05 February, 2008

Koffi Annan Mediation-Make or Break!

Today is the day when the Koffi Annan led mediation talks will make or break the stalemate between ODM and PNU over the disputed presidential poll!The future of this otherwise previously a peaceful haven hinges on the shoulder of the panelist which features politicians and lawyers alike e.g Mutula Kilonzo,James Orengo,Martha Karua,Moses Wetangula... etc.The panel is set to discuss the contentious Presidential election and agree on modalities to cure the current impasse with both ODM nad PNU having taken hardline stances in the media forum.

The panelist need to peer deep into their sub-consciusness and meditate on what a wrong move would mean for the stability not only of Kenya but the region.The international community has already expressed their stand"that Kenya is too important to be allowed to self destruct"as per Michael Rannenberger(U.S Ambassador to Kenya).This means that we are looking at international imposition of decision(diplomatic term "intervention" )if the Koffi Annan Mediation fails to break ground.The threat of intervention(economic,political or otherwise) should compel the mediation teams to accept a proposal that will be acceptable to the collective will of the people.As it stands you cannot rule over persons determined not to be led by you hence the decision must a priori be acceptable to the wider population.That being the concept of democracy!

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