26 May, 2009

North Korea Nuclear Missile Tests Threaten World Security

In this day and age i find any Country or Leader irresponsible if they go testing long range ballistic weapons capable of carrying Nuclear warheads when there is no real threat of war.In that respect today's test firing of two short range missiles capable of carrying nuclear payloads of the East Coast of North Korea and underground testing of a nuclear weapon is particularly reprehensible!

It is being alleged that "North Korean leader, Kim Jong-li, hopes to use the test to shore up support from the military amid speculation that he is about to name one of his three sons as his successor".Its sad that this guy threatens world security and is taking chances with peace and stability in the region bent upon his own personal or family affairs.The world is never short of mad men!Consider what the KNCA news agency, the regime's official mouthpiece stated with regards to the test "We have successfully conducted another nuclear test on 25 May as part of the republic's measures to strengthen its nuclear deterrent."the agency said the test had been "safely conducted on a new higher level in terms of its explosive power and technology of its control".

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