22 May, 2009

Otto-The BloodBath Horror Movie

By banning the Jitu Films production Movie entitled "Otto -The Bloodbath" horror movie the Kenya Film and Censorship Board effectively made it a best seller.Many people are searching online to purchase the movie that is set to premier at Oxford University next week and later at the Rwanda Film Festival! What is perhaps fascinating is that the foreign market is readily embracing a movie that has been banned locally for allegedly being "too horrific even for an adult "& "having too much blood scenes", further the movie was said to feature too much "dead human characters"(see Daily Nation Article)

Now that's the Kenyan Censorship board for you.....but whats the Kenyan public take on it?I am much interested to read the opinion of the public on a movie that was set to be Kenya's first horror movie!Is the Kenyan Censorship Board accurate on its appraisal of the Joseph Kinyua movie?

The plot of the movie is about a family torn between selling off their fathers land against the patriarch’s wishes.The children of the man's first wife refuse to obey his wish and decide to bury him at the Langata Cemetery in Nairobi so that they can kick the second wife and her mute son out and enjoy the proceeds. That s when the horror begins....(for a sneak preview of the video here is a facebooklink)

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