18 May, 2009

Termite Infestation Control-How To!

Dealing with termite infestation can be a hustle!Choosing the right pesticide that will not harm your young one's makes the whole issue more complicated.This is especially so when you want to fumigate the house but cannot afford moving to a hotel when your house is being fumigated.

I moved house recently only to find out the truthfulness of the Swahili adage "kila kitanda iko na kunguni wake" in English "each bed has its own bug" .All of a sudden termites have cropped up in the house and so i engaged myself today in an online search to find websites that have appropriate information on how to deal with termite infestation.I took this drastic step because dealing with African Termites( known for building the largest termite mounds and nests, ravaging villages... etc) is not an easy thing and the earlier you deal with them the better.

I have come across a site called KillTheTermite.com which specialises on termites ,ants and other domestic pests.The site layout is cool and simple. It has a termite guide section that will help one:

  • Know how to carry out a termite infection inspection
  • Identify the different types of termites
  • Arrive at the different treatment options available
The site is quite a useful resource !If you desire to find out more please visit the site.

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