27 May, 2009

Hotel Review: Athi Holiday Resort !

On Monday, 1st June 2009 is Madaraka Day and im certain most Nairobians are looking for something to do or somewhere to go during the long weekend !Apart from the usual Ole Polo's , Naivasha's craters inn, Fishermans camp, Crayfish tented camps or if you are thoroughly baked Maasai Mara,Coast... etc; Athi Holiday Resort may just be the new- in thing place for you! The travelling costs will be kept at a minimum and you will feel no travelling lag thereafter as the place is less than one and a half hour's drive from the city centre(from Athi River you drive up a place called Kinanie for around 20 minutes to the resort) !

What i perhaps find simply amazing is the bar around the fish pool, the place is really scenic and relaxing -a modern utopia! The rates are reasonable, accomodation is available and you can catch up on the latest sports and news via DSTV.A further selling point is that they are actually organic friendly in that whatever you are being cooked for is produced and prepared from the Athi Resort Firm, cool aint it. For more info visit the blog or contact their sales department at :
Sales and marketing Department

Athi Holiday Resort
P.O Box 4713-00506
Tel : 0722805399, 0714350016


  1. Sounds like a nice place. An online presence can really be a strong tool for marketing. If they want to exploit that avenue I'd advise them to get a better blog. Or get someone to do a website for them.

  2. Ive been there with my family.we loved it im sure youll love it too.The hospitality is amazing,the food is unbelievable,lots of things to do eg fishing,safari,bonfires at night by the river....amazing.we are definitely coming back.this time with all our friends.its like a second home away from home...only that its unforgettably fun.keep up the good work

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