04 May, 2009

African Followers on Twitter(Afritwits Twibe)

Its not in doubt that millions of people are finding twitter as choice medium for communicating(as recently demonstrated by celebrity person Ashton Kutcher in his 1 million followers malaria nets for Africa campaign) ! It is also not in doubt that thousands of Africans from various countries are daily joining up the list of new twitter users.

However to learn how to use twitter and gain followers many need directions.To help out in this regards i have decided to use Twibes(a twitter based website)to aggregate african user tweets and followers.I have formed the Afritwits group at Twibes . The idea is to come up with an afrocentric twitter group where the latest twit on Africa can be accessed.It is also a forum to follow African twitter followers and let your tweets be distinguished in the rapidly growing twittersphere. Hence if you are on twitter and want to join up, get more followers, please do not hesitate :

Click up and join up @ http://www.twibes.com/group/Afritweets

An interesting link on who has the most twitter followers in Africa, statistics can also be found @ TWITTERHOLIC .To follow me on twitter just go to my TWITTER AD/USERNAME

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