23 April, 2008

Tusker Project Fame-Faces to Watch

Who is most probably being eliminated in the much famed popular tv show Tusker Project Fame this coming weekend?I'd bet Hemedi Suleiman-the academy's juvenile minded "Mr Loverman"!Projection,Mr Hemedi projection and perception matter in any reality tv show!For now he is perceived as the insecure ,undecided and probably immature young man in the show which aims at getting the best vocal talents of to a record deal with Gallo records of south Africa.
(New!!!!!For update on winner see http://siku-moja.blogspot.com/2008/06/ugandan-esther-mugizi-wins-tpf-2.html)

The four contestants put on probation(possibly on their way out of the Tusker Academy) were:
  1. Hemedi Suileiman of Tanzania
  2. Ian Mwaisunga(Tanzania) -chose the wrong song
  3. Magdaline Muckoya(Kenyan)-local naive "miss baibes"trust me wont last long if you court unbridled romance in this academy!
  4. Winfrey Nannyojo-Too much competition in this show
The faces to watch and the contestants in here for the long haul are(correct me if im wrong):

( photos courtesy of Tusker Project Fame 2008 website)
  1. David Ogola:This Kenyan has talent possibly will be in the final two
  2. Esther Mugizi-Thats a Ugandan with powerful voice and pleasant suprises!
  3. Linah Blanche-Petite powerhouse/voice Tanzanian babe with all that it takes to win this competition.The only person ive seen with a strategy to stay in the academy for the long haul.
  4. Nsaali Jacob-First native African that has sang a country song that i have truly loved.This guy has great talent and great voice!I have never heard a brother sing country like this guy.He is a winner already!
  5. Stephen Oundo-Another Ugandan with good voice and commitment to win
  6. Wendy Kimani-Kenyan with strong and beautiful voice.Im sure many would concur she is Kenya's most favourite female contestant in the academy.
  7. Victor Bali-Kenyan from Kisumu almost mistook him for the Tanzanian music maestro Z'anto of Binti Kiziwi fame but has a good voice and quite a stage presence.
Well thats my list of famous seven and im certain many east Africans would concur with me but its up to the Project fame Judges as to who will stay in the academy to the grand finale !


last Sundays show (May 4th) was such a dissapointer.The Judges simply let the audience down and the organizers/sponsors of the show need to come down hard on the Judges (remember you are branding your products this kind of faults could prove costly!)if the show is to be viewed as a credible and legitimate elimination competition.Public perception is key!Remember last year the Judges were openly biased against the competitors from other East African Countries.This year they have begun again apparently neglecting to send poor performers to probation but opting to put the best in tow for elimination.Now Asha Ramadhani is out of the House that means if the elimination is to continue of the three top performers Linah,Wendy and Alice one may just have to go courtesy of the Judges!How we desire that our local show' s could subscribe to some creed of ethics rather than bloated egos.


  1. please dont blame the judges. They are just doing their job. Against all odds please remeber that we only need one winner. We also consent that each person in the academy has talent so its unfortunate that only one person has to be the winner.Props Ian,Shaka and the Tanzanian one. Your job is superb!!! Thanks to EABL too. We are having lots of fun no doubt.

  2. All contenstants in the academy are doing their best,only that talents at times differ and can be misinterprated. i think Karol from TZ,and the Nina Love music but do not are not actually talented. may be modeling for nina and actless for Karol, and Nganga may try comedy...acess your gifts and talents well. Judges are ok thou sometimes the choice of words....you behaved like you wanted to go to the loo was not very polite for judge ian to Xtian. He was only trying his best! thanks all, we are cheering you up thou!



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