13 February, 2008

Tusker Project Fame 2008

Tusker project fame 2006 took reality tv in the east african region to new heights!Project fame 2008 is expected to be exceedingly better!Theres already too much hype surrounding the event that seeks to tap into the musical talents of young vibrant aspiring musicians from the East African region through a perfomance academy, setting them up for a record deal that can earn them international fame.But the audience this time expects better! 12 contestants will be chosen from a series of region wide auditions to participate in the closed house academy.

(NB: UPDATE ON WINNER AT http://siku-moja.blogspot.com/2008/06/ugandan-esther-mugizi-wins-tpf-2.html
Audition forms can be downloaded at the official website for the 2008 tusker project fame which is: http://www.tuskerprojectfame.com/

The last event was most definately mirred by well founded claims of bias and prejudice by the Judges who were predominantly Kenyan and favoured Kenyan participants prompting one of the hosts Ugandan Kate Gaetano(of Big Brother Africa Fame )to openly challenge the judges to show some objectivity!This year we expect better.Our eyes are seriously focused on the organisers and hope that they will this time recruit reputable ,non partisan and objective judges from both local and international music and entertainment industry to steer the event. The show will be produced by Endemol East Africa who have an impressive array of international experience portofolio to match up with the event which will consume a whooping Kenya shillings350 million from the main sponsor East African Breweries Limited (EABL)!

Up for grabs this time will be a recording contract with Galo/Johnic records,Kenya shillings 5,000,000 and a state of art luxurious Mercedez Benz among other goodies for the winner!The winner this time is expected to exceed the talent that was captured in Valerie Kimani whose debut album Baiskeli is actually doing well in international markets but receiving fairly limited play and recognition in the domestic market.This is both good and bad, good because it stems Piracy ;bad because she has limited exposure and her talent is burried down under.Our entertainment buds are watered and eagerly awaiting and anticipating this seven week event!

The contestants are now in the house, 5 Kenyans, 5 Ugandans and 5 Tanzanians.The official grand opening was yesterday the 13 April, 2008.Somehow there was this feel that Tanzanians can hardly sing but rap! I hope the entrants in the academy will correct this misconception.

Citizen Tv will be bringing us live daily updates in Kenya ,while Star tv is the channel to wartch in Uganda.So lets get the conversation going and comment your views here as you can see this site has a high page ranking and im certain the contestants will be reading!LET THE SINGING BEGIN!


I have updated my post on the ongoings at the academy,here is the link>


After the 4th may,2008 project fame show im sure most most viewers will agree with me, the judges need to go home! they seem to be pursuing a personal vendetta rather than being objective about the "elimination competition".If Ian reads this let him remember to stick to the issues and remain fair!Being egocentric never did anyone good in the long run.Non performers really must go and nobody should be put on probation in place of another who deservedly needs to be there!Probation puts one on the elimination list first and foremost,the issue of improving ones performance is secondary!Ama ?????

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  1. Hey Judges!! please we want the real competition to start, so can they stop being too nice and give us real talent. Ian should stick to his comments, if someone does not have talent they dont have so please let them go why keep them in the house and put a talented person on probabation. His criticisms are bad enough to make someone work hard and improve. Althoug i must say i was impressed by his comment about 'a third rate cheap soap opera' that guy belongs there.....

  2. hallo judges.wanted to tell you to keep up the spirit no matter what the teachers say-which is always good..this is a competition so if everyone has a powerful voice,most talented,bla bla bla why compete?i support ian to the latter.everyone in the limelight shud be ready for criticisms which are used as stepping stones.his js for real.we love you judges.after all there got to be only one winner!

  3. this time round i saw guys working. Especially the ladies. The "swing swing musik ni...rumba" style rocked the multitude. I liked it. As for Jacob and his fellow dude Stephene, its time to wake up and realize that they can't be soft now. They have the talent. For Hemedi, he can stay to entertain fans but he just isnt for the title. And for Lina, poor her, she is trying it out but she might be on go home now. Life is tough now. Real music now.

  4. Isaac dont you think that Hemedi should exit the house first before Linah, after all this is a competition?



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