09 February, 2008

Online Cinema Booking-Nu Metro Cinemas

Its a weekend as usual many Kenyans will out and about nairobi maybe catching a bite on nyama choma at the local joints or going to watch a movie at their favourite cinema halls(village market,Nakumatt Junction,Prestige,Sarit Centre,Twentieth Century,Kenya Cinema..etc).Personally im moved to go watch a movie,however i cannot book online .Not only that ,i cant even get the listings via the web! what a shame!

Kenya has two screening rivals the Fox Theatre Group with nine screens and the Nu-Metro Cinema stores with 10 screens however none of the companies have embraced online booking meaning internet lovers cannot browse for the latest movie listings.The only way to go is by looking at newspaper listings,TV adverts or by physically going to the cinema halls.I find that to be archaic.With websites taking a huge chunk of movie advertisements i find the local competitors to be selling themselves short.

Futhermore im sure that most of the tourists visiting Kenya after being to Maasai Mara,Lake Magadi,Mombasa,Serengeti etc when back at the City from the confines of their hotel rooms would really love to surf the internet and get the latest movie listings and directions to the Cinema halls from the official distributors sites!As for now there left with little choice apart from kenyaclubbers site a website with local cinema listings!What they get at home should definately not miss in Kenya.

We have websites such as flixter having quizes,listing,new releases,movie previews ...etc .I hope the Local South african based Nu Metro cinemas and Fox Theatres will take this suggestions firmly.Advertise using the internet please...we are not that behind!

(UPDATE) from Frida's comment hereunder it seems in After a almost a year since this post my concerns have been addressed) now that's blogger power!Thanks Nu Metro we appreciate


  1. Hi collins

    Thanks for sharing your frustration with us. I will pass your concerns onto the relevant person in Nairobi for consideration.

    Brian Tristam Williams
    Nu Metro

  2. Thanks Brian we certainly want to improve how we do things here in Kenya.The South African Nu-Metro website is certainly appealing and user friendly.We want to enjoy the same comfort and appreciate that you take our views into consideration!

  3. http://www.kenya.co.ke/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=81&Itemid=93

    We found movie listings online for Nairobi

  4. All movies showing currently in Kenya listed and updated every 24 hours on http://www.whatson.co.ke

  5. All movies currently on show in Kenya are listed and updated every 24 hours on http://www.whatson.co.ke

  6. Hello,

    Please look at the new look NuMetro website http://www.numetro.com and mobile website http://mobile.numetro.com


  7. Hello,

    Please look at the new look NuMetro website http://www.numetro.com and mobile website http://mobile.numetro.com


  8. Hi Anonymous Frida

    Biche (http://chickabouttown.com/2007/08/28/nu-metro-website/) found the same metro-website and wrote: "Amazing! Why don’t more people know about this website?"

    Maybe it is not so amazing if you approach the website from the side of someone who likes to make a choice from the films on-show today. With this question in mind, the website turns into a labyrinth showing all the beautiful layouts of the designer and lots of non-relevant information which you have to struggle through by looking-up each individual cinema theatre before you can pick your choice.
    By the time you are through, (which means over 2 Mb - and in Kenya 20 minutes later) your desired film is halfway its showing time and your appetite for an enjoyable film is slightly dented by the frustration of waiting for the next page on your computer screen.

    The Nu-Metro website is something for computer freaks (who are not in need of cinema) and not the average user who uses internet as a source of information.
    This website is of low functionality though the artwork could be admired however this is a matter of taste.

    A quick overview of all films on-show in Nairobi (with links if you desire more information) can be find on the highly functional website acyon.eu (and free of charge)

    Jan Sinteur
    P.s. acyon.eu replaces whatson.co.ke

  9. Many months after you posted your comments Nu Metro kenya still does not have a local website to check movie listing, lets alone book online.

    I agree it is indeed frustrating to have to rely on the newspaper or by calling them to ask what movies are playing.
    A local website: http://www.kenyabuzz.com lists all movies at all cinemas and it is updated regualrly so it is accurate.



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