16 February, 2008


On the 1st June 2007 the first 24 hour live international business channel in sub saharan Africa began broadcasting in Johanessburg, South Africa.Come the 21st of February 2008 CNBC Africa will begin airing from its Kenyan Bureau to local and DSTV subscribers through channel 47 .

Africa is rich in economic resources and has a robust and diverse financial market that needs to be tapped into.However unlike Russia,America,Australia,Britain,Japan, China and other leading economies there is no common pull or denominator to interlink dynamicaly the various economic facets and players of the Continent so as to benefit all the economic actors singurlarly and collectively.Information sharing and transfer is severely hindered due to the partitioned nature of the continent into its various regional trade blocks and individual country forums.Getting authoritative ,accurate and ready information about the different markets accross the continent has been a challenge.That is about to change drastically with the entry of CNBC Africa !

The CNBC media group has set itself as the worlds leading financial information portal reaching around 200 million households worldwide!According to Mr Zaffar Siddiqi Africans will for the first time be able to receive a truly global view of each business day as it unfolds.The group has launched Bureaus in Nairobi,Lagos,Abuja and capetown in Africa and will definately be opening more Bureaus.

The launch of the chanel in Africa and Kenya more particurlarly is a milestone in the region.The channel promises indepth analysis of the business environment in Kenya ,across the region and internationaly,real time financial and business news,commentary and programming among other positive facets.Kenyans will be able to see markets open and close accross the world thereby enhancing not only their local but international perspective of business on a global scale.The Kenya bureau chief will be Mr Richard Crompton who is set to lead a team of experienced and well trained local and international journalist in steering the local bureau to greater heights!Among the local familiar faces will be Terryanne Chebet former news anchor for KBC Channel 1.

Indeed excitement is rife amidst both the local and ointernational business community and investors as to the launch of the channel.The benefits will be definately immense and here at the Nairobian Perspective we bid CNBC Africa all the best in their endeavours to empower the African Business community and populace.Information is key in this information age!

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