19 February, 2008

Pakistan Elections Results-Lessons for Kenyans

When it became apparent that "all the Kings Men had gone{fallen}"the head of the Pakistan Muslims League -Q conceeded defeat!This basically meaning the militant Pakistan President Pervez Musharaff will be sitting on opposition benches.

One would expect seeing that he is a hardliner he would stick to power and use all the tricks in the book to stay put,but thats not it.Any lessons for Kenyan leaders...............???????I hope so though quite too late.Of the official results for 137 seats in the national assembly:
  • Pakistan Peoples Party of assasinated former prime minister Benazir Bhutto had won 39 seats
  • Pakistan Muslim League-N of former prime minister Nawaz Sharrif had captured 39 seats also
  • Pervez Musharaffs Pakistan Muslim League -L party had 33 seats,

Unnoficial results place Pakistan Peoples Party with over 149 seats out of the 272 National Assembly seats.The final results are expected later this evening!With due certainty "the peoples voice had spoken and needed to be respected".

Election related death in Pakistan is officially confirmed at a minimum 24 deaths.But one can imagine the level of mayhem were Mr Musharaff to interfere with the electoral process!He is on record promising to work with whoever wins and rather than practice confrontational politics to practice conciliatory politics.There is definately a lesson Kenyan Leaders can grasp here.The blame game doesnt work accross bare facts.The peoples voice is sacrosanct and should be respected!

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