07 May, 2009

Lord Delamere Kin Tom Cholmondeley Found Guilty Of Manslaughter

The Kenyan High Court has today morning found the wealthy former Lord Delamere Kin Tom Cholmondeley guilty of Manslaughter. Mr Cholmondoley was arrested on May 10, 2006 after he shot Mr Robert Njoya a local resident in Naivasha after the former strayed into the expansive Delamere farms in Naivasha. This was not the first time that Mr Cholmondeley has shot at locals on the allegation that they were poaching and or trespassing on their expansive aristocratic land. His actions caused an uproar within the republic as activists called for his arrest as his actions reeked of extreme racism and callous regard for human life!

He was today ,found guilty after his charge was commuted by Justice Amuga Apondi from Murder to Manslaughter in a Judgement delivered in open Court this morning!The Judge found that Mr Cholmondeley had indeed shown a reasonable duty of care by offering first aid to his victim ,taking him to hospital and offering to bear the hospital fees but this was not enough to lift the burden of his culpability in the crime. Many Kenyans will welcome this decision since justice in the Kenyan Courts has often proved elusive especially when the Defendant is rich and employs a bevy of A-List lawyers as was the case in this suit(he was being represented by British-trained barrister Fred Ojiambo).

Interestingly when Robert Njoya was shot Mr Cholmondeley in the company of former rally driver Carl Tundo (who testified for the prosecution against him, being a friend that tells much)and he had a hunting rifle and which clearly shows he had a mental inclination to hunt prey no matter what form it took and in this instance it was the Deceased.The Lesson money is not everything and human is precious no one should take it for granted !The Judgement is welcome300x100


  1. Finally a case ends with justice...this gives me hope for Kenya. For once money didn't judge.

  2. Yes, this editorial highlights exactly why this man has been in jail for THREE YEARS without a trial - illegal in developed western countries. This case is all about politics, racism and hysteria from oppressed people. Not about evidence, not about the law. The jury deliberated all the evidence and found he could not be guilty. The judge (obviously paid off like a number of cases I know of in Kenya) dismissed all the evidence and put forward his personal viewpoint. Justice is laughable in Kenya. Tom should have paid the cops within the first 24 hours like he was told to. He was a fool to believe Kenya is ready for a proper judiciary system.

  3. If looks could be used to judge! The guy looks like a complete sadist. If he's guilty may his sentence be a loooooooong one.

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  5. Obviously the only one in this and other groups of commentators is Micky. This is really amazing how blind a whole nation can be. This court case is nothing else but ridiculous and is far from anything what is called under civilized circumstances justice. Really pathetic!

  6. I thought he was carrying a gun to protect himself from attack by animals? He has previously been gored in the bush.



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