26 February, 2008

Improve Your Technorati Rank and Blog Traffic

More than a hundred thousand blogs are generated each day which means that extra effort must be employed for one's blog to remain competitive and retain visibility!That poses a fundamental challenge for African bloggers!For one we are not really blogging,two even our best blogs rarely generate good traffic and three most of the new blogs are coming from the developed countries where there are a lot of resources and information sharing on how to blog effectively!

I am a Nairobi University law graduate and it surprises me just how many of my colleagues maintain a personal blog even those who graduated from faculties dealing with ICT. At the same time i know of only one or two of my friends who have a web blog but i encourage more and more Kenyans to please start a blog!Truthfully speaking access to the internet and internet based facilities in Africa is severely limited (im only seeing a pleasing level of ingenuity's in South African,Nigerian and Egyptian blogs and websites)however that is no excuse for the disinterest in the blogosphere by many well educated Africans who have access to the internet.

Theres quite a limited number of African bloggers who appreciate the usefulness of Technorati or Page ranking(google, alexa etc).Few even know the benefits of link baiting or commenting on other peoples websites!I intend to post links to items and posts that i have found beneficial around the blogosphere henceforth.I believe as a continent we should not fall far behind from our contemporaries in this modern information sharing portal!

It is essential that one generates good traffic for his or her blog a useful website is http://www.seomoz.org with an article 21-tactics-to-increase-blog-traffic
that i have found to be pretty useful.

It is essential also that one sumits his blog to a number of directories for a list of 50 free directories one can submit his blog to please visit this link: www.bloggingmix.com

Theres also a nice article here on how to improve your Technorati rank: www.openjason.com

To get a honest review of your website and genuine traffic dedicated to reading your blog try linkreferral

I will add more useful articles to this list soon,dont just google you will end up visiting sites that have no useful content but desire to get traffic.Getting good information on blogging resources is like searching for a needle in a haystack!

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  1. This is good stuff.Just started my blog a couple of months ago and the articles will come in handy. Plis check



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