02 May, 2009

I-See-You.Com( The Movie)

I-See-You. Com the movie is particurlarly hilarious(movie rating-ADULT) .What perhaps the movie highlights is the growing interest by many to view reality tv or unedited happenings of real life affairs. The cast of the movie include Mathew Botuchis (Colby)in the movie playing the role of son of Lydia(Rossana Arquette) and stepson of toilet seller Harvey Bellinger(played by Beau Bridges) .Colby obssesed with eavesdropping on his stepsister Audrey Bellinger( played by Baelyn Neff) implants spy cams in her bedroom and broadcasts the same on the internet! Her raunchy activities generates hits for the website I-SEE.YOU.COM generating income of $17,000 a week whereas the family is experiencing financial difficulties!

To generate more sales Colby decides to put up a webcam in all the rooms thereby leaving the families randy affairs exposed to the whole world.Overnight they become online celebrities.Enventually they come to know about it but are infurriated -however due to the financial enticements they decide to play along!To make it more interesting they hire a sexy looking italian macho man cook named Ciro(Victor Alfieri) who makes both mother and daughter go crazy.All this finally gets to Harvey Bellinger, the dad who cant take it no more....

The movie is 93 minutes long Directed by Eric Steven Stahl and was released on DVD on 16 September, 2008 makes for a good laugh if you can stomach it! (you can buy it on amazon by clicking on the below poster)

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