12 February, 2008

Neverblue ads versus Ad sense

Its not in doubt that Google blazes the trail when it comes to internet marketing!But smaller firms are now getting up their game !I particurlarly have found Never blue Ads the perfect partner when it comes to affiliate marketing!

Ever since signing up with them the experience has been fruitful and the commision checks are my way out to hosting this site on its own domain name.It is ultimately the goal of any blogger not only to generate traffic but also derive appreciation from the target audience.In this venture key ,trustworthy partners are essential.The neverblue advertisement interface is quite easy to use and has customised ads that incorporate well with a websites content.This may not be the blog with the most traffic in Africa but certainly with its current share of traffic and partnership with neverblue ads,i can handle my own!

1 comment:

  1. What do you mean by never blue ads
    your image is landing on smiley central.

    If you are on an affiliate program you are losing big time my friend.

    Try it yourself. maybe my comp has a virus and please get back to me.

    Mike Ndegwa



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