23 February, 2008

Oscars this Weekend!

After a week full of routine work stuff,one always wonders what the weekend portends!Will it be the usual wine and dine,watching movies,house cleaning,going out on a date,if you are a notable blogger and take delight in blogging, well weekends may just create the time for you to blog or do something else thats interesting(for now traveling about and vacationing in Kenya is out of question!).

Well for me i may just catch one cold Tusker at Buru Buru but what im most definately looking foward to is watching the 80th Anniversary of the Oscar awards!The first Oscar academy awards was handed down on May 16,1929.From quite an early period Americans appreciated the art manifested in their film industry by their local actors.I wish the same could be said of the African film industry!

I hope that MNET will broadcast them live this Sunday Evening!.I love good movies and good acting,too sad that there is not much hype about the local movie industry.At least for the music industry there is Kisima Awards,if our local productions(including Riverwood Productions) are to develop and progress then we need notable local film and movie festivals to reward and recognize talent.Interestingly the only Oscars not to have been broadcasted live was the 1929 one,ever since all the rest have had almost fever pitch media broadcast.For local film industry to prosper the media must play an exciting role educating the masses on the talent that is out there,we need to recognize our producers,directors,screen writers,actors and actresses,authors and other key personnel that contribute to good entertainment.The local actors also need a a feel of the red carpet.At the same time a local film award ceremony may just create a market for the local fashion industry and designers to showcase their products through celebrities.

Well for now im going through the nominee list at least to see what i've watched and it seems i have poor movie habits.I can trace movies like Bourne Ultimatum which is slotted in Best Sound Editing,Best Sound Mixing and Best Film editing categories.Ratatouille is nominated in the Best feature film category,Pirates of the Caribean:At Worlds End is slotted for best make up and visual effects.In the Leading Actor role category we have the perennial giants,Johhny Depp,George Clooney,Tommy Lee Jones,Daniel Ray Lewis and Viggo Mortensen!Now thats action to look foward to.Have a nice weekend!

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