06 May, 2009

StumbleUpon Users In Africa

There are so many good African Blogs & websites out there! But few of the webmasters or blog authors in Africa seem to know how to market or get more visibility or traffic for their content online. That is disheartening as a lot of good stuff from this continent gets buried under in the mass of information that the Internet is churning in this day and age!

If you are new at blogging and or have been at it for sometime and would like to see your more people access and read your site you can try the following user ranked news websites:
  1. StumbleUpon.Com
  2. DIGG
  3. Delicious
  4. Yahoo Buzz
  5. Propeller
  6. Friendfeed
Sites like Stumble Upon and DIGG however require you to network and or have subscribers/friends who share a similar interest with you. I for one use Stumble upon very much and it gives me around 50 to 60 hits each day( i am yet to harness it well enough) .That is little traffic as the site boasts that the number of world wide(current) users as at the end of April to be at approximately 5 million with the system recording around some 5 billion stumbles.

However surprisingly there are few African Users which means African Content is RARELY propelled to the fore pages of this websites. However if you are an African on Stumbleupon and desire to get or join more African users here is my STUMBLEUPON ADDRESS , Join up , add me as a friend , subscribe to my updates and together we will see how to best use/harness this online resource in order to push forth an afrocentric agenda!

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  1. This is a good post.Besides this, I don't know if most African bloggers use traffic analysis tools such as statcounter, Google analytics, sitemeter etc.



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