29 February, 2008

Kenya Triumphs Over Post Poll Violence

The political impasse is now down and under after His Excellency the President Honourable Mwai Kibaki and His Premiership Honourable Raila Odinga signed a power sharing agreement that is to be entrenched in the Kenyan Constitution under a National Accord and Reconciliation Act .An almost euphoric celebration greeted the wider Kenya due to this recent development that will bring to an end two months of tension and violence.

It is my sincere hope that the International press the likes of Al Jazeera,CNN,BBC,SKY News will now feature this joyous news on a 15 minute basis to highlight that Kenyans are not just about machettes but co-existence ,perseverance, resilience,agreement,peace,love and unity.Dont just sell the negative.

There is afeeling of jubilation all around even right here at the office with people wishing each other a happy new year !but the real work starts so that it is not just Peace At Last but Peace That Will Last.With today being pay day many kKenyans will flock the carnivore for "Kenya Nite" to celebrate the beauty in diversity of the over 42 Kenyan Tribes.At a Nairobian Perspecive we join other bloggers around the Country in thanking all the Leaders who have been part and parcel of the process to ensure Peace prevails in our Country so that we can move on with our lives!

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