07 February, 2008

Chronicles to a Kenyan Catastrophe !

I verily agree with the Government and human rights organisation that nothing happens by accident.Often events happen due to premeditated steps and events.But there is alot of culpability on the part of those in authority towards the human rights abuses,death and mayhem witnessed in Kenya.The following is a chronicle of events that may have contributed to the current impasse:
  1. December 27,2002: the election of Hon Mwai Kibaki by a grand coalition on a platform of reforms and zero tolerance to corruption facilitated (at the time and as still is Kenya was ranked as one of the most corrupt nations on earth.With a growing level of the educated class corruption is least tolerated)by a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU)between the then opposition parties.
  2. January 2003, appointments of ministers and other civil servants against the spirit and content of the MOU signed by the Narc Constituent parties leads to mistrust and infighting within the NARC government.
  3. September 2003:Hastily done radical surgery of the Judiciary resulting in dismisal and resignation of a number of Judges(6 out of the 11 Court of appeal Judges,17 out of 36 High Court Judges,82 out of 252 magistrates suspended).The move aimed at instilling discipline in the Judiciary ends up creating a polarised partialised judiciary one which is poised to favour the political masters and lacks the overwhelming confidence of the opposition and major sections of the citizenry.Allegations of witch hunting permeate the exercise.
  4. November 21, 2005:The Referendum:Government side looses having sidelined the Bomas Constitution draft that was arrived at after a very thorough consultative forum of Kenyans from all walks of life.The then minister for security rubishes some of the insitutions proposed by Kenyans to devolve power stating that the same were not necesarry at the moment as they were aimed at removing President Moi.Negative ethnicity starts to set in.
  5. November, 2005:The demise of NARC(national alliance rainbow coalition) following defeat at the referendum,the Government sacked all renegade ministers.Tribal cabals begin to emanate leading to the formation of Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) party.
  6. January to May 2006:The Armenian(Artur Saga) that results on affront on Kenya Media(Standard Media Raid).This was not only a public shame but an insult to the sovereignty of the Kenyan people.Kenyans feel scorned by how the Government handled and facillitated the gross abuse of the Kenyan laws by the armenian duo.Signs of a government facing turbulent times.
  7. January 21, 2007"Compose mentis"(intent to commit felony)The unilateral appointment without any consultation of Nine Electoral Commisioners by the President against the spirit of the 1992 Inter Parliamentary Political Parties agreement(IPPG) that all the political actors be involved in the selection of commisioners .This done under the backdrop of a lost referendum and mounting pressure on the President to consult indicates something is aloof!and that there is determinedness by the political class to go against the will of the people at all costs.
  8. November to December 24 2007:Election campaign period marked by intense propaganda,shameless name calling,abuses especially from the Government side"with the domo domo"slogan being used.
  9. December,23, 2007 Dispatch of administration policemen through public transport and in civilian clothings to oversee the election under the cover of darkness!allegations of advance rigging are raised by the opposition through the media.A number of administration policemen are arrested and killed by mobs who claim they will not allow any rigging.Police Commisioner decries that these deaths were not really necessary and could have been avoided.Investigative journalism gets audio-visual statements from administration policemen about the impending rigging.This statements are aired on national TV.
  10. December 28, 2007:Election day marked by various irregularities especially in some stations such as Langata constituency.
  11. December 31, 2007 Election results announced declaring Honourable Mwai Kibaki as Presidential winner amidst protest from the Orange Democratic Movement of massive flaws.The President is hastily sworn in at state house shortly thereafter .
  12. The 2007 elections tallying process fail to meet the standards of modern democracy as per the international observes and domestic observers.ECK commisioners and chair allege that there could have been irregularities and that it is impossible to determine the winner.This being done after the fact.
  13. All hell breaks loose!Civil unrest,Police brutality,Ethnic cleansing,looting... etc
  14. January, 2008:ECK through paid newspaper announcements try to justify the results and through legalese(subject to interpratation)try to revoke the statements of the chair made after the election.

The trail of events leaves overwhelming evidence of citizen discontent that cannot be wished away by even the die hard supporters of the incumbent.True nationhood however presupposes that Kenya must accept and come to face the glaring maladministration and eventualities that have led to the massive loss of life,inequalities ,pain and suffering of iits citizenry most of whom have no political affiliations and did not even vote!Failure to address the gross injustices is not only demonic but a recipe for future skirmishes, rebellion etc that will have greater fatalities and effects than has been witnessed.The Kenyan population is too educated to merely gloss over disparities and injustices that they witness from leaders of whatever political or religious affiliation.Corruption past and present must be addresed and just solutions be reached.

Political leaders must be reminded that it does not require one to pull a trigger to be judged a murderer.Any act or ommision that places Kenyan citizens in grave or fatal danger constitutes murder.The sanctity of the vote and the will of the Kenyan electorate must be respected.Anyhing short of that is a recipe for chaos.

The Biblical David sent Uriah to the front battle lines knowing so well he would die and for that he was branded a murderer.Hence things are not O.K or returning to normal,it is not business as usual, the religious clergy unlike the biblical prophet Nathan are bipartisan and hiding the truth away from the leaders who truly bear responsibility for the skirmishes,murder and untold suffering that Kenyans have experienced.All this could have been avoided and peace maintained if the electoral process had not been tampered with.The consciousness of the perpatrators condemn them despite grandstanding statements and machismo being propagated around.Our worst enemy and best friend is our conscious which will always condemn us even if we put up a front.

Maintaining the status quo against the background of the above chronological events will result in greater harm,entreching of enmity and hatred and a turbid future for this Country!That is hard talk and a reality that cant be wished way not even with the stringent critisicm and ignorance of facts!

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