web with companies like Pay Per Post and similar. But, those companies limit your blogging topics. Did you know that by scoring points with Adgitize that those points are translated each month into an income? A portion of your monthly points are accumulated by the articles you write on your blog.

How to Score Points

How do you score points for the articles you write? It's very easy. Just log in to the Adgitize Member Lounge. Then click on the Manage Blogs menu item below the MastHead. When you land on the Manage Your Blogs page choose the Edit Blog Info button. At the bottom of the Edit page you will see Blog Rss Feed. Copy the path of your RSS Feed into the box and click the Update Blog Button. Then you are done.

Once you have completed that simple task then go back to writing on your blog. You score Adgitize points for one article per day on your blog. These are articles that you write about subjects you find interesting. Adgitize won't tell you what to write on your blog. Adgitize doesn't force you to write about clothing, cola, consumer goods or other non-interesting items. You communicate to your readers the discussion points important to you.

Points Are Converted To Dollars

At the end of each month your article points are totaled with the other points you score from Adgitize. Points for your ad views, page views, advertising and visits to the members of our network. Once all these points are totaled, they are converted into dollars for your consumption.

Adgitize pays monthly to members after they reach a payout of only $10. So, you get the money you earned right away. No waiting for months to earn $100 or more, payouts fast. Your dollars get delivered to you. So, if you haven't already set up your rss feed then do so today so you can begin earning more money. You are already blogging, so you might as well earn something from it.

Isn't just that beautiful!if you are already Aditizing i bet its news that you will sincerely treasure.If you are not....Join Now

17 December, 2008

Disguise your Caller I.D and Mobile Phone Voice

I have just come accross a website that offers a revolutionary service that enables one to disguize their voice over the phone.The site is :Sign Up For 123Spoof.com Today! Spoof.Com
In Kenya i bet such a service would most positively used to play pranks or in deviant ways and that worrying.But its interesting to know that with the use of a spoof card you can actually change how your voice sounds over your mobile or other telephones!The list of services spoof .com is endless including customizing your voice mail inbox,nots after a call, call logs etc.

Need business leads?

Its interesting what the world/humans are able to accomplish technology wise!

By the way for Kenyan /International readers.This service is available for anyphone, anywhere, anytime!Kenya included i presume!

Sign Up For 123Spoof.com Today!

15 December, 2008

Official Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide Link

Many newbie bloggers desire to find genuine and easy to understand Search Engine optimization guides or information but often are faced with myriads of conflicting advice from experts or would be experts out to make a quickbuck from them! Its often frustrating for online newbies to get needed help that they deserve!But help is on the way- reliable help from the official Google Webmaster Blog.Therein one will find free webmaster resources and SEO guides that are bound to help ones blog/website to rank favourably in Googles search engine and page ranking system.From now on Google will continue to avail free SEO tips and will update the guide inorder to adequately inform webmasters on best practice tips.To downlaod the new official Google Search Engine Guide please vist the following Link. Google (Pdf)

Now thats information you can trust and the good thing :its absolutely free!Thanks Googs!For now downloading it is the problem if you have slow internet connection!

11 December, 2008

Adgitize Your Blog and Make Money

I have just gone through a friends blog Clement Nyirenda and discovered a revolutionary ad serving service thats bound to be bloggers favourite in a huff: Adgitize Adgitize your web site..The reality is many bloggers don their sites with many ads with the hope of earning money but few actually do make any money at all! Most money minting ad services just end up exploiting bloggers.Its nice to see a hybrid service that will not only earn you money but earn you traffic, exposure and reward you for your posts without necsarrily offending your readers. You only need to continue posting as usual and visit other member sites:simple and rewarding!

Adgitize your web site.

Im certain the service will be a hot one for many bloggers to enable them run quality ads and earn money not just credit for clicking other adgitize ads on other blogs(thats a death knell for Entrecard).The Concept behind it is revolutionary as it enables publishers and affiliates generate traffic and in the process earn money for page visits, posts done and serving ads! We are certainly thankful for the Company owner Mr Ken Brown for coming up with such a brilliant idea!I bet thats good news for many of us!Acording to the owners the term adgitize by defeinition was arrived at from a merging of the following two words "Advertising "and " Agitate". Agitate means to give motion to or to move with irregular or violent action. To arouse public feeling. Advertise means to make something known publicly. To announce by notice or broadcast. To arouse a desire for action. Adgitize then is to arouse our customers to action. To get people to take action by writing in their blog, by visiting other blogs and by clicking on ads.

