23 June, 2008

Ugandan Esther Mugizi Wins TPF 2!!!!

Finally, the curtain came down falling on Tusker Project Fame Two with the Ugandan beauty maestro, contestant and songstress Esther Mugizi bagging the 5 million Kenya Shillings price, a prestigious recording contract with the biggest recording label and company in Africa Gallo Records, make up and grooming from Ashley’s Beauty College for 6 months, a medical cover worth 10 million with Resolution Health and a free laptop and butterfly connection from Kenya Data Networks

The finale was the most impressive star studded event ever performed on live TV within the East African region! With guest performances by, AY of Tanzania, Bobby wine of Uganda, Redsan, Jua Cali and Debra Sainapei of Kenya, There was also impressive dance performances and Choreography by Sarakasi Dancers!

Contestants Performances:

Each of the four final contestants performed the following songs:

4th Runner up-Victor Bali performed:

1. “Gauo”

2. “Apologize” by one Republic

3. “Good Times”-Luther Vandross NB truth be told Steve or Jacob should have made it to this stage, Victors performances were non-impressive, he had simply reached his epitome and couldn’t get better than that !he just was not good enough

3RD Runners up –David Ogola Performed

1. “Koth Biro” by Ayub Ogada the Successful Nyatiti playing British based Kenyan Musical Maestro

2. “Cry Me A River” by Craig David-Performance here was under par excellon!

3. “Purple Rain” by Price-This song brought out David’s good R& B Voice-He has a future musically we will watch his space!

2nd Runners up –Kenya’s Favorite Wendy Kimani

1. “Welcome” by Papa Wemba

2. “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera

3. Soul Classic “No Romance Without Finance” Wendy Kimani is already a winner by all standards just that one person had to carry the crown but she is talented and has all that it takes to be a superstar. If she was in Mnet Idols she would be among the finalist contestants!

Future Lessons:

Tusker Project fame just like fine wine is getting finer and maturing with age but the following suggestions would be in order for the production team:

v Next time host the show in another East African Country for a truly East African feel and fairness in the competition

v Re-model your voting system, strangely though it seems the voting system tends to favor the hosting Country ,Weak candidates make it to the top four strong contestants are eliminated early which is highly unfortunate

v Change the Judges and Teachers-Please audition openly for these positions

v Tusker Project Fame location/house should have an in-house studio built, expose the students to a studio environment. It’s saddening to note that of the 71 days in the Tusker Project fame house not even one day did the students spend in a production/recording studio unlike their counterparts in the MNET Idols competition. This may be the main reason why the Idols contestants are more refined singers and performances. Remember the students will spend more time in the recording studios if they are to be successful singers and performers.

v Next time hire me as a consultant and publicist: This blog had more than 5,000 unique hits due to the competition! And yer I know you were reading this, the judge’s comments were much telling! As for my readers I will still keep you entertained visit this blog regularly for insightful and interesting content!


  1. That was fast. These talent searches are becoming something else all together. I hope this girl who won was the best singer? Last time I followed TPF and I felt that Alvan Gitau deserved to win.

  2. she deserved it, for truly!Alvan Gitau also deserved to win TPF 1 but was snookered, this time the production team seemed to listen to the public and at least it was not just a Kenyan affair



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