08 February, 2008

Homeboyz Radio-Coming Home to Roost!

Kenya's premier Dj Group;the Homeboyz yesterday added a new addition to their homeboyz franchise:the radio chanel 96.5,homeboyz radio(complete with a new website found at http://www.homeboyzradio.co.ke/) and the new station has taken the media market by storm.

The radio station is churning out mad vibes that will definately keep most of the youth and middle ages listeners listening on!The move is likely to send the leading radio station such as Kiss 100.3 F.M(famous for its Caroline Mutoko and Walter Mongare alias Nyambane morning shows)Capital 98.4 F.M,Nation Media's Easy 96.4 F.M(with presentors such as Munene Nyaga,Talia Oyando etc),and Classic 105F.M (famous for its Maina Kageni and Churchill who doubles up as Mwalimu Kingang`i and Philgoneas) back to their drawing boards as the DJ's have vast experience and unequaled music resources to keep the crowd up and listening and the past one day has just demonstrated that! The Homeboyz group has grown in Leaps and bounds and now encompasses Homeboyz Radio,Homeboyz Eventing Company,the Music Technology Academy(MTA),Homeboyz DJ Agency,Homeboyz Record Label,Soundtraxx Limited,Beats Per Minute(BPM) Magazine,Club Bpm...the boyz are now men and surely going places.

The traditional stations have one main disadvantage;they frequently and repeatedly play a song(dubbed local hit) until it becomes sore to the ears!The same can hardly be said of Homeboyz Radio except that they need to tone down on the scratching bit a little. Radio music is a different niche from a club gig.But here at a Nairobians Perspective we would like to congratulate the Homeboyz group for their innovativeness,creativity and entrepeneurship psyche that has seen them grow in heaps and bounds(now employing over 40 staff).

Word of caution though ,keep it real,keep it competive because the sky is the limit.We look foward to the launch of Homeboyz TV!

Pss:Just had to add this to this post,Homeboyz are really representing the streets with the likes of Sheila Rabala,G Money in the morning, Koi,DJ John,DJ Hassan,DJ Wesley,Dj Nruff,DJ Kaydee.I listened to DJ John on Friday evening and the musi was awesome!The station is really setting the standards in the industry, no overplaying of songs like kiss does.Its the place to tune @ for Well mixed grooves,Genge,latest Local remixes,Club H2O,Bongo...etc.Homeboyz keep it up, n if you are reading this express your appreciation for homeboyz mad beats by commenting here and letting them know u are appreciating nuff ! sawa....proudly Kenyan!

Tis also good to see that they are sponsoring this years Impala Floodlit Rugby Tournament(2008).Thats what we call giving back to society!The real Deal !

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