Adgitize your web site.

Hope you will find this information quite useful(especially if you are an African blogger) and Sign Up

10 December, 2008

I Cry For Zimbabwe(Cholera Epidemic)

It's no longer about this man: (must be one of is best photos)

and for clarity of thought i do repeat its no longer about the man "Robert Mugabe " whose educational background is quite impressive (according to wikipedia : He studied at University of Oxford in 1952, Salisbury (1953), Gwelo (1954), and Tanzania (1955–1957). Originally graduating with a Bachelor of ArtsUniversity of Fort Hare in 1951, Mugabe subsequently earned six further degrees through distance learning including a Bachelor of Administration and Bachelor of Education from the University of South Africa and a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Laws, Master of Science, and Master of Laws, all from the University of London External Programme.[23] The two Law degrees were taken whilst he was in prison, during the time that the Master of Science degree was taken during his premiership of Zimbabwe.[24] After graduating, Mugabe lectured at Chalimbana Teacher Training College, in Zambia from 1955–1958, thereafter he taught at Apowa Secondary School at Takoradi, in the Western RegionGhana (1958 – 1960) where he met Sarah Francesca (Sally) Hayfron, who later became his first wife. During his stay in Ghana, he was influenced and inspired by Ghana's then-Prime Minister, Kwame Nkrumah. In addition, Mugabe and some of his Zimbabwe African National Union party cadres received instruction at the Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute, then at Winneba in southern Ghana.)

It can no longer be about him but about people dying devoid of food, sanitation, human dignity , hope and the list continues!
The latest UN statistics show that 589 Zimbabweans died of cholera in the past few weeks and that 13,960 have been infected, but nobody believes these figures as more continue to die.Unicef is delivering 360,000 litres of clean water to Harare each day, distributing 80,000 buckets and jerry cans and 200,000 bars of soap, and has imported enough water purification tablets to last 3.5 million people four months but this help is not enough, atleast "the Government" of the few wealthy does not need it.They continue to fight their enemies real or perceived with war/traitor chants and tough talk whilst inflation levels reach unmentionable proportions but for how long? (few know the answers)

The African Union has distanced itself from the use of force to evict this man from office and for good cause as Zimbabwean soldiers alongside innocent civillians will die defending a lost cause and failed leadership.War does not distinguish and often as was proved in Kenya's post election violence more women and children will die , suffer, be raped , humiliated , tormented abused etc.But again something needs to be done to alleviate the human suffering!As Africa stands by its own -some action is needed not just talk atleast for now top officials of ZANU PF still lounge in luxury as they blame massive poverty ,death and mayhem on the imperialist. But for the record its no longer about that well educated man!Its no longer about them...its about respect for and the right to life,liberty,descent living and human dignity.

09 December, 2008

Really Nice & Popular Screensavers

These screensavers have just made my day, they are so nice im moved to change my desktop view and you should too.......Im havig a cold/flu and as usual i get bored easily but the sight of theses really nice screensavers caught my attention.From the Lion ess lazing on top of a tree, the hippo snouts and the frog on top of watch i must say im jazzed and due to a writers block im just sharing the screensavers with you for this week!

What an African/ Jungle feel! Love it totally!

01 December, 2008

World Aid's Day 2008(Ribbon)

Today 1st December, 2008 is world Aids day, while i may not put a comprehensive post i thought it proper to display a red ribbon on this post as my contribution and express my solidarity with persons living with HIV, Caregivers and NGO'S involved in positive activities around the Disease.I would like to laud the progress that Kenya has realised in managing this epidemic though i still abhor the stigma that most Kenyans still associate with those having the scourge! Its sad that most people associate people living with HIV Virus with loose morals or having got what they deserved while often that may not be the case! Employers still continue to sack employees whom they suspect to have aids often on flimsy excuses! The discrimination that Aids patients suffer from their own is reminescent of how lepers were treated by the pharisees in ancient Israel-with so much disdain!

Support World AIDS DayTheres definately much which needs to be done to educate most in our society to be able to respect and protect persons living with Aids. Much or work especially needs to be done in ensuring that persons afflicted with the virus receive adequate healthcare and affordable treatment.I regard HIV in the same manner as Tuberculosis-it is treatable and one can live a normal healthy life.I therefore say NO TO STIGMA and YES TO LIFE and in tandem with the theme of world Aids day 2008( LEAD , EMPOWER & DELIVER) hereby display my ribbon and support for persons living with Aids!


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