07 May, 2009

Miss USA contestant Prejean Carrie's Latest Controversy!

Miss California Beauty pageant winner Prejean Carrie has just stroke up a controversy after her semi nude photos were posted on the internet. Just like many other celebrities she started out on a high moral ground platform critiscizing homosexuality and other vices only to succumb herself to lewdity and the media have picked it up.

On an interview in the blog PerezHilton,Prejean went out against gay marriage striking up a "controversy" among the more permissive American society(in the conservative Kenyan society her outburst would not be an issue) ,

but her latest controversy revolves around topless and semi -nude photos that have made their rounds on the internet!This is just a stark reminder to celebrity personalities that what they do in private will impact on their public life and celebrity lifestyle. The public indeed has a high moral expectation of superstars .....save for african politicians...the public always seems to expect little of them and the recent election of the 4th post apartheid South African President Jacob Zuma just proved that !

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