18 May, 2009

Gladiatus Hero Of Rome Game in Swahili

There's a wonderful google advert running on my site today entitled Gladiatus Hero of Rome Game inviting my site visitors to join up at the site: http://www.gladiatus.co.ke. What is interesting about it is that if you click up on the advert you will be directed to the role playing game site and all the instructions on how to play the game will be written in swahili. The fact im writting about is that this is a first for me to click on a google advert that will lead you to a local domain name for a game site whose language of instruction is swahili.The Gladiatus Hero of Rome role playing game seems to be interesting and is about going through the Judean wilderness.

So if the advert is showing please click through on the Google advert and enjoy the pleasure !

1 comment:

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