27 February, 2008

Will Kenya Burn!

The lapse and failure of the Koffi Annan mediation talks leading to their suspension brings to the fore the selfish nature and hypocrisy of Kenyan leaders.They have chosen the path of death and destruction under self deceit that they will not be harmed personally!It is indeed grim to arrive at such a conclusion and sincere Kenyans dont want to accept this as the eventuality.

Kenyan leaders please dont squander this moment of peace,later on the chaos will take a life of its own that even you will not be able to control!The fact that Militia have been found training under the guidance of police reservists and February 18 Movement militia should down on the leaders that we are not looking at a situation that will simply pass by.No blood should pour because of selfish and tribal decisions!May the protagonists wake up from their drunken stupor lest our lives and the posterity of your children be sacrificed for because of your selfish ambition and ignorance of reality. War knows no civility!

